Ruger's LCR in .22 LR, has anyone fired this gun?
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Thread: Ruger's LCR in .22 LR, has anyone fired this gun?

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    Ruger's LCR in .22 LR, has anyone fired this gun?

    My wife, who is not a gun person, has decided its time to learn to use the guns I keep at the nightstand for home defense. I keep them in a quick access gun vault so getting the gun is easy.

    Unfortuantly both weapons are semi auto pistols and I don't think my beautiful wife is willing to put in the practice time neccesary to be proficient with either the Taurus PT145 (which I am usually carrying any way) or the very difficult to shoot Taurus TCP I have. I am considering trading the TCP which I don't carry often for the new Ruger LCR in .22 LR.

    The LCR seems like a good platform for starting her on the way to the LCR in .38 Special. I also anticipate that she may, in a defensive incident need one hand for the gun and one to keep our daughter close in the middle of the night. This last issue and my wife reluctance to even heft a .20 guage pump rules a shot gun out for the moment. Funds and the desire to eventually convince here that a concealed gun is a good idea keeps me thinking buying one of these light weight LCR's is a good idea.

    I am looking for any opinion from people with more than a couple of cylinders of experience with the LCR 22. I am especially interested in the opinions of women who own, carry or have fired the LCR.


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    Dry fired this gun at local gun shop ( I know shouldn't do that with a 22, but the salesman said to go ahead). VERY smooth easy trigger pull. I would def recommend this gun. WWWAAAYYY better than the Taurus 94 I used to have.

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    I have the LCR in .38 and it a very comfy gun with a great trigger pull. Keep the +P out of it and I bet your wife could shoot that just fine. plus, you've got much more energy and stopping power ability with a .38 versus a .22LR.
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    Wife and I looked at the .38 and .357 versions. I really wanted her to get the .357 because of the little bit extra weight (steel frame versus aluminum) to help with recoil, but she liked the .38 better. Well, it's too much (even with non +p loads). And I looked into porting it, but apparently because the aluminum frame encapsulates the steel barrel, they can't do it. My recommendation would be to get her the .357. It's still relatively lightweight, and the recoil should be a bit better.

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    If your wife is not a gun person, I'd advise you and her to try out several guns, especially a 22, and see what she likes and is willing to practice with. If she likes the 22, then get her one. She'll never want to practice with something she doesn't like shooting. Wait for her to decide what she wants, when she wants it. My $.02.

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    You may also want to consider a single action convertible revolver that has a 22lr and a 22mag cylinder. They are very easy to use, particulary pulling the hammer back and a crisp easy trigger pull. There are those who say they would never use a single action for self defense, but a pump action shotgun is single action as well, and no one would disagree that it wouldn't be a good home defense weapon. Ruger single six is prob the best out there, or if you're on a budget, get a Heritage Rough Rider. Good luck.

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    I just picked up the Ruger SR22 semi-auto. I like it very much, and it seems to handle any brand ammo. I'm about to try some CCI hollow point, sub-sonic rounds.

    BTW - the Ruger manual says dry firing it won't hurt at all.

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    My wife has a Ruger LCR-22 and loves it. She also has a S&W 38 Airweight. We both visit the range weekly. She will shoot 10 rounds or so with the 38 to maintain some familiarity with it, and then the remainder of the range time is with the 22. The 38 bothers her hand too much to spend an hour or so at the range shooting it. The 22 is great for practice, not too mention on the pocketbook.

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    Thank you to everyone who responded to my post. I have decided to trade the TCP for the LCR next week. I want to get my wife familiar with the LCR frame and plan on keeping the LCR .22 to teach my daughter to shoot after my wife upgrades to the .38 LCR. Besides the .22 version looks like a lot of fun to shoot.

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