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    To all Veterans

    My Family, and I are wishing all Veterans Happy Veterans day. Thank you ever so much for your Service.

    To all the Heros who didn't come home God Bless you all. There are Truly no words That I could Express how thankful We are for thier Ultimate Sacrafice that they made.

    To Insure we live Free. As I raise my Flag Tom Morning I will shed a Tear for all who were lost. GOD BLESS EVERY AMERICAN VETERAN ALIVE,AND DECEASED.

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    When I see a vet returning to his(her) family I realize how much they have really sacrificed. Not seeing their kids every day, knowing that they might not come home, and yet they are willing to sacrifice there own lives for us. ALL of us know a vet and it would do us all good to say THANK YOU and GOD BLESS YOU to a vet tomorrow, and the next day and------. Without them we would not be posting on this forum now. I remember our POWs returning from Viet Nam and kissing American soil right after getting off the plane. Uh my eyes are getting a little foggy, God bless.

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    I share both your sentiments. We have our flag at the front of our house and we will not take that down until all our soldiers are home. We make sure we change it when it shows a single tear from the elements. Thank you all for your service. We truly appreciate your keeping us safe here on our soil.
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    G'day and Glock

  5. Thanks to all Veterans, be sure to thank a Veteran in person today. Fly our flag proudly.
    God Bless America!!
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    I personally have extended family in the mix 2nd tour BUT saw a t.v. clip the other day of a soldier who lost both all or part of his legs and an arm,1eye and some vision in other and told his returning platoon He was sorry for leaving them in the mix. Very touching

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    I fly the flag 24/7 with lights at night. As a veteran, I say thank you past and present for making America the land of the free and the home of the brave. God Bless our Military and God Bless America.

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    When I was in the service I was young and did not fully appreciate what I was doing. Now that I understand the significance I'd like to say Thank You to each and every veteran, and a heart felt God Bless You to every family member that has lost a Soldier, Sailer, Airman or Marine.
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    My deepest gratitude.

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