Home invader survive's a gunshot to the head by elderly woman.
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Thread: Home invader survive's a gunshot to the head by elderly woman.

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    Exclamation Home invader survive's a gunshot to the head by elderly woman.

    A violent home intruder armed with a baseball bat barely escaped death by a matter of inches Monday when an armed elderly woman opened fire at him after he broke into her Pendleton, S.C., home and attacked her and another woman, police said. It was around 3 p.m. when the intruder busted into the house and attacked both women, according to police. The homeowner, identified as Frances Ward, 72, was able to draw her revolver and shoot the man, grazing his head. If the shot was an inch lower, he likely would be dead.

    She?s Elderly, She?s Armed and She?s Not Afraid to Shoot: Life or Death for Violent Intruder Was a Matter of Inches ? This Mugshot Proves It | TheBlaze.com
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    The women got lucky, the Intruder was even luckier. One more BG off the streets, wonder if he had a history of Burglaries and Assault, people dont wake up one day and think of Home Invasions and beating elderly women. Hope he spends the rest of his good years in prison.
    And who says a Gun is a bad thing? Oh yeah, the Democrats, I suppose theyd suggest she talk the man out of killing them.
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    Old women intruder with baseball bat;
    Thinking Dbl tap would've taken care of it.
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    the odds are very heavy that this hit was pure luck. Wonder how many shots she fired, in total? :-) What would you want to bet YOUR odds are, of getting a head hit, on a moving silohuette, charging you at the 20fps+ speed that men can easily achieve?

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    This speaks volumes about choices, in life, he chose to rob or harm a couple of old women with a bat and they chose to protect themselves with a gun, screw bringing a knife to a gunfight, even under stress she hit him a little high, nice shooting.

  7. Encouraging To Read This. You're Never Too Old To Arm And Protect Yourself!

  8. Good for her! Old doesn't mean stupid.

  9. I'm going to have a get a gun also, as a man in prison has threatened to kill my family when he gets out. He's a sociopath, and very, very strong. It's so scary. I keep putting it off hoping they'll keep him locked up forever.

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