Ruger LC9 thoughts?
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Thread: Ruger LC9 thoughts?

  1. Ruger LC9 thoughts?

    Hi. I am new to this site and very recently got my cc permit. I plan to take a course very soon to learn techniques. I've shot guns forever and have just purchased a Ruger LC9. So far I like it, but am surprised with the must be because of its small size. I will keep practicing to improve, but right now seem to be more accurate with the much larger Beretta 92FS and my 1911 45.... I just don't think I want to lug those larger weapons around and the grips feel so wide.

    Does anyone else have the LC9 and what are your thoughts?

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    I don't have a LC9 but I did look at them before I bought my SW9VE. I have big hands and found that the small hand grips on them was very uncomfortable for me even with the extended mag in it. I always thought that carrying my SW would be uncomfortable but have found that with the right concealed holster I don't even notice it. You might for the time being get a good holster from here and try carrying you Beretta or 1911 to see if they are comfy for you and have the LC9 as a back up.

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    I like my LC9. As far as kick, I didn't think it had much, it's loud though.
    Try a 44 mag or 357, they have kick.

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    I went with the Ruger SR9c and loooove it. Just shot it for the first time yesterday, and it had way less kick than I expected. I was shooting 115 gr bullets, but that's what I plan on carrying anyways. Can't speak to concealability, dont have license or holster yet :-)

  6. I personally carry an LC9 and, after a small break in period, has been a great gun. With a proper pocket holster it's very easy to conceal. As with any carry pistol, it's not really meant to be your "gun range toy", so to speak. I've always recommended learning the fundamentals on a full size pistol and then shooting your carry piece enough to be comfortable and proficient with it.

    Being a short barrel, the accuracy isn't going to be there. These guns aren't made for shooting a grape off someone's head at 100 yards (although the great Hickok45 was able to hit his 85 yard gong with an LC9 but he's not human).

    A bit of shameless self-promotion here but this is a review I did on the LC9 a couple months back: Blog | Gun Noob - Beginner Gun Review: Ruger LC9

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    My wife just got an LC9 for her carry weapon and I love it. If I was going to carry it everyday I would go without the laser but I think its ideal for carrying.

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    I have a LC9 and found that with more practice I got better! But at first I had the same problem

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    I have an LC9 and like it. I'm a guy, so my hands are probably larger than most lady's, but I don't find the gun uncomfortable with the mag extension. The kick isn't too bad but still takes a little getting used to. I did add a Pachmayr Tactical Grip Glove (Your Shopping Cart) which 'softened' the felt recoil a little bit and fills the grip a little better for my hands. I don't have a laser (yet) as I wanted to become fairly proficient with the factory open sights. If I do end up getting the laser, it'll probably be a LaserLyte that goes on the side; it's small and out of the way, so you don't need a special holster to account for it (i.e., any normal LC9 holster will work with it). I've got a Remora IWB holster right now, which works well, but I'm looking into a Crossbreed SuperTuck. Good luck and happy shooting!

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    I have the Ruger LC9 and found it enjoyable to shoot. The LC9 was easy to C&C, not uncomfortable at all. But I now carry a Beretta Nano and totally love this pistol. The Nano shoots so smoothly, C&C is just as good as the LC9. The Nano just feels better, fits my hand.

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    You may want to look at the new M&P shield, it is comparable in size to thE LC9 and by all reports a soft shooter.

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