Talking to my daughter about being proficient gun-wise
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Thread: Talking to my daughter about being proficient gun-wise

  1. Talking to my daughter about being proficient gun-wise

    Hi, All,

    I'm new here and I'm hoping to hear some better arguments than I've presented to my youngest about owning/using a gun.

    I have finally gotten through to her that anyone who would be inclined to hurt her doesn't deserve a nano-second of consideration about the hurt she could put on them.

    Her fiancé wants to get a gun and she feels like that's sufficient for protection. HAHAHAHAHA. What if he's not home. I explained that she has a responsibility to protect herself as well. It was a news flash, but she did get the message.

    I offered to pay for a class that's offered that sounded perfect for her but she passed.

    It's tough, she's a gorgeous young woman who (thankfully) is also pretty intimidating to scummy guys, but the scummy guys are getting bolder.

    I don't want to give up, but I also know that I'm probably pushing too hard.


  3. I'm lucky, both of my daughters like yours is beautiful but neither have a problem shooting. Both conceal carry. At some point get her to a range even if she just watched. Next when she finally does shoot make sure it is a small caliber such as a 22lr or .380. Let her work her way up the caliber line. If you can afford it take her shopping for her own gun empower her to make that decision with your help. I'm an instructor what I find most people like to start with a private lesson. It puts them at ease. If you force her to do things she will resist more. Just be patient and she will come around!

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    My daughter asked me to buy her a pistol two years ago,I told her she had to go an get her CDWL,here in KY., she did.I took her to a gun shop and brought her the same kind of Taurus .38 SPL+P 5 shot revolver I have.I was feeling good that she had a pistol because she lives by herself.To my surprise she has up graded to a Taurus Milennium PT140 G2 40 Cal. And CC all the time . She tells me that all her girl friends CC to,and a lots of women her age do as well. I had no i dear that many women CC these days.
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  5. When I took my KY CC class a few months ago the class was about 30% female.

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