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    Quote Originally Posted by thru View Post
    I have an idea for a dress design, which will allow ccw above the waist. But you'd have to buy several of the dresses,a nd practice a new "clearing' of the garment, in order to access the gun. Probably need one "heavy duty" dress of this type, for practicing, made of durable stuff that's not very becoming to you for public wear. :-)
    OK, and your idea would be??? Just because you have an idea and say you have an idea is a good start. However, sharing that idea keeps the conversation flowing.
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    This is a video of Limatunes demonstrating the holster. Her & her husband are instructors and run the Defensive Carry forum. She really knows her stuff and I encourage all the women I know to subscribe to her videos.

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    Sorry, i'm checking out the ramifications of a filing a sort of probationary patent. The dress would restrict you to a certain arrangement on the upper torso. So wearing one every day might be a bit "typecasting", in the way that photographer's vests are for male, behind the hip carry, to those who know. But so is the bare midriff thing, with the flashbang.

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    Well I wore the flashbang on my recent trip and over all it was comfortable however a couple of things were downfalls. The first being that you have to bring a screw driver with you to adjust the flash bang to each bra you own, unless of course you have all the same type of bra. The second was I believe a problem with the bra but not 100% sure. When wearing the flash bang with one particular bra I ended up getting a very sore and bruised area on my stomach (remember I am not a skinny woman). I tried all the different straps in all the different lengths and none of them prevented the painful bruising. I had to switch to my remora for that day. The bra, was naturally the same size as my other ones it was the same basic layout of the other ones but it was not playtex it was some other brand I cant remember off the top of my head. Not sure why that would matter but it did.

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    Your bra definitely makes a difference with the fit and comfort of a flashbang. They work best with really well constructed bras. The most comfortable ones I found so far are the strapless ones because they have the grip material on the inside preventing any sliding around. Another alternative is to place moleskin on the holster (big plus, replace it when it gets nasty).

    I do not completely agree with Limatune's assessment of the Flashbang holster. She cites wear on the slide of the dummy gun. Dummy guns are made of materials that mar more readily than metal slides. I have not seen any wear marks on my pistol that is carried in the holster. You DO have to clean it more often in warm climates because it can rust more easily. Her modified draw stroke is very concerning. If you are going to take her advice, be aware that you SHOULD be practicing to draw where you pull your clothing out of the way. Getting tangled up is a problem. Shooting through clothing can cause semi-auto slides to cycle improperly causing misfeeds and jams. Revolvers can get their hammers caught in the fabric or the fabric comes between the hammer and the frame which prevents the hammer from striking the primer. Any of these problems can cause you to become the loser in a gunfight. You just might not get a second chance to untangle the gun and pull the trigger again.

  7. Very Good Information Thank You All! I Have Been Consistently Researching Concealment Options And Was Curious About The Flash Bang. Looks Like It Is A Good Option.

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    Flash bang works but not for me

    I also tried this holster with a myriad of bras: Underwire, sport, support, etc. While I am just not comfortable having the gun pointed in a weird direction, what I really couldn't resolve is that I'm short waisted and healthfully endowed which means my upper torso just doesn't accommodate this. I think it's perfect for some females with different body types but a it seems with all holsters I'm constantly navigating around my breasts and hips. Added to that I prefer cross-fire...well, it's a great product that my girl friends all seem to love but it just doesn't work for me physically and psychologically, I don't feel in control of my weapon with this holster - and that's the most important part to me.

    [QUOTE=nytetears;471148]I was wondering if anyone out there has tried the flash bang holster that attaches to your bra Flashbang Holster - Bang Bang Boutique, LLC It looks interesting and could be worn when you are not wearing pants. Just not sure how safe it would be with it so close to the girls.
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  9. I tried this for a few months and although I loved the convenience if I had needed to draw, I found that I developed a sore from the butt end pressing into my stomach. I have all structured underwire bras, but regardless of which direction I had the strap, the gun always slides out and needs to be readjusted which makes for sore breasts. I also am not small chested, and in order to conceal I really have to have the gun up high and tucked in. My bras are nicely fitted so sticking a 9mm up there causes me to overflow the cups which looks stupid. I think perhaps a nice .380 would be easier to conceal. I had high hopes for this but don't care for it. I will still use this in certain situations though.

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    yes that sore is what I noticed when I was in Georgia. I am not sure if it was because of the warmer weather or what but it got so bad I could not wear the flash bang for a few days. It was like a bruise. I did find this got better if I used a different bra but it is a real pain to try and remember which bra it works with and which it does not. I absolutely love it for the concealed carry part but if I have the wrong bra on its bad. Moleskin helped in a couple ways. 1) it prevented slippage to a small degree and 2) it made the actual wearing of the holster more comfortable. I will wear the holster but I think I am still on the look for a better holster.

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