New holster, works great, very small
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    Well girls I think I have found THE holster. I picked up my new Shield today and had ordered a holster for it but found out it was 8 weeks away. While at GT Distributors where I got the Shield the salesman showed me his holster. I didn't think much of it from the looks of it but since it was only $18.95 I decided to try it. I really like it. I have about 3 other kinds and I think I am going to like this the best. It is a Glocktech MIC Holster. It is a small piece of kydex formed over the trigger housing and a piece of cord. Sounds dumb but it works. You attach the cord around your belt with just a loop, slide the holster from the front over the trigger housing and stick it in your pants and it stays put. You can carry anywhere you want and if it is too low you just shorten the cord. The cord prevents it from falling down your pants and to draw, lift out and give a fast upward snap when you feel the cord tighten. It is very comfortable and it doesn't print. Sure beats the $50 they wanted for the other holster. The only thing that bothers me is the grip on the Shield is a little irritating against my skin. Glock makes the holster but they make them for other guns. It's only 3 1/4" long and 2" tall. The salesman was carrying a full size with his shirt tucked in. Couldn't see the gun. I've had it on for about 4 hours with a loaded mag and it hasn't moved. If you need to change position just move the gun, doesn't need a special cant just put it were you want to carry. Another thing that girls will like you can go and the gun and holster will stay inside your pants, just be a little careful and make sure it doesn't fall out. It won't fall to the floor just hang by the cord. You don't worry about shooting yourself because the trigger is covered. It stays covered until you do the forward pull and release the kydex.
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    That sounds workable for clothes with belt loops but be careful to make sure you practice your draw stroke. I don't necessarily carry "small" guns so mine aren't very light weight. I have recently been carrying in a Kangaroo Carry holster but I'm also looking into the PistolWear Trump Card. Whatever your choice, make sure you can draw and reholster without "muzzling" yourself. One of the worst things you can do is shoot yourself when holstering or drawing.

  4. It's a flashbang on a cord. Nice tight little piece kydex with a minimal attachment piece. I can see how that would work. If you like that, have a look at the flashbang. I never thought I would like one until I tried it.

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    It's always nice when your gear "plays pretty" together.
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