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Thread: Help choosing holster for my wife!

  1. Try sending her to The Well Armed Woman, Where the Feminine and Firearms Meet, there is a lot of good information there that will help point her in the right direction. I've tried many holsters now and my favorite is their IWB/OWB convertible holster, it's pretty comfortable and I carry a XD mod 2, you can't tell I have it and it's really not that small of a firearm.

  3. Dene Adams Corset Holsters are amazing!

  4. Depends on whether you would like something that can be removed from the clothing or an inline holster. I have seen and heard great reviews of this Concealed Carry Compression Shirts and Shorts by UnderTech UnderCover . I plan to purchase when I get out of school, if she loves yoga pants as much as I do these are a must.

  5. My tip is this, carrying in your purse is a total pain in the butt! It makes an already heavy purse even heavier and when you carry it your constantly nervous because you are afraid to put it down since you are carrying a loaded firearm and your afraid some kid will pick it up or someone could snatch it. And you don't want to have to defend the second amendment every time some fool sees you unzip your purse. I ended up getting myself a belly band. I wear a lot of Tunic style tops that are sheer. Undereath I wear a black camisole or black tank top. Combining a black cami with a black belly band and a black gun, even if my top is see through you don't see it. I love my belly band! Also go to The Well Armed Woman, Where the Feminine and Firearms Meet

  6. Thumbs up Love my Sticky Holster

    Quote Originally Posted by Countryboy26047 View Post
    Hi everyone, first I would like to say that, while this is my first post to this forum, I have been a long-time reader and use your site for a lot of reference! I love the information I have gotten here!

    With that being said, I have been doing a LOT of reading as of late in regards to holsters. My wife has been shooting now for a bout 3yrs. and has finally decided she wants to take classes and obtain her CCWL! She has a couple different semi-auto's, but her primary one is an M&P Shield 9mm. I want to "surprise" her and buy her a holster for it. I had my mind set on getting her a stickyholster to try out due to the versatility of clothing options. She tends to wear a variety of blue jeans, but also wear's yoga pants quite often as well. Problem is, I am also in the market for a new holster and I'm going with an AlienGear Cloak Tuck 3.0. They have a deal going where you can purchase two separate holsters for a good price, which now has me debating, do I get her the sticky to try out first, or just get two cloak-tucks right off the bat? Obviously I can get her both, but I want to try and make sure the first one I get her is going to please her and get her into the habit of actually carrying on her person. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

    P.S. her body size is approx. 5'2", around 125-130lbs. well distributed.
    I've been carrying off body for years, but recently picked up a sticky (was working NRA ILA booth at a show and the Sticky booth was next door). It's the first one I've been able to be comfortable with. Even though they make separate ones for various guns, the one I got for my G19 also works for my G17 and my .38. It stays put in my jeans or skirts without needing a belt. If you really want the sale price on the cloak-tucks, get the sticky too. The cloak tuck may work better with some wardrobe choices and it never hurts to have options, but the Sticky is more versatile.

  7. A purse is a theft target, a snatch and grab focus. Please consider that the thief might end up with your handgun.

    The flash bang holster is uncomfortable and makes an obvious print with many body types. The models make it look easy.

    Belly bands can be uncomfortable and restrictive depending on body shape.

    Your wife may have to try many different holsters until something works with most of her clothes. If a woman has several different holsters for different outfits it can lead to slow reaction time as she stops to remember or pat herself down to find where she is wearing it today. Try to find a holster that will work with most of her clothing choices and can be used almost everyday. Changing out carry places slows you down and that is why many women carry in their purses.

    Purse-carry works fine until someone takes it or you forget and set it down on the floor by your chair, then maybe walk across the room to fetch something for just a moment- forgetting what you left behind. Your cell phones rings, a co-oworker picks it up from your bag to give it to you and... "My goodness! What do we have here???"

    It is something to ponder when you try to find a way to carry concealed.

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