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    LOL. when you are being shot at, dodging blows or stabs, if you, with pistol, manage to hit the chest with half of your shots, and I DO mean at 6 ft or so, you will be doing as well as practically anyone on earth has ever proven that they could do, under similar circumstances, without armor, cover, and ear protection. The spine hit is out of the question, other than for a fluke hit. The brain is a MUCH larger target, and almost nobody recommends that you try for a head shot, altho a hit on the head that does NOT penetrate the brain is still MASSIVELY likely to render the "hittee" combat ineffective.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JanTeacher View Post
    I would like to hear opinions and recommendations for particular concealed carry guns. Right now, I have a Kel-Tec P-32, but I feel safer with my Smith & Wesson 642 revolver, (won't jam but bulky), or even my Glock 9mm, (such a good rep for not jamming but awfully big for concealed carry on my person.
    If you saw the dashcam footage of the recent roadside shootout in Oregon, it tells the tale. The OSP troop scored a hit to center mass with his M&P .40. The bad guy turned around and ran back to his car - probably didn't even know he had been hit at that point - and drove down the highway another half mile before pulling over and dying; officers found him slumped over the steering wheel, dead.

    It's as true in defensive shooting as in real estate - location, location, location. Recoil has everything to do with your ability to place the necessary followup shots quickly and accurately; if recoil interferes with your ability to locate your shots consistently and reliably, then you need to go with something that is easier for you to control - and forget the caliber cheerleaders who will tell you that the round THEY shoot is the one you should be using. I may be able to handle a .45 compact with no problem (as soon as I get it, my XD-S .45 will be my EDC), but if the recoil is too much for you to control, then it's not only a waste of your time and money to get it, it could cost you your life. As for concealment of even a larger frame firearm, you are really only limited by your imagination; a friend of mine CC's a 5.25" competition series Springfield XD-M. Buying clothing that is a little larger than you would normally wear, draping shirt tails, utilities, even (yes - I'm going to say it) waist packs are all valid concealment methods. And when you practice, forget the traditional bull's eye targets; you're not shooting for scores, you're shooting for your life. At the very least, use a human silhouette target; to make it a bit more realistic, get realistic scenario targets. Tactical research bears out that using human silhouette targets de-sensitizes you a bit to the idea of shooting a person.

    BTW, welcome aboard!

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