A Good Reason to Carry Concealed and Practice

A Good Reason to Carry Concealed and Practice
A Good Reason to Carry Concealed and Practice
A Good Reason to Carry Concealed and Practice
A Good Reason to Carry Concealed and Practice

Why do you carry concealed? This is a good reason, and a better reason to practice your shooting…

On Friday, 5 July 2013 I found out how important it is to have a “Standard” to your carry of a concealed firearm and just as important, maybe more, than the type of firearm that you carry, to practice with it and become thoroughly comfortable with it.  I have been carrying for 35 years and a shooter for over 45 years.

That Friday, my wife had gone into town (we have a small farm of 120 acres), UPS just dropped off a package and I went back into the Laundry room to continue my work in there.  A few minutes later I hear a truck pull into my circular drive and then someone loudly knocking on my door.  I thought it was the UPS man again that he may have another package that he forgot to drop off.  As I come out of the hallway into the Dining area I see my back door being held open by a stranger who is startled by my appearance and he is in the process of raising his right hand, and I notice a pistol in his hand. Right then my right hand went to my Kholster, and I am drawing and I kick my legs out to my left, he fires his pistol and my CZ83 is 1/10th of second later shooting over the oak dining table, then two more fired from under the table through the doorway, but nothing is there, he has turned and is exiting the deck.
Now, I am 63 years old, 6’4″ 290lbs. and my back was broken in 8 places in a serious farm accident 5 years before, so my getting up off of the hardwood floor is a little slower than it used to be, but 10 seconds later I am out the back door and I’m looking for other ‘helpers’ he may have brought with him, but he has exited my dirt driveway in a cloud of dust tearing out down the paved highway to my left (east) and I see that it is an older ’80’s Series Chevrolet P/U with a step-side bed, damage to the left rear fender and big white letters saying Chevrolet and then disappears in the roadside bushes that block my view.

Now the shakes start, the WTF’s and analysis of what you did.  I thought I could have hit him, but I don’t see any blood spatters, drops, nothing. I go back in and call the Sheriff’s Office and tell them some crazy intruder had just tried to shoot me in my own home. They tell me to stay near the phone. I call my wife on my cell phone and tell her what has happened, she drops (literally) what she is doing at the Library and races home, 12.5 miles in 8 minutes and 4 minutes before the Sheriff and two deputies arrive. While they are getting my statement and looking the area over, my wife notices that my T-Shirt had a bullet hole in the left sleeve.

Had I delayed one 1/10th of a second longer in dropping to the floor, my left bicep would have had a bullet through it, or my left lung… The Sheriff finds the bullet hole in the window frame (and now my wall has a 4″x6″ square cut out of the sheet rock and the window frame removed.) The 9mm bullet (FMJ) went through the side edge of the 2×6 Jack Stud and stopped at the 1/2″ Wall sheathing, no deformation of the bullet at all.  My first shot went over the kitchen table through the package that UPS had just delivered and using lasers it should have hit the big walnut tree in my yard, but could not be located.  The other two, one found to have gone through the aluminum frame of the table on the deck and into the walnut tree; the third shot through a plastic bucket of dog food and into the tree.

Had I not been dressed to go into town after doing a few last minute chores, and have my EDC pistol on me, I would probably be dead, and had I not been practicing on our private range with a couple of the club members and the Sheriff (yes he is a friend) I would not have had the reactive skill to draw, drop and fire all at once. Thank God I took that extra time to practice… I believe that it literally saved my life.

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John is an Air Force Retiree with over 20 years of Active Duty Service and a Vietnam Veteran. He is a former Law Enforcement Officer having served as Chief Deputy Sheriff with the Carter County, Missouri Sheriff's Department, and Reserve Officer for small rural Police Departments in Carter County, Missouri. John is now fully retired from Pitney Bowes, Inc. and lives on a small farm in Southern Missouri's Ozark Foothills region, and enjoys his private shooting range.
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Paul L Fisher

Why do you keep saying ‘concealed’? Carry of any kind, open or concealed would of worked the same in this situation.

Open might have let you draw faster.

Anyhow, good job!

Anthony James

the third shot through a plastic bucket of dog food and into the tree.


If he had been open carrying his draw would have been 1/2 to 1 second faster.

Marc Thomas Norman

Wow! Thanks for sharing your story. Good lesson.


Well, did they catch the guy?


I Practice Open and Concealed take No chances for granted at home Keep it on your mind always..


….and I’ve been asked why I carry, when I’m home…………….thanks for providing the answer!!!


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Totally agree….

alannah mcgrowdie

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Cadillac CTS Sedan from only workin online… look these up w­w­w.B­I­G­29.c­o­m

chris e.

The wife asks me why i do as well. She says “stop playing with that thing”. Sometimes it’s very hard to explain when you just have that thought of preparation. I want it within arms length. When you need it, and you’ ain’t got it, you sing a different tune.

lissa locke

you carry when you need


Well done and good words of advice, too bad you didn’t end that other guy…


what a terrible article with horrible advice!
why would anyone leave the safety of a house to expose themselves to the BG and any confederates of the guy they just shot at is incomprehensible!

VT Patriot

And the alternative is “I ran to the bedroom and hid under the bed until midnight”??


the alternative is to not go out into the dark not knowing what awaits you, that is just plain old STUPID!
the smart thing to do is to secure your home and call for help while maintaining a defensive posture. you can control inside your home if you go outside not knowing what is out there you have zero control of the situation


Great illustration of why you should keep your piece on your person EVEN when you are at home. I do. OK, I admit I don’t take it in the shower with me, but otherwise, it is on my person, concealed or not. Bad guys don’t usually work on YOUR schedule. Expect the unexpected.


Yep, no problem strapping a gun belt to your hip while in your PJs. If you are going to carry a weapon choose to make it a lifestyle.


Good man I keep a gun in every room in my house


I often work out in my shop late at night. I never go out there with out being armed and I also have a couple easily reached and out of sight in various locations. There have been robberies within just a few doors. Yes, some years back my wife and I returned home (different location) after a family get together to find the door into the garage kicked in. In the 5 minutes it took the state police to get there I had pretty well checked out the house. They pulled into the drive, my wife filled one in while the other ran around the house. As soon as he was back the took off. They came back a little while later, noted the little 5 shot +P revolver in my waist band, said nothing, took our statements and left. (that holster is comfortable even if shooting a 12 oz +P 38 is not)

I would add: Don’t ever check out a house, even your own unless you’ve had training. The very first thought is “this is for real”.. The second is you may be in a kill or be killed situation. Better to sit tight and let the professionals do it. It can be a tremendous psychological load on you and your family, particularly if it turns out to be a teen.


I know my house better than the sheriff does. Moving slowly, witing for the other guy to make the move, quiet, istening….. and I don’t care if it IS a teen… recent events have proven a fourteen year old can be just as deadly as a forty year old. I do NOT disciminate on the basis of age. That angelic choirboy media darling in Florida nearly killed his victim…… until said victim was FORCED to fire. Chicago seems to be diong an excellent job of producing 14 and 16 year old crack shots who don’t hesitate a bit to kill with their stolen pistols. I know 12 year olds who are crack shots, too, though they’ve also been trained to respect people and their stuff. Death is no respecter of age.. either on the giving or receiving end.


You may, but the average homeowner is going to pay a heavy physiological price


I would rather live with the physiological price than be 6 feet under.


true, but there are many who couldn’t. I just don’t want them telling me, I have to do it their way. As the saying goes, I’d rather Judged by 12 rather than carried by 6.

Average Joe

Living on A privet lake has the advantage of low crime and knowing your neibours. While joy riding my golfcart or quad I always carry. Some times for dogs some times to let people moving in know. You loot I shoot. That gos farther because some of my neibours dont own guns. But they like the fact I do.


And you also might want to keep your doors and other access points locked!

John Hausken

I always carry even around home. But my local gun range is indoor and I live in the city. so my opportunity for fast draw is going to be limited until I can get to a outdoor shooting area to practice. So I suppose I will have to look for cover first, and then worry about getting to my gun, for now…Or, just be more alert of my surroundings, even at home.


Now with this “knockout game” where punks randomly walk up to some passerby on the street and punch him or her out for kicks is just another reason to carry a concealed firearm so you can “knock the punk out” with some well placed shots.

Anthony James

The other two, one found to have gone through the aluminum frame of the table on the deck and into the walnut tree.

lissa locke

you can carry anytime