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Thread: Mom with Ohio concealed handgun license fires gun to ward off sex offender's violent

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aili McKeen View Post
    It is easy to talk about it, but like klassic says, another to follow though. Women who may be deadly defending their children are not so protective of themselves even.... I may be desensitized, but when I was 19 I was strangled & left for dead. I was lucky that my assailant didn't realize people lose consciousness long before they die. I was lucky he didn't sit there and gloat over my body or he'd have seen me wake up.... I had nightmares every night for years. I'd wake up heart pounding and the only way to calm down was to visualize extreme violence, putting myself back in control. So, though I've never shot a person, I'm pretty sure if faced with death again, I could. I've shot deer, I've stuck my arm up in the chest, pulled out the organs, sliced the windpipe, rolled them over & shook out the blood and lymph... yeah, I cry, but I get over it pretty quick. I bet it's easier when fear and anger are involved. I imagine that the average woman isn't of this frame of mind. We give life. We don't want to take life. In 26 years of daily carrying, I have never had to pull out my gun. I would not in defense of property, only for life.

    Sheesh, I feel like I just wrote in my diary... my best friends don't even know this stuff.
    Thank you! Wonderful post!
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    I commend her for doing what ever it took in a terrifying situation. With that said I am a little concerned of the shooting out on open door. Obviously we do not have a 100% clear picture but a good example of a bad idea. thank goodness she is ok, and an innocent was not harmed by that stray round.

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    Quote Originally Posted by longslide10 View Post
    Wow, sorry to hear of your encounter with violence. Was the guy ever caught?
    Oh yes, but he did not get much of a sentence - actual time served was about 3 years. He's actually been in and out of prison for a bunch of miscellaneous charges ever since. I keep tabs: he's in right now for robbing 7 convenience stores over a 3 month period.

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