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    I need some advice on an appropriate gun for me. I suffer from RSD (a severe pain condition) but want a gun that will work for self protection. It needs to be one that has no real recoil and is light and easy to hold. I have shot my sons .40 and that was a bit much. Most 9mm's have to hard of a slide for me to pull back. I love my .22 but that isn't really going to do much for protection. Anyone have any ideas?

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    The most important consideration is you being able to accurately hit your target. A few well placed 22 rounds are a lot better than missing with 9mm. Try a .380 or 38 special with light loads. Many light guns to choose from, so I recommend you go to a good reputable gun range near you and see if they have rentals you may shoot. Good luck. If a slide is a problem, stick with a good revolver.

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    try a revolver type gun no hard slide and easy to manage
    gun control is being able to hit your target

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    Try a .22 magnum or a .380. They also make a very light 8 or 9 shot .22 revolver they easily conceal and have no hammer to snag.

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    sradtke sorry to hear about the RSD, having spinal stenosis I understand dealing with chronic pain. The S&W M&P 9mm is the softest shooting center fire handgun I can remember ever shooting. My wife (having had carpal tunnel release surgery on both wrists as well as suffering from arthritis in her hands) shoots and carries a M&P 9c. See if you can find somewhere that rents the M&P and give it a try.

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    btw welcome aboard!
    gun control is being able to hit your target

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    I would stay away from the smaller lighter guns and go with a smaller caliber on a heavier gun. Another thing to consider is barrel length and balance.

    For example: a Springfield XD-45 compact with 4 inch barrel is much more comfortable to shoot than one with a 3 inch barrel or 5 inch barrel. The balance is just right on the 4 inch barrel with upper slide weight and recoil. The 3 incher is lighter and snaps back faster. The 5 incher has more weight up front and increases distance on the recoil twisting your wrist back farther.

    Have you looked in to the Walther .380 pistols?

    One other thought: Ammo makes a difference too. I have both 115 grain and 90 grain bullets for my .380 and really like the 90's. It does make a big difference in comfort.

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    what I recommend for you as I recommend for some of my students that have pain issues or arthritis...that is the SigSauer P238 in .380ACP or the P250 in 9mm or .380

    they are easy to manipulate and the recoil on them is almost none. Specially using .380

    CRW is right about the barrel and weight ratio to the caliber you are shooting...If you where in the Georgetown /Austin Texas area I would say pick a day and we could go to the range and shoot some of the firearms I have..but I do not think you are in texas.

    good luck and try to go to a gun range and rent some of the guns seggested if you can.
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    thanks stingray!

    sradtke, I figured I'd mention another potential gun for you. It's the Kahr CM9. A buddy of mine has it and it's a well built, solid gun which is a bit heavier at 14 ounces empty weight. It is a small gun but VERY comfortable to shoot! It's well balanced in every way and I do wish I owned one. It's similar in size to the LCP so it would make an awesome carry gun for anyone. If you can, try to find one to try and that might just be what you are looking for.

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    I'd suggest either:

    a) Beretta PX4 Storm full size in 9mm: Full size in 9mm is already slight in recoil and the PX4 uses a rotating barrel lockup which reduces the recoil further and make a very soft shooter.
    b) Mid to large'ish .380 such as a Bersa Thunder .380 for a little more weight and grip to help make light recoiling .380 even more manageable.
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