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    I got my honey an XD9 for his bday...and honestly I love it! Yes...I said I LOVE IT! lol It has an easy trigger pull and I love the grip saftey... its bigger than my lady sig but I really enjoy shooting it. Deciding what is best to conceal carry isn't easy cause it has to be something that makes you comfy...and what makes your friends/neighbor/significant other comfy might not make you comfy. Also, its not like a car that you can go out and test drive..if you a lucky to know someone who will let you shoot the gun your thinking about then that is awesome, but many times you are buying it based off of what you felt while in the store never having fired it. And sometimes once your fire it you might be thinking oh gosh I hope I can trade this thing in, I hate it! Any thoughts on holsters (all types, vehicle mount, open carry, concealed) that many moms find easiest and most comfortable to use?

  3. I definitely agree in that SHE needs to figure out what fits her hand best and what SHE feels comfortable shooting. Personally, I carry a SIG Mosquito which is a little bigger and only a 22 but I hit my target with it every time. In my humble opinion, the bullet size didn't really matter much to me... I can do a great deal of harm to an assailant with 2-3 .22 slugs that are placed effectively verses shooting a 9mm that recoils and I miss.

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    I don't know how old mom is but I'm (dare I say it) 50 years old. Until March I hated semiautos because I couldn't rack the slide. Husband and I were at a gun show and my eyes fell upon a Kimber Pro Covert (go figure). No problems racking the slide on that one and I'm a decent shot on paper. I've since added a Kahr P9, Glock 23, Colt 1911s and a Smith 638. The point is this let her try several guns and never give up on wheel guns. I've been having issues finding holsters for my bigger guns but bought a Flashbang for the Smith and absolutely love it. Also keep in mind you can change the ammo to give a different feel. I know having a gun in a purse is better than nothing but I, personally, would rather her keep it on her person. Another for that would be a canvas style holster. I think mine is call Kangaroo but there are others. Some are on ebay. She's got to like it or she won't practice and that's probably the most important. I'm rambling I know but I'm trying to make sure I cover lots of information and provoke thought, would you sell a .22 to a man. I wouldn't want to get shot with one but I go for stopping power. I prefer .45s. Hope I gave you some ideas and opened up some room for thought that helps. Much success.

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    I bought my wife a Charter Arms "Pink Lady". It's a .38 special (in pink of course because she wanted a pink...gun?) but it turned out to be a nice gun. She really likes the size and feel of it and the fact that it dopesn't kick much. She also likes to carry my Rueger SR9c.

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    The P238 is a great gun, but it is a single action that should be carried cocked and locked. I don't recommend it for a beginner at all. I like the LC9 choice, but a nice .38 revolver like the Charter Arms Undercover with hydrashock ammunition would be great as well. I just finished a CCW class where I had a woman (63 years young) who was very limited in size, strength and had arthritis as well. He small hands did not allow for a good grip on most of the firearms we used. She could not rack the slide on a LCP or a Keltec P3AT.
    I took out my .38 from my truck, and she was able to use it in double action mode with a 8 lbs pull as well as in single action mode. I believe the right gun is the one that fits well and comfortably in the hand but will also do the job and you can have confidence in. Arn

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