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    Exclamation "Put your gun away"

    A few days ago my son and I had just went to bed when we heard the side storm door open and someone on the other side trying to open the main door. My son ran in my room and said, 'get the gun mom, someone is trying to come in'. That is what I did, then went where I could view the door that he was trying to enter and kept the gun on ready while calling 911. We stayed at the ready while the police were on the way, and when they got close the 911 dispatcher said, 'ok, they are close. Can you put your gun away now?' I said, 'no mam, but I will as soon as I see them at my door and I know for sure it is them'. When the police came into my driveway the would be intruder started through my back yard clad in only his boxers... obviously he was geeked up on something. He jumped the fence and got away. As we watched this action from safe inside the house we remained armed. It was not until the police were on my doorsteps that I returned the gun to safety and placed it in my pocket.
    I understand the dispatcher asking me to put my gun away for the safety of the officers, but I also understand the burglar could have tried to retreat to inside my home when he ran. What would you have done in this situation?

  3. What you did sounds good to me.

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    Exactly what you did. I wouldn't go at ease until the police were seen with my two eyes.

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    WTH?! Put your gun away? For real?! That has to be the worst request I have heard from a 911 dispatcher in a long time! I guarantee that if someone was coming through my sliding glass door, he/she would have at a minimum of three guns trained on him/her. You did the right thing by not disarming until police were identified as on scene. SMH!

  6. I would have done exactly the same thing...WTG!!!

  7. It was still a threatening situation, keep the firearm ready. So what the police were close? Not on the scene isn't close enough.

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    First off, I would like to say good job on not listening to the dispatcher and putting your gun away, "almost there" is a rather loose term the dispatcher used. It only takes seconds for the intruder to get in and do some sort of harm, secondly, if one or more of the police units got rerouted to a higher priority call, ie active shooting, or officer down situation, you would have been left high and dry. Granted those are highly unlikely situations, but still, there is always the chance. Further more, you have no idea what the intruder has, if he/she has a gun as well, the dispatcher just opened you up for an attack without defense. Great job and I commend your son for being alert.

    Stay safe.
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    You go Girl!!! A job well done and with a cool head and a steady hand. You are a responsible gun owner.
    I am old and slow, BUT dead on with my aim!!

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    I'd have done the same thing. Where I live there would probably be a minimum of 20 minutes before a cop could get there. So if the BG happened to get in before then, it might not have ended the same. You don't know what the guy's intentions were or if he was armed. Maybe like you say, he was high or drunk and he just got the wrong house. Or maybe he had something all planned out for you or your son. As long as there's any doubt, you keep your gun. I can understand the dispatcher wanting to keep the police safe, but you have to worry about keeping you and your son safe too.

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    I will put my gun down when the perp is dead, or cuffed, or seen fleeing. Otherwise he is still a threat.

    You did exactly what needed to be done, including telling the dispatcher no. I understand their focus, but clearly they don't understand yours, the near naked guy at your door.

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