Housewife with a new permit and a Springfield XD 9mm
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Thread: Housewife with a new permit and a Springfield XD 9mm

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    Housewife with a new permit and a Springfield XD 9mm

    Here I am, a thirty something mother of three and former middle school science teacher with a new permit and pistol. I have to wonder how many other women out there have a similar profile. Honestly, I have been indifferent with regards to firearms for most of my life but curiosity took hold when I saw a link on Facebook to a coupon for a discounted permit to carry class which going to be available in my area. Needless to say, after the class and some time researching and trying out some guns on the range I discovered how much fun it can be to shoot. For me, the idea of having a home-defense weapon is an added bonus that I take very seriously and that I hope is never required, but my primary goal is to go to the range or other legal and safe areas to enjoy target practice. I'm hesitant to carry outside of the home until I've had more advanced training due to the fact that I'm acutely aware that my inability to react without the proper training could result in either the loss of my weapon, the weapon being used against me and/or others. As such, I've enrolled in a couple of advanced firearms and self-defense courses and hope to develop my muscle memory by following some great recommendations for training drills and dry firing exercises. Also, being a mother, I think it is imperative to ensure that the children are properly instructed and am very grateful for the Eagle Eddy videos and programs that are available - Eddie Eagle Safety Program
    I'm always eager to learn more and would love to hear about recommendations for additional training and safety resources that others have had good experiences with.

  3. I have a smithfield xd (as well a ruger lcp with lasermax) and just attended a local CWP class too. the advanced classes looked very interesting. right now i'm trying to figure out how to carry and I'm having a hard time finding a good holster since i'm left-handed. My daughter is turning 18 soon and so we are talking a good bit about gun safety and self-defense as well.

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    I have a 28 y.o. daughter, and a 15 y.o. step-daughter. I have been around guns all my life, my dad hunted, boyfriends hunted, and I got my permit when I was 23. I started the Eddie Eagle materials with my daughter when she was 3, and kept up on it all the way until she was 12. I took her to the range then, and put 158 grain .357 magnum rounds in my S&W revolver for her to shoot first (my usual practice rounds were only 96 grain). These rounds go "boom," not "bang." The effect was to startle her a little and to learn quick that guns are not toys. My dad did the same with me, but I was younger and it was with a rifle. Then, we switched to smaller guns & lighter ammo and had a good time (reviewing safety all along). Not all kids have the temperment for firearms, some will never, but starting early and getting a little fear in there helps. Funny story, when my daughter was 20, a friend (a cop) left his gun on his coffee table, and she came to me, tugged on my sleeve, and said, "Someone left a gun in an unsafe area. I did not touch, left the area, and now I'm telling an adult."

    When I started dating my husband, he was not a shooter (he is now!!). I started his little girl with the Eddie Eagle and went through the same thing with her. Boys are different: pre-teen to teen boys in particular seem to lack good sense and judgement, so I'd be extra, extra careful with boys in the home. Just my opinion though. Seems whenever I hear about accidental shootings involving children, it's boys in the 10-15 range.

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