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    I use a FlashBang for a Smith 638. It's one of those things that you have to try. I wear mine almost everyday. It doesn't work well with dresses, in which case I move to the Marilyn and a Khar. My daughters do NOT like the Flashbang at all. One doesn't have enough to hide it with and the other says it pinches her. One word of caution in the summer months I really have to pay attention to cleaning my Smith. I really have no complaints.

  3. My wife has one for her bersa thunder 380 and loves it. You can't even tell she has her gun on her.

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    thanks dalefan88 I was hoping someone with first hand experience would speak up. I did order one so I will let everyone know what I think of mine when I get it.

  5. Mrs.Flyr has considered them, but has not yet ordered one, and isn't sure if she'd be better off with the flashbang or the marilyn (I've suggested she get both) when/if she gets either/both of them I'll be sure and post a report (she's not one for the forums).

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    I have both. The Flashbang can't be worn with dress unless you practice raising your dress up high enough to draw you gun! Which is why I also have the Marilyn. However the Marilyn also has drawbacks. If one carries their purse (or children) on the same side where the gun would be there is a considerable amount of bulk that can be uncomfortable. If you plan on wearing the holster with sports bras the straps that snap on the holster can be a little short and cause the bra to curl up. Personally, I just deal with it. I figure it's better than a jab in the butt with a sharp stick. There is a place for both and I've not found anything that's perfect. I have to compromise on something in order to be armed 100% of the time. Last resort is a concealed carry purse and on occasion I've used that also.

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    I carry regularly in a flashbang holster and have to say I wasn't thrilled until I found the right bra makes all the difference. It requires a well fit bra (I find the ones designed to be strapless work the best for me because they have a "grip" material on the band that holds the flashbang firmly. Changing the strap on the holster is critical for getting a fit that doesn't sag. I don't notice I'm wearing it most of the time and haven't had any issues. The drawstroke is straight down. It does not mark the gun any more than any other holster. The drawstroke is a firm downward motion and very quick. As with every holster, it takes a little practice.

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    I got mine in the mail the other day. I am very surprised at how comfortable the holster is. I have mostly wireless bra's and am finding the holster stays put better with a wire in the bra so I suppose i will go out and go some shopping.

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    Another suggestion to prevent the holster from "slipping". Lisa Looper (designer of the flashbang) suggests putting some moleskin on the holster to prevent slippage. When it gets "nasty", you can take it off and replace it with more moleskin.

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    Thanks MDT I may try that. When I got the Flashbang the strap was down. I turned it so it was upwards and that helped a lot also, Over all I am liking it. I am still finding some bra's it just dont like to hold onto. I will try the Moleskin.

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    I have an idea for a dress design, which will allow ccw above the waist. But you'd have to buy several of the dresses,a nd practice a new "clearing' of the garment, in order to access the gun. Probably need one "heavy duty" dress of this type, for practicing, made of durable stuff that's not very becoming to you for public wear. :-)

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