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Thread: Anti gun fiancé taking a handgun safety course.

  1. Hopefully, her familiarization and safety classes will also change her anti-gun beliefs. If that happens, take your fiance to the range, hunting, plinking...whatever it takes.

    I'm glad she is taking the first steps at your suggestion. Nurture this relationship. It sounds like it may be a good one!
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    Quote Originally Posted by r1derbike View Post
    Hopefully, her familiarization and safety classes will also change her anti-gun beliefs. If that happens, take your fiance to the range, hunting, plinking...whatever it takes.

    I'm glad she is taking the first steps at your suggestion. Nurture this relationship. It sounds like it may be a good one!
    I'd wait and let hunting be her idea... I think everyone I've met who is anti-gun is also anti-hunting... work on one at a time. :) Baby steps! Heck, I love guns, and think hunters are good people, but I'd never do it myself unless my life depended on it. And yes, I do eat meat (my husband would kill me if I went back vegetarian on him!), and I realize how idiotic I am about it. lol.

    But yes, ditto to all that other stuff!!
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    I wanted to bring this thread back to life- momentarily- to point out- that altho there's alot of women out there who are against guns-

    i'm willing to bet- theres a good amount of those women- who say that- only because 1) They falsely perceive the gun community as a man's domain, 2) They don't like that which they're not familiar with, and 3) Being that many of them are mothers- they think others will automatically think of them as bad mothers- if they show any interest in firearms- and they could be easily persuaded otherwise, if they were introduced to firearms in the right environment.

    The demographics of women owning guns, are raising at an incredible rate. But the gun industry isn't showing it in the way it should.

    Gun counters need more WOMEN as salesmen. I've only seen men selling at the counters - at cabelas, gander, and etc.

    One of the things i dislike the most, is going to a gun show and- almost all of the sellers are men- and then theres the one table with women behind it- but they're dressed "sexy", offering to sell some type of firearm related product/service.

    I also dislike the YouTube channels, where there is a couple doing the show- in which the woman is there just for eye candy, because the husband/boyfriend won't let her talk. There was one video, where they were on their porch (backyard is outdoor shooting range) - he places a barrel of water below the porch, and has her wear a tight white t shirt, as she shoots rds into the barrel. The water splashes and makes her white t shirt wet. Obviously, they do it this way, so that the "shows" can get more viewers.

    These tactics are part of the reason why the anti gun women are going to keep thinking the way they think.

  5. I totally agree with the above post. Far too man women, I think, feel that shooting is a "man's world" and are a little concerned about how it looks if they show interest. I hope the original poster's fiance had a great time and was able to show some of her friends that it can be great fun too. Word of mouth can be the best advertising!

  6. A lot of anti-gun feeling is based upon fear, and ignorance. Though positive exposure and experience may not make them a gun enthusiast it will help alleviate the fear. I'm a firm believer in knowledge helping discussions and attitudes develop into rational and constructive attitudes. Everyone should have a basic knowledge of firearms and safety.

    That said it dosen't mean everything will be hunky-dory, it will give people a basis to determine if the person handling a gun or talking about it knows anything about good handling practices. I know people who are pro-gun who can spout lots of tech specs, model numbers and argue about stopping powers of calibers, who I do not trust with one in their hand. That general observation applies to most everything in life as well.

  7. Hope that what ever advertising ploys are utilized do not keep any one from investigating the thrill of personal accomplishment of understanding ones own sense of being. No matter the subject.

    Given that 'it's about guns'. Glad to say the mother of my three girls during our younger lives prior to, decided to give it a 'try' a local range with a couple calibers of rifles/hand.

    I am the lazy one when it comes to hand loading nowadays in our family. Mommy seems to be the one most interested into making sure the girls 'overstand' (her word) the importance of safety, maintenance, & use of these fine machines.

    What did I do.? Youngest is 11 yo., she's (but all 4 girls do this, Yes my wife is a girl) emailing me postings of news urls people saving themselves from all kinds of would be bad folks.

    When it comes right down to it. During dating 'season' with this chick, I can only blame my self if I really harm her & now our babies.


    I like like that. I respect that. Instead of two female eyes revealing her soul to me, I have eight. A married guy cannot ask for much more.

    All due to a 'chick' willing to 'try' out the shoot range. Thank you God.

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    My husband and I didn't begin shooting until after we met and got married.

    However - when I was in college before I met my husband, I took a 'self defense' class (defending yourself without standard weapons). This type of class is something I HIGHLY recommend (especially women) to everyone as an important addition to other gun classes. can't always access your gun and/or don't always know the threat is coming. This class was all about the physical defense. What and how to use your body (body mechanics and force) to help get yourself freed from an attacker. How to use your hands, where to hit, how to hit to make the most effect. Using everyday objects like car keys being stuffed into an eyeball does wonders. If someone comes at you from behind and grabs you around the to use your body and arms to get the person off you or at least out of his/her grasp. It also teaches you about awareness. Being fully aware of your surroundings and how to prevent or avoid putting yourself into harms way. The class was held in a gym and you actually did 'scenarios' to see the mechanics at work (and practice).

    The things I learned in that class are forever with me till this day (I took that class 20 years ago - and I should probably take a refresher course).

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