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    Ramora Holster

    I wanted to give my opinion on the Remora Holster. I am a new CCW and don't know much about holsters. I thought maybe this may help someone else that is new also.

    The Official Store of the Original Remora "No Clip" IWB Concealment Holster As I was going to get the url for this i noticed they have a deal 25% off and a free magazine holder with the coupon 25mag so now may be a good time to give them a try.

    I like many here have a box of holsters. I just now got my CCW permit and had a few on hand to try. Most I found either were hard to draw or very uncomfortable to wear. I checked around and found the Remora holster. I was a bit leary. How can a holster actually hold your weapon in place without a clip?

    Well they had a labor day sale and they have a guarantee so I thought I would give it a shot. The web site said that it would take I got my holster and swear guard with 2 magazine holders for something close into $38. they said that shipping would be 7-10 days. I actually got mine in just a couple days. I was surprised to see it so quickly. When I opened the package i was surprised. the holster felt rubbery but not sticky. I was pretty sure this was not going to stay in the waistband. I had to go out so I thought what the heck lets try it. I switched my weapon to the new holsters and tried a couple of draws. The first time the whole holster came with the weapon. I found my pants were too lose (good for the diet not so good for the holster) so I pulled my belt tighter and tried again. each and every time the weapon drew and the holster stayed put. It was very comfortable right from the get go and it stayed that way the whole time I wore it. Nothing gouged me the whole time. and much to my pleasure it did not slip out of place once.

    I have to say I am impressed with it. I am a larger woman and the weapons in the standard iwb holsters were bulky and uncomfortable. I tried the remora the moment I got it and I loved it. It really does stay in place well. I can actually get it placed quite far down the waist band of my pants which makes it very difficult to see. So any ladies out there looking for a nice and comfortable holster this may be the way to go. No need to wear the big belts. You can still be fashionable while you CCDW.

  3. I have one and love it! It is very comfortable and has never slid out or down on me.

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    Give the Remora Tuckable without reinforcement a try. I really like it, it comes with a belt clip, but you can take the clip off if you want. You can wear it with shirt/blouse tucked or untucked.

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    Much to my own surprise, the Remora is becoming one of my favorite holsters. I'm still amazed at the way it stays put.

  6. Just as everyone above has said that, they love it. My summer carry is a SIG P232. I have a rather large belly so I keep it in the small of my back with quite a cant. I have no problems driving or sitting for hours in hard chairs.

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    The Remora has pros and cons just like any holster. The pros: it is comfortable, infinitely cantable and great for short "run around the town" instances. The cons: you must muzzle yourself when holstering (so be very diligent to keep your finger out of the trigger guard!), using the restroom while away from home is a problem because you don't holster that is attached to anything (so setting it somewhere can lead to it getting left behind), and it has been known to cause a rash during hot weather.

    There are a lot of holsters out on the market and none are "perfect" for everything. Resign yourself to the thought that you will eventually have a holster collection that might rival the number of shoes that you own.

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    Thats ok, I only have one pair of shoes _lol_ but in truth it has been very hot here and it still is very comfortable. I am still loving how comfortable it is. Yes when going to the bathroom you can possibly leave the gun behind but you could also leave your car keys, your wallet, your husband. I have had no real problems with the holstering but I got the sweat guard so that may be why. It slips in and out of the holster with ease and stays put when it needs to.

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    I have the Competition STICKY HOLSTER. Got it as a gift. It is not my main holster, but serves a purpose. Remora has many monthly coupon deals, they tend to give a lot for about $35.00 or less.

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    Thanks for the info on the Remora IWB holster. I have been looking at lots of holsters but don't want to spend a lot of money only to find out I don't like it. Your post was very helpful and the Remora seems to be affordable enough to risk giving it a try! Thanks again.

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    Put the holster in your skivvies. You won't forget it, I'm sure.

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