Female Instructor Led Classes in Michigan?
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Thread: Female Instructor Led Classes in Michigan?

  1. Female Instructor Led Classes in Michigan?

    I am very interested in getting my wife to carry a pistol. She is uncomfortable with the idea. I think a competent female instructor may help bridge the gap. We live in Michigan, metro Detroit to be specific.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for specific instructors?

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    Check on the NRA's website there are programs geared for women to help here is the link: NRA Women's Programs. There is an area where you can type in your zip code to find programs in your area. Hope this helps.

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    Hello Ferndale,

    There is a company that offers classes for Females and I believe has a female instructor. I used them for my CPL in 09. Mark was my instructor, and did a very nice job. Given by your name, may be real close to you in Royal Oak.

    Wild West Academy; Welcome To Wild West Academy (Michigan ccw/cpl) 248-506-3472

    Hope this helps.

  5. Try Maryann Polkowski @ Ultimate Protection Academy
    She's very easy to work with, my girlfriend found her extremely easy to learn from.

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    I got certified in Taylor by a NRA instructor Cheryl Hill. Just happened to be giving the training at Top Gun.

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