Lack of clothing and accessories for women
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Thread: Lack of clothing and accessories for women

  1. Lack of clothing and accessories for women

    I have found myself frustrated with the fact that it seems that most retailers seem to forget women even exist when putting items on sale. There are several sites I use to get good prices during sales but it always seems that any gender specific items are for males with one or two items for females. I wonder if others have noticed this and if there are any.that seem to want our business.

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    Wait, normal retailers (not those few-generally online-that are women-shooter specific) HAVE stuff for women?

  4. I need to clarify the fact that y comment was based on on-line sites and not local retail. I was not sure if you were saying you were aware of specific web sites that are for women in particular. If this is the case, I would appreciate advise as to any sites for women that you think are particularly good. Thanks.

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    Check out the website The Well Armed Woman. I found a few helpful hints and a couple of nice holsters.

    The Well Armed Woman

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  7. Thanks for the information.

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    I wasn't sure you were talking about tactical clothes or not. You might look at 5.11 Tactical SALE plus FREE Shipping. 5.11 Tactical Pants In Stock Now..

  9. what kind of clothing are you talking about?

  10. I had a period of time when I was unable to access the web so I apologize to those who have attempted to get more information from me to assist me in answering my question about women's clothing. I appreciate all of the helpful advice I have received thus far. I was referring to the marketing being primarily directed towards males on most sites I was aware of at the time. The major problems with clothing I have are generally related to pants or shorts as I had wider hips and therefore men's pants generally do not fit well. I have been successful in finding more sources to obtain women's pants from the responses. In addition to fit, women's pants and shorts generally have small pockets which limit usefulness but I see some such as 5.11 tactical specifically mention large or deep pockets. There is one other issue that I had not even thought about until today when I read a short clip from an article while waiting in line to check out at grocery store. It was suggested that certain holsters generally perform better for women when carrying concealed due to the different angle associated with the female waist. Does anyone have any feedback concerning this issue or suggestions for holsters that may work better for women than others?

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    Link above..check out The Well Armed Woman

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