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Thread: advice for 1st time gun owning female

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    I'm also looking for my first gun. I've already done my concealed carry class and applied for my permit. I want something for concealed carry. I talked to a female sheriff and she recommended the Glock 19 Gen 4 or the Glock 26 Gen 4. I've also looked at S&W M&P Shield. I'm confused and a little worried that some of these guns will be to heavy for me to carry. I have some not to severe back problems and don't want something so heavy that I'll end up leaving it at home. I also want to eventually get a .22 pistol of some kind for target practice.
    I love my Shield, and it's pretty lightweight. I'm not a fan of Glocks... I don't shoot them as well because they're too wide. Just keep in mind that the lighter it gets, the harder it is to shoot. I also have back problems, and width bothers me much more than weight. On a good belt, the weight of the gun sits squarely on your hips, and I find it doesn't mess with me. Unfortunately you'll just have to experiment to find out what works for you... that's what I did, and I have a ton of holsters now!

    If weight does bother you, try looking at .380's... I have no experience with them, but I'd imagine they're lighter and easier to shoot at that weight. Also, look for wider holsters that will distribute the weight a bit better. That might help too. My favorite is Alien Gear Holsters Barely notice I'm carrying my Shield in that.
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  3. A lot of people recommend a small revolver for women, but most have rather stiff triggers and such small guns often have a lot of recoil and are hard to shoot accurately at any real distance. Also most revolvers are 5 or 6 shots before having to reload. I took my first course at FrontSight Firearms training Institute with a revolver, but switched to a 9mm for subsequent classes--I got tired of running out of ammo. My 4th generation Glock 19 is my favorite gun. For regular carry I use a Gun Tote'n Mammas brand handbag with built in holster. My draw is almost as fast as getting a gun out past a concealment garment, and weather doesn't matter like it would carrying on my person. Having 15 rounds in my magazine and a spare that I can load up quickly gives me a lot more firepower than one of my revolvers.

  4. My first gun was a glock 23 (40 S&W.) I also have a 12 gauge 18.5" barrel shotgun. A lot of women wouldn't feel comfortable with these firearms but I love them. I think you have to go and shoot guns before you buy them. All women are not the same. Go to the range and rent some guns to get a feel for what you like. Peace!

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    I might also suggest the Ruger SR9C or SR40C.
    That can be found for around $400-450.00. They offer a 10+1 magazine for conceal carry and 17 round extended magazine (9 & 15 in.40S&W).

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    You posted this is June and are probably set up now - but for what it's worth, a .38 cal revolver, I'm partial to Ruger, is a great gun for women - and men. It's light and small enough to carry-conceal while still having decent stopping power against someone moving toward you with bad intent. You can get a short barrel .38 Ruger revolver, double-action, equipped with laser sighting for convenience. Good luck.

    Quote Originally Posted by gingerkat333 View Post
    I would like to get a hand gun and a rifle. I know nothing about which type to buy. Can someone please recommend what they feel would be the best to start out with which are reasonably priced, say within @ a $500.00 price range (for each), if that's reasonable? Thank you in advance for your help and wisdom! : )

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