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Thread: Teenager 's rob mother & shoot her innocent toddler in the face during armed robbery.

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    Outlaw, you must have missed Obama`s explanation, "That was not her money or property, those young gentlemen were only redistributing the wealth". The mother and child should be happy, they paid their fair share.
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    You folks are being far too unfair to Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson jr. They will be there ASAP. Both are reverends and totally concerned for all people of whatever race. I am sure of it, as sure as I am that the sun will rise in the west tomorrow. They will sharply condemn this act of violence perpetrated by a GUN. Damn those guns.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Outlaw View Post
    I'm still wondering where the heck is the media on this horrifying story? Why the crickets?
    Seriously Dude? You have to ask this question? Black on white crime does not count has hate crime. That's already been determined by the courts of liberal opinion.

    The punks in this are all under age and will be looked at with mercy by the court of public opinion and the "fault" of these punks will be heaped on society's shoulders.
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    This occurred back in March of this year and there has been some concern and questions about the validity of the mothers statements made to police regarding the events surrounding Antonio Santiago (West) death.
    Sherry West's story questioned by daughter after baby killed | ksdk.com
    BRUNSWICK, Fla. (FIRST COAST NEWS)-- As the investigation into the shooting death of a 13-month-old Brunswick toddler continues, some people are beginning to question the mother who's child was shot and killed during a morning walk.
    Sherry West, Antonio Santiago: Gunshot Residue Found On Parents | Breaking News for Black America
    A Georgia Bureau of Investigation report revealed that gun residue was found on the parents of murdered baby, 13-month-old Antonio Santiago, and the defense attorney for De’Marquise Elkins, 17, who has been charged with murder in the baby’s death, filed a motion to force prosecutors to hand over the entire report for review.
    Just seems to be unraveling, no will know where this will go and who is going to be found at fault.
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