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    Had guns my whole life and was super excited to find my latest Glock in purple. But then again, I have always surrounded myself in my favorite color whether it be in my house, on the car I drive, in my office supplies, clothes I wear, or bags I carry. Only made sense that my everyday carry be purple also. I was considering having mine painted but lucked into finding one that already fit the bill perfectly.

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    Took me a minute to figure out how to load the picture.
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  4. Basic black is my choice

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    Ok ladies I gotta know; Would any of you buy one of these and why. To me they look like toys.

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    I've seen a couple of long guns in a brown tone camo pattern that I would consider, but in general I like my guns like my shoes--basic black.

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    For years, MrsPAcarrier had a 38 revolver - never carried it. It was too bulky.

    I got her a KelTec PF9 because it was less bulky - never carried it.

    She saw a Sig P238 with purple pearl handles and said, "That is SO pretty." And carries it everywhere, all the time.
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    Closest I ever got to getting a gun for my wife was one she saw in a Pawn Store. It was a Ruger LC9 purple pistol. But, she backed out and got cold feet.

  7. My Daughters Sig Mosquito..

  8. wow! my wifes favourite color

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