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    A safe room with a camera system showing main areas of the inside and outside of your home would be a good investment. Alarm bell to save the paint and wood trim on your exterior doors, while guys in their underwear are trying to break in would also be helpful.
    Question: Do you have a safe room?
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    Quote Originally Posted by XD40scinNC View Post
    Question: Do you have a safe room?
    Yes, the one where she is with a gun.

    Good job lady! The dispatcher is not usually a cop. Keep that in mind when evaluating their "requests". When someone far away and unable to see you or your home blindly says "you are safe now, put away your weapon", just ignore them and watch and listen to what the cops say when they arrive. Just keep the cops informed as to your situation and obey them.
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    Good job. Be sure to lock-in a safe room when waiting with the gun. One more layer of protection. How did he get away in his boxer shorts? Should be easy to find a bug running around in boxers.

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    safe room?

    Quote Originally Posted by XD40scinNC View Post
    Question: Do you have a safe room?
    I have a bedroom with a dead bolt I can go into if necessary, however I felt better with lead in hand keeping a eye on the door he was closest to. I didn't feel the need to retreat. If he can get through one door he could get thru a second one. How would that make me safer? It would take a couple minutes longer for him to get to me? Why let him break TWO doors? If the exterior door had opened I was ready at that moment to do what was necessary to protect my son amd myself. He would not have made it more than one or 2 steps in the door.

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