wife getting ccw and her new gun
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Thread: wife getting ccw and her new gun

  1. wife getting ccw and her new gun

    Wife got her new gun few weeks ago. Ruger LC9. She should have her ccw within about a week. She had the lc9 out shooting along with other guns to test. She hit well with a taurus pt140pro,glock19,daewoodp51 and ruger p-90.yes a p-90. The smaller LC9 of course we both did not hit as well as with the larger guns, being it's smaller. She picked the LC9 for feel in the hand. Her next choice was a sig238. The smith bodyguard was ok. The LCP 380 was alittle to small. I may want a lcp or the little taurus 380 for a ankle gun? I carry a older taurus pt-140 (NON-pro) This has been a great little gun with 10rnds of 40. And it's the same hight+lenght as the kahrPM45 and glock 27. just alittle thicker than the kahr pm45, but dosn't recoil as much as the 45.

  3. I think the LC9 is a great choice for carry. It definitely has more pop than a bigger gun of the same caliber. But it's not an unbearable pop either. And (for me) it conceals so much better than a big gun such that I'm willing to wear it much more frequently. And that's the whole point of carry, isn't it? Carry everyday all the time so that you are always prepared. I'm not saying I'll never get comfortable carrying a bigger gun, but for now, given that it's such a personal choice, I'm happy with my choice. And I truly think your wife will be happy with hers.

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    My Taurus is a PT 111 and I love it, shoots well, fits my hand too and easy to conceal. It's a great little gun.
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