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    LCR for carry what for target

    I got the LCR for carry because of my size and the size and weight of the LCR. It is a good size because when sitting it just hits me at the crease of my hip and leg so anything longer probably wouldn't be comfortable. I have been dry firing the LCR to get used to the trigger pull and changed my grip. I can now hit a 8" target not all in the center but at least inside the 8". I shot some 48 grain wadcutter from Atlanta Arms and it was a LITTLE tammer but not something I want to get my target practice from because it still was bad on the old bad thumb joints. I pulled out my husbands 6 shot 22 single action revolver and the trigger was so light compaired to the LCR it shot without me thinking I even had pulled the trigger. I did not shoot as well with it either. My question is what second gun should I get to target practice (and I know I still need to shoot the LCR and will) that will have the same kind and feel of the trigger as the LCR but easierand more fun to shoot so I can get better at hitting the center? I don't know if I will have the hand strength to chamber an automatic if it is too stiff. I'm 62 year old female and have weak hands due to arthritis and 20 years of working with tools.
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    If you're into Ruger revolvers...try out a GP100 or SP101, with a 4 inch barrel. (I LOVE my GP100 for target shooting.) The double action triggers on revolvers are inherently you may want to consider having a gunsmith lighten it up a bit. However, the LCR's trigger is pretty unique; not sure how good of a match the GP100 or SP101 would be.

    Another possibility...change brands:

    Charter Arms makes a nice snub, but also builds a full-size target model on the same frame, just a different barrel.

    If you can find one used (they are no longer produced), you might consider a Dan Wesson Pistol Pack. It's a .357 with 4 user-interchangeable barrels, in 2.5", 4", 6", and 8" lengths. They usually come with 2 sets of grips as well.
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    Go shopping around for an old s&w 38 spl thats broken in but not worn out and that should give you some good target practice use. Go for a heavier one with a longer barrel, that should take up some recoil. Also, try wearing a glove on your shooting hand and that may help as well, just make sure you can still handle the weapon without any slippage.

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