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    I wouldn't necessarily say that women in general will prefer one or the other. It's all a matter of personal preference and the purpose you're using it for. I have a Ruger SP101 revolver that I love to take to the range. I always say that I prefer revolvers for their simple elegance. ..
    I have to agree about the simple elegance of revolvers. I don't yet own one but whenever I'm browsing gun catalogs, I find myself oohing and aahing over the revolvers. I don't seem to have that reaction to pistols (though I own two: one for home protection and a Ruger LC9 for EDC).
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    My gal carries all semi-auto's, but all fit her hand, and she can operate all one handed if necessary. She likes a revolver always UNTIL SHE SHOOTS IT, then the small snubbys end up hurting her hand. She continues to look for a revolver that doesn't hurt her hand, we are going to try rubber grips that cover the backstrap and see if that works, but what feels good in the hand, must also feel good when fired, otherwise she will not be inclined to get the practice. As I just posted in another area, there is no gun that fits all, a lady has to try a bunch, just like when she chose her man, until she find the one she loves!

  4. I'm glad I came across this. I was just discussing it with my ex-boyfriend in regards to a firearm for his girlfriend. I prefer revolvers, but it might just be lack of experience with pistols.

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    Each has it's own pros and cons. The woman involved should be the one to make the choice based on what features are important to her. Chances are, her tastes will evolve and she'll have a collection eventually as well as a holster collection.

    I started with a Beretta 92FSC and found I couldn't carry it(concealed). I never thought I wanted a revolver but then I tried one out. Then I got one. Then I got an LCP. I hate shooting it, but if all else fails I can conceal it just about wearing anything.

  6. Mostly I was stressing to him to let her try several if she has the chance. I loved my first revolver Taurus CIA hammerless until I fired it. Turns out, I hated it.
    I'm still partial to revolvers, but it's going to take more time to find out what I really like. For her, he needs to let her find what she likes. (I also let him talk me into a car that I later regretted, LOL!)

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    My wife was 54 when she started shooting My G26. She shoots the G17 as well but prefers the smaller frame. When we took our training at Front Sight There was only a couple of women and one guy (I think) that shot revolvers in our group the rest all were shooting pistols and some of the womens ages went into the 70's.
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    My wife has a Ruger SR9c which she loves but now that she has shot my S&W 642 she wants one of those also.
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    Pistol or revolver is a really personal choice. Every now and then I find myself looking at revolvers and wondering if I'd like one but I've never wondered hard enough to try firing one. I'm just a semi-auto girl at heart (so far).

    The best thing I found, is to go to a range that will let you rent guns and try out the ones I think I like. I'm always pleasantly surprised when it's not the ones I think it'll be! Depending on season and wardrobe I either carry an M&P 9 full size or a Sig P238. Who knows, maybe one day I'll end up shooting a revolver and move it to the top of the wish list!

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    My wife prefers revolvers over semis. The only semi she can use safely and effectively is a 380 sig

  11. Quote Originally Posted by rogerw View Post
    What to women prefer? Revolver or pistol I have been told that a revolver is better for women because they cant work the slide on a pistol very well. I have seen women carrying pistols. Maybe when they hit 40’s or 50’s the slide is too hard to work. Would like some input from women.
    I'm not a woman, but I live with one, and was birthed and raised by another. What you were told is a bunch of bull ****. My mom carried a Colt Detective's Special, but my lady carries a full sized 1911, or a Glock 19, before she sold it. She hates revolvers. The opinion that women are better suited to using revolvers is an old, sexist idea, because a woman couldn't possibly figure a complicated contraption like a semiauto. That's a man's gun, dontchaknow.

    Most women would prefer whatever gun fit their hands better, and that they could shoot well. Period.

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