Help choosing holster for my wife!
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Thread: Help choosing holster for my wife!

  1. Lightbulb Help choosing holster for my wife!

    Hi everyone, first I would like to say that, while this is my first post to this forum, I have been a long-time reader and use your site for a lot of reference! I love the information I have gotten here!

    With that being said, I have been doing a LOT of reading as of late in regards to holsters. My wife has been shooting now for a bout 3yrs. and has finally decided she wants to take classes and obtain her CCWL! She has a couple different semi-auto's, but her primary one is an M&P Shield 9mm. I want to "surprise" her and buy her a holster for it. I had my mind set on getting her a stickyholster to try out due to the versatility of clothing options. She tends to wear a variety of blue jeans, but also wear's yoga pants quite often as well. Problem is, I am also in the market for a new holster and I'm going with an AlienGear Cloak Tuck 3.0. They have a deal going where you can purchase two separate holsters for a good price, which now has me debating, do I get her the sticky to try out first, or just get two cloak-tucks right off the bat? Obviously I can get her both, but I want to try and make sure the first one I get her is going to please her and get her into the habit of actually carrying on her person. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

    P.S. her body size is approx. 5'2", around 125-130lbs. well distributed.

  3. Alien gear holster are very comfortable not bad on price and made in the USA I've carried many different holsters over the years I'm very happy with this holster the longer one is inside waistband the other is outside
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  4. Thanks for your input and the welcome! I have been doing a ton more research, reading and thinking about this since I posted this thread... I actually talked to my wife when I got home from work today, and told her of my idea... Once we both talked it over, we decided it would be for the best to try our best to find somewhere for her to go and try on as many different options as possible, and let her make the final decision.. As much as I love to surprise her with things, I also realized that I probably wouldn't be too thrilled if someone randomly bought me a holster not having any clue as to what I like.

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    Just like 'picking' a gun for the wifey..... she don't like it (regardless of how great it is), she won't carry it.

    The best holster for your wife, the one she likes. (And like most of us, she will probably buy several before she finds the one she likes)
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  6. Help choosing holster for my wife!

    I would take a look at Triple T holsters. Texas made and very comfortable.

  7. Why do you want to carry your wife in a holster? :)

    I know, so you can draw her like a gun! ;)

  8. FlashBang. Works good for a distraction too

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cumberland View Post
    FlashBang or similar bra holsters are generally a bad idea: TTAG | Fatal ND: Bra Holster Goes Boom.

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    She'll probably end up like the rest of us and buy Some that end up just not working. I find the sticky holster great for most things. However, on the rare occasion that I wear a dress, I use a handbag with a separate compartment just for my gun. (I have both dressy and casual models). I have practiced and can draw, present and fire in 3 seconds or less from the handbag. Guess what I'm saying is that your wife may find different holsters for different situations.
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  11. Let your wife decide on her own gun and also the way she carries, men often just don't understand how different it can be. Females just have a different way to carry, body shape, comfort, arm length, cloths she may wear, etc. There are many articles on buying holsters just for women that may help her decide what best works for her specifically. And yes she'll probably go through several to find one that fits most her needs. If she does decide to go the purse route then for good classy one can end up being hundreds, get something special for her then.

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