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Thread: Ruger LC9 thoughts?

  1. I have the LC9 as my carry gun and completely agree that it has a lot of kick. But I bought it for concealed carry and I'm extremely satisfied with it for that purpose. I do take it to the range to practice, but given its kick, I'll shoot only a magazine or two at close range to keep my skills in hitting the core up-to-date. But for lots of target practice or the Steel Matches I shoot in, I use my full-sized Beretta Px4 Storm, also in 9mm.

    I highly recommend the Px4 (it is my nightstand defense pistol as well as my match gun). The rotating barrel design makes it seem like there is no felt recoil at all. At matches, I'll shoot 125 rounds and have no issues whatsoever. But it's too big to want to carry concealed, so I keep my LC9 in my Crossbreed Supertuck holster.

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    The LC9 is a little gun and because of the short barrel and light weight, you are going to feel every round fired. There are aftermarket kits available that stiffen the recoil springs and subsequently reduce the slide inertia and thus take some muzzle flip out. For a short barrel gun, its got some decent accuracy. I love mine and its now my daily carry!
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    Nice comparison photos of the LC9 & Shield 9. I esp. like the grip width comparison. I shot an LC9 thinking I might want one. Didn't like the grip dipping inward, much prefer the wider fill your hand feel of the Shield (held one Friday the 13th). I think my LCP transfers more recoil than the LC9, that's why I put a Hogue Handall Jr on it; made it nice and cozy. I carry an all SS Kahr MK40, smaller than either of these in length & height, but weighs more, MK 23.9 oz vs Shield 19 oz and LC9 17.1 oz. Thinking about the Shield 40, but will wait till I can test one at my local range before I buy it. S&W may also add some upgrades after the first year too, ya never know. I'd like to see a two round extended mag and grip extensions, like the aftermarket ones that Pearce makes. Have those on my Kahr and LCP; I think they make a big difference.

  5. I say get one. I was carrying mine at work and it is very easy to conceal.

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    I have always wondered how the recoil compares between the LC9 and the LCR (with .38s in it). Have any of you shot both? I was really debating between the two but went with the LCR because of the added stopping power and ability to carry .357 for bears. It would be nice to have a bit smaller cc gun for summer carry, though. I do agree with those of you who don't like the grips on the LC9. They feel too skinny for my long fingers, although I know that adds to conceal-ability.

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    i'm soo hoping to win the one in the giveaway! if i do it will definitely be my conceal carry choice and perfect for concealing in the tropical hot humid climate i live in as well.........

    keeping my fangers crossed still!! it's going to be a long month of waiting to see if i could be that lucky or not
    meanwhile i just got news my permit is on the way should be here within two weeks
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by eagleeyes View Post
    i'm soo hoping to win the one in the giveaway
    Ooo do tell how to enter? :)

    I have a Sig but am looking into getting a smaller handgun for concealment. Enjoying these posts as I research my options.

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    I thought about getting LC9 at local gun show, thinking it was one of the smallest 9mm around, among them Kel-Tec PF9. After watching some reviews and comparison between LC9 and PF9, many seem to prefer LC9, even though it is about $100 more than PF9. They were both similar in weight, though LC9 felt a bit heavier than PF9, and for me. it is a good thing (for recoil control). Ruger has been known to make excellent pistols, and I was dead set on getting LC9... until I looked at Kahr CW9. I saw Kahr pistols on Internet, but always thought it was bigger than LC9, in terms of concelability. After putting them side by side, I was surprised to see that both the height and width were practically the same. In fact, putting the slide side down to compare the height, LC9 was a bit taller with a "pinky" extension. The only dimension that was bigger than LC9 was the overall length, and it was about a half inch. The CW9's grip was more comfortable than LC9, and the trigger break was pretty smooth. Talking to various vendors who had Kahr pistols, and they all seem to favor CW9 over LC9, as LC9 seems to be a bit snappy. The price was not that much different, and so I ended up getting CW9. If you are in the market for LC9, you may want to check out Kahr pistols too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by randsand View Post
    Ooo do tell how to enter? :)

    I have a Sig but am looking into getting a smaller handgun for concealment. Enjoying these posts as I research my options.

    here is the link to all you need to know about the contest ..this forum sponsors it!!
    best wishes but i still wanna win it really really really muchly check it out it has everyting a newbie to conceal carry could or would need imo a perfect starter package
    be safe peace

    oh and btw welcome to the forums! you'll find alot of good info and folks here sharing their ideas knowledge and wisdom and erm more heheh
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    For the benefit of comfort shooting, carrying as well as ease of concealing, I highly suggest you check out all the options before making a choice. I like the way the Shield feels in the hand better than the LC9. The Kahrs all feel good to me as well. I really like the size of the PM, CM & MK guns. They are smaller than the CW series, Shield and LC9. Personally I prefer the MK series, as they are all steel. Yes they cost more, they are very nice shooters, accurate and for as small as they are, the recoil isn't bad at all on my MK40, even with 180g or 155g HP's. I put a Hogue handall Jr on the grip to absorb recoil and increase the grip; it works like a charm. These are in my opinion the smallest, large caliber carry conceal weapons around, available in 9mm & 40S&W. You can also get a Kahr PM45, but no MK (steel) version. If there were, I''d buy one!

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