First time CCW suggestion?
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Thread: First time CCW suggestion?

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    Talking First time CCW suggestion?

    I didn't realize there was a ladies and guns section so I'm reposting a variation of my original question from my original thread:

    This question is for the ladies out there or anyone with a personal opinion....

    I'm looking to purchase my first conceal and carry pistol, my husband suggests I carry either his Glock 9mm or a Taurus .38 neither or which I care to shoot (the taurus is way to snappy for my taste), I have shot and liked our Smith & Weston .45 but it's too big to carry concealed. I've recently looked at a Smith & Weston M&P, Springfield XD, and a Sig Sauer P290 but have not shot any of them. I am not a fan of "snappy" guns, have long fingers (so a slighly wider grip and/or magazine extension is prefered), and I have problems with long draws (must strenghten those trigger finger muscles). I am very firm on my stand that I will not buy or carry a CCW without having shot it first and I see no reason to change my stance on that and as I've said numerous times "I'm not going to carry a gun I hate shooting". Any suggestions on a gun to try?

    Also, I have been considering how to carry and recently discovered the "flashbang" bra holster which looks interesting. Whats your favorite way to carry concealed?

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    Check out Kahr CM9

  4. First time CCW suggestion?

    Ruger lcp conceals well sucks to shoot but small

  5. Check into a single stack 9mm like a S&W M&P Shield or even a Diamondback db9.

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    She said she doesn't like snappy.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by stepside454 View Post
    She said she doesn't like snappy.

    Ok my bad a bb gun or a .22 would be good then ... Hey a little recoil is good means it's a bigger bullet ...

  8. Treo often offers a super soaker as you could ask him .... For people who don't want any kick lol

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    Someone said db9, that one barks.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by justxboxin View Post
    Treo often offers a super soaker as you could ask him .... For people who don't want any kick lol
    Why must you be such an idiot troll with comments like this.

    And to Jessica, I suggest the S&W BodyGuard .380 very compact and accurate for ccw range. Not very snappy but very solid. It will have a little recoil as any gun will, but a very manageable one. Good luck on your shopping.

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    the ruger lc9 in the giveaway package might be a perfect carry gun
    i don't know i never shot one yet
    but i have a browning bda .380 it's hard to conceal but do able and not snappy and good on target too..i carry it 13+1 in chamber safety off and comfortable with it .....although i'm also looking into getting a more concealable gun
    best wishes jessica
    you tube has a lot of vids on different brand conceal carry guns and you can rent some at the range to see how they feel......let us know what you decide to get when you've made your mind up
    gun control is being able to hit your target

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