Concealed Carry Purse
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Thread: Concealed Carry Purse

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    Concealed Carry Purse

    I am looking for a stylish concealed carry purse with a reasonable price that actually protects my firearm. I have yet to find one that is actually stylish and not either plain or gaudy. any suggestions?

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    While I don't recommend a device that is not attached to your body for carry, some of the women at my shooting club have mentioned this site before:

    Designer Concealed Carry

    Good luck to you.
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  4. 1st thing a mugger does is go for your purse, carry on your person.

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    Concealed Carry Purse

    While I also recommend carrying on your person, for some, this may not always be possible. My wife has a purse from Gun Toten Mamas and it works great! Reinforced wiring adds that protection against cutting of the straps also.

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    Yeah, the wife also has one from Gun Toten Mamas GUN TOTE'N MAMAS - Concealed Carry Handbags by Gun Tote'n Mamas and loves hers too. There are other sites on the net but she liked hers well enough to buy another for her best friend's birthday.

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  7. A purse is almost always the first thing a mugger goes for on the street. I think it's a awful idea to carry a gun that's not on your person.

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    Hi! Check out Terrida Gun — Hand Bags! None of these bags are plain or gaudy and Terrida is leading in the italian fashion industry! Would love to offer you a 20% discount of any of our purses we have in stock. Same goes for any other members of USA Carry! I have the 240 handbag in whisky croc. This color goes with everything and the size is not too small or too big. Although I don't have gun yet (getting my first one in September along with my concealed weapons permit!) I cannot wait to carry it!Concealed Carry Purse-120528tlewis_terridagun_018_medium.jpg

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    I recently bought my wife a concealed carry purse from They are reasonably priced too.

  10. does have a good selection, many are Gun Toten Mamas bags. I bought in blue the Ballistic Nylon Concealed Carry Shoulder Pouch for summer quick use. Cross body SLASH RESISTANT Shoulder Strap. Very casual, keeps my hands free, but not large enough for everyday carry. If you are really using a purse to carry it has to have a good area to get to your gun and NOT go through your purse digging for it. I'm looking for a classic black, several at gungear may work.

    Some of the so called stylish purses (I like your term gaudy) don't offer slash resistant shoulder straps, that's the least I would get. I hate the cross body feel but I know it's one more step to securing my weapon. The totes are nice but can be so easily ripped out of your hands. Some totes have additional straps. Good luck and whatever you do practice with your weapon to learn how to retrieve it from it's compartment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve0 View Post
    A purse is almost always the first thing a mugger goes for on the street. I think it's a awful idea to carry a gun that's not on your person.
    Agree 100%. There are many other reasons as well. Please do NOT use a carry purse.
    All The Best

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