IWB Holster?
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Thread: IWB Holster?

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    IWB Holster?

    Hello! I'm considering an IWB MiniTuck Holster from CrossBreed for my LC9. Just wanted to know if anyone else has one and what your thoughts are? Any positive or negative issues regarding it? Does it dig into your body at all? Does it bother you wearing it for long periods of time? Thanks!!

  3. I use a Blackhawk leather IWB with my Sig P226. I typically wear a tank top tucked into my jeans to create layer between my skin and my holster and gun. I wear a loose, un-tucked shirt over it and people don't notice that I'm even carrying, which is a positive for me. It also does not bother me when wearing it all day.

  4. That's a great holster. Buy it! To be honest, it's really depends on how curvy and wide your hips are. None of them are made to fit females but crossbreed is a good holster.

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    I have the same pistol and use a pjholster.com unit . Paul makes each one per order. He has many of the lightest, easiest concealed, IWB holsters that I wear in my jeans with a simple T shirt over and no one can tell I am carrying.

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    For something as small and light as an LC9 you can use a N8 squared http://n82tactical.com/n82store/ or Little Foxx "Little FoxX" for Rugers

    If you want the same hybrid style you can't go wrong with an AlienGear https://aliengearholsters.com/

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    I really like a similar design called the Ava from Flashbang Holsters (flashbang holsters). These are designed by a woman especially for the female body so they flex a little better with the curves. I also like the Betty and the original Flashbang holster.
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  8. Checkout TheWellArmedWoman.com website. It's geared to women and their needs. There is a new ITW line that has colors. There are minimal so they don't poke like a larger type. And check out the magnetic holsters....they fasten to almost anything.

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    Holster question

    I have a holster question. As a new CCW holder I will be purchasing my first holster for conceal carry. I suspect IWB at the small of the back will be the most comfortable and convenient for me. I am right handed. But drawing from the hip is the the reverse direction then drawing from the SOB (Palm towards body from hip, palm away from body from small of back). So should I be looking at left handed holsters? Did that make sense? Also, any holster recommendations?
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  10. The Well-Armed Woman site has actual holster videos to watch.


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    SOB is not a very good place to carry. Most people muzzle themselves and others standing beside them on the draw. Everyone's body type and activity requirements differ. I would suggest you check into holsters at www.corneredcat.com

    Most women find appendix to be very comfortable. I can handle 4:00 but require a cover garment to prevent the whole world seeing it. The amount of "exposure" your gun can have will depend on your state laws.

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