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    Well Armed Woman Conference

    The first Great Lakes Regional Conference of the Well Armed Woman group will be held Sept. 21 & 22 at the Demmer Shooting Sports Center, Lansing. Michigan. Women will be attending from MI, IN, IL, OH and WI. There will be courses offered such as: Refuse to be A Victim; Levels of Awareness & self Defense; The Importance of a CPL; Guns, Holsters & Ammo; Hand to hand Combat; MI Gun Laws Explained; Integrated Aromatic Science; and a range class on Action Pistol & Prone Rifle. There will be vendors on site and the classes are dirt cheap ($10 - $25). Check it out at Well Armed Woman Conference | Demmer Shooting Sports, Education and Training Center.

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    Unfortunately, due to low registration numbers we have had to cancel the conference. Maybe next year!

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    That stinks. Hopefully next year you will get the support. This sounds like it would be a beneficial conference.
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