What do you women carry?
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Thread: What do you women carry?

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    What do you women carry?

    What choo like? Faves? Just wondering ....

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    right now i carry a browning bda .380 as it's my only firearm and i bought it years ago for home protection not thinking about ccarrying at the time but it's do able i'm rigged up now as i sit here as it's my edc now.........but i am hoping and keeping my fingers crossed to win that ruger lc9 in the giveaway then i would carry that as my edc as it's more concealable and has all i need to carry it too .......wah whoooo great package too
    btw welcome aboard the forum i see you fairly new too
    are you new to conceal carrying and looking for ideas on what you should carry?
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    My wife packs a 38sp +p in a fanny pack when (<5% of the time) she carries.

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    yes, I'm getting my ccw in Aug. finally! I have a .38 special...but was maybe going to get another. Was just wondering what other women carried.


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    SWMBO carries a Kimber Ultra .45 in a Blackhawk OWB
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    My wife carries a KT .380 when out and a G17 around the house.
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    My wife carries a Sig P238 loaded with Buffalo Bore JHP.

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    I'm new to concealed carry. I'm choosing to carry several different guns. My favorite caliber is .45 and I really like 1911s. However, my primary carry gun is a G23. My back up is a Smith 638 in a Flashbang holster. My hands are so big that smaller guns aren't comfortable to shoot but I'm having trouble finding a way to carry the others. My next purchase will be a 3" 1911 and from the Flashbang family the Marilyn holster. Another thing to note I'm found on 9mm for up close shooting. It seems to shoot through and not expand like I would like but different ammo might help. Also I've got a elbow issue and the recoil on the 9mms tend to aggravate that where the .45 doesn't.

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    My Wife carries a Smith & Wesson Airweight .38 +P spurless that she shoots double action better than I shoot pulling the hammer back.

  11. What do you women carry?

    My wife carries a ruger LCR in 357 magnum

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