Specially Prepared Handgun Shopping Guide for Women
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Thread: Specially Prepared Handgun Shopping Guide for Women

  1. Specially Prepared Handgun Shopping Guide for Women

    Hello all,

    If you haven't already found that special handgun that works best for you, then for sure get this handgun shopping guide prepared especially for women or those with special needs, like strength, size, arthritis, ambidextrous, etc.

    Free Shopping Guide for Women

    If you have already gotten your handgun, enter to win the contest.

    About the Contest:

    The biggest problem we see in preparing families for home invasions is getting the kids to work with you during an emergency. If they’re not trained ahead of time, they could distract you the very moment you need to engage and stop the threat. That’s why we developed this customized online course called Family Home Protection. Check it out… there’s a contest going on currently to win the course…..

    Family Home Protection Contest ad1

    Anyway, hope you and your family stay safe and have a great 2017!

    Rebecca Alderman
    Moms & Guns Team

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    Thank you for sharing.

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