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    Holster Belt

    I'm trying to find a decent holster belt, but it's kind of hard to find them for women in a store to try them out (all for men!), and I'm slightly wary of buying online. I'm pretty thin, so I'm not sure I absolutely need a contoured belt, but all my belts turn in to contour belts so I kind of want one. I'm trying to stay under $100, well under preferably, but I'm having a hard time finding something like that. Any ideas or recomendations?

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    You might try Tractor Supply. They have a good selection of sturdy leather belts.

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    IMO you're going to have to go online I reccomend Beltman or Wilderness Tactical
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    Find a local saddle shop, and have them make you one, and I am sure it will be nice and under $100.00. GL
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  7. Just bought one a could weeks ago from. Amerihide Leather Gun Belts. Love it, check out youtube one of the first reviews on the dissegear belt is from a female youtuber.. and the price is great.

  8. Looper or Disse belts.

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    while they do not have any "women's belts", if you are not looking for jewels, glitter, etc, you will find some exceptional, high quality products. I bought DH one, and I am certain it will outlive both of us! they are huge NRA supporters too.

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    I'm going to go out on a limb and recommend a 5.11 tactical web belt. You can spend a ton of money on a really decent leather belt or you can get this. The nice thing about this is, you can cut it to size and then sear the edges to keep it from fraying. They are only $20.00 retail (you can find em cheaper) and they come in black, tan, and olive so you can accessorize...lol.

    I've had one for three years, I carry every day and there was just the slightest fraying where my holster rides on it. I took a lighter to it and it's new again. The other nice thing is since it is a slide buckle, you can tighten it as need be or loosen it as need be rather than having predetermined holes to fit the buckle into.

    The nice thing is for the cost you were mentioning, you could get 5 of these.

    5.11 Tactical TDU Belt 1.75" Plastic Buckle | Official 5.11 Site
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    For a gun belt to serve you well, it has to be strong. Try Beltman. If they don't have something on their site, give 'em a call... it's a family owned/operated business and they are very accommodating.
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