Gun Sales Continue to Rise

Gun Sales Continue to Rise
Gun Sales Continue to Rise
Gun Sales Continue to Rise
Gun Sales Continue to Rise

An E-mail from the Buckeye Firearms Association recently contained a short piece: “July sees 8.3% increase in firearms sales checks over same month last year; 14th straight month over month increase”.

While the statistics are interesting, what would be more interesting is, why?

In 2009, the Outdoor Wire, the nation’s largest daily electronic news service for the outdoor industry, named President-elect Barack Obama its “Gun Salesman of the Year”. In fact, sales were so good that the BATF reported a substantial increase in requests for ATF Form 4473. Completion of a form 4473 is required whenever a federal firearms licensee sells a fire-arm.

The rise in gun sales is not simply attributed to people you might be described as aficionados or even ‘gun nuts’. Recently, I was in a gun store when a gentleman came in and said he’d never wanted to own a gun before, but wanted to get one while he still could.”

More recently, I was in my local gun shop and a man, who admitted to owning several rifles and shotguns, just wanted a handgun because he felt a need to carry something with him at all times. While attending gun shows, I see more females in attendance and they are usually looking at the small-frame revolvers; something that they could put in a purse, fanny pack, or a small holster. Many do not hold permits and are first time buyers.

While not endorsing any of the current Presidential candidates, Mitt Romney is 100% anti-gun while Congressman Ron Paul and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann are 100% pro-gun.

It means that Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann…

  • believe that the Second Amendment is an individual right, protected by the Constitution;
  • oppose the United Nations’ “Small Arms Treaty” gun grab; a treaty that many in Congress support; too many, in fact.
  • oppose the banning of semi-automatic firearms;
  • oppose banning rifle, pistol or shotgun magazines based on arbitrary capacity limits;
  • oppose Big Brother firearm registration schemes and will use their executive powers to lift the ban on importation of various rifles, shotguns and handguns currently in place;
  • will use their executive powers to greatly curtail or even abolish the egregiously anti-gun Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.

Although the sun still shines bright on the horizon in regards to firearms ownership, there are many who would like to change or delay its course.

In Georgia, Georgia Republicans, led by committee chair Rich Golick, dug in and threw up a well- fortified wall to all pro-gun legislation earlier this year.

However, some states are ensuring that 2nd Amendment rights are protected. In Florida, for example, a new law that is effective on October 1st, will impose penalties on public officials who pass or enforce gun regulations at the state level. In short, this law will prevents arbitrary, localized gun rules from harming those who can otherwise legally own or carry a firearm; for example, ‘no firearms’ signs at county parks. These penalties may include fines and/or removal from office.

In the framework of the 2nd Amendment, it is stated that, “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Unlike Great Britain, who has seen an upsweep in the sales of aluminum baseball bats, we see the continual upsweep in the sales of firearms. Does this mean that we are fearful of our Government or that we are being more fearful of our right to defend ourselves stripped away? I say that it is the latter rather than the former.

The choice of keeping and/or bearing arms is a highly personal choice and more people are deciding to exercise that choice.

“So what resolution should we make for the New Year? It’s to let God know that you have the guts and the will to do it alone. Resolve to fight for yourselves, and for others, for those you love. And that part of God within you will be fighting with you all the way.” – Reverend Frank Scott, as played by Gene Hackman in “The Poseidon Adventure (1972)”.

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Daryl Dempsey is an Oath keeper, veteran, ex-law enforcement officer and trainer, and an independent conservative libertarian that believes in the Constitution of the United States. He has over forty years of experience as a Technical Writer and Training Program Developer and has as many years devoted to the keeping and bearing of arms.
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Truly ironic: do gun dealers vote for anti-gun candidates (I believe mostly democrats)??


Great writeup Daryl, nicely done. I am a firm believer and supporter of our 2nd amendment as you are. We as a voting ” people ” have got to PUSH BACK in 2012, and get rid of these anti-gun officials.
Anytime someone asks why I carry, especially if they’re against guns, I simply tell them I am “Pro-Rights”, which would make them Anti-Rights.


Being a Vietnam vet and in prof health care sales I have ventured into some pretty high-risk cities of the country at all times of the day and night, often concerned for my well being, despite armed security roaming the halls and entrances to hospitals… yet, up until the Nov ’08 election I never really considered the purchase of a  “self-defense tool” (like that terminology).

I recall going to my first 9-hr class for responsible training and on the counter stood a picture of President Obama and the caption underneath it read “Top Firearm Salesperson in the Nation”

Made sense to me since I can honestly say had it not been for him, I would still be relying on my local LEO’s to come to my rescue 10-min after the threat, and they are a great, professional group of people. What’s the FBI stat’s again… it takes an intruder only 1.5 seconds to close a 17-ft distance between them and yourself.


Do those British baseball bats have serial numbers so they can be tracked back to the purchasers?


one last comment… I do not buy-off on the Fast-n-Furious (aka Operation Gun Runner) excuses rendered by the ATF or Eric Holder (when he does answer a question about it). Border Agent Terry was murdered in late 2010, and the documents around the firearms used in his murder were unveiled & traced to this operation in Dec 2010. It took Sen Grassley and Issa 3-4 months before it received any noteworthy coverage and even to this day, the mainstream media still hasn’t covered the story… yet cover every isolated shooting that takes place without identifying who the shooter’s were or their associations out of PC. Go figure!

Turn the clocks back just before Calderon visited our country over a yr ago, and then addressed our legislator’s to a standing ovation after addressing them with the claim that 95% of firearms entering Mexico came from the US and that “they” the legislator’s needed to pass stricter gun laws on their citizens. First, forget the fact that the Mexican gov’t does not monitor or document the illegal firearms coming into Mexico from other countries; therefore that data is not available for publication.

You’ll recall that when that 95% figure was released in advance of Calderon’s arrival, there were massive ATF raids in Houston and another city, where various homeowners (gang bangers, included) were suspected of straw purchases and sales. Then the cry from this Admin and Brady Grp(s) that more had to be done… 

Then move the clocks back up to late May of this year when President Obama informed the Brady Grp that he had some things working “..under the radar” which would make a difference.

You decide for yourselves… but its all pretty ominous when you put Fast-n-Furious together with the UN’s Small Arms Treaty (originating 2-yrs ago by a few Mexican UN Delegates)… as to the real cause and rationale behind the upcoming legislation to invoke stricter gun laws?? 


Well, Mitt Romney ain’t getting my vote!


If we could get these people who are buying guns to join NRA, Gun Owners of America and/or The Second Amendment Foundation we would stand a better chance of keeping our firearms.  I belong to all three of these organizations and while I cannot afford to contribute as I wish I could I do contribute when I can and I forward their post cards to elected officials, fill out and return their petitions and only vote for gun rights candidates.

John Hammell
Lancaster, Virginia


Perhaps the Firearm Manufacturers and Dealers could put the material in the case/box with the gun!  I know if you join NRA at a NRA Club you get a discount on membership.  Could we get the NRA to extend that to “when purchasing”?


The NRA’s membership is still dwaddling at 4 million. It hasn’t changed in ten years. They have disillusioned and disenfranchised more members to other organizations than gained them. 


At the end of 2009 I suggested, to anyone who would listen, that Obama be named the NRA Man of the Year!  He had “single handed” done more to promote guns sales and NRA Memberships than any person in recorded history! 

There were so many CCW applications, right after Obama was elected, at our local Sheriff’s office – that the local Sheriff came to me and told me to start offering “more” NRA Basic Pistol Classes so he could get those people “some” training.  Clearly the Sheriff wasn’t worried about those of us who owned firearms prior to November 2008!  

And now in 2011, with the wheels wobbling on our Federal Government and economy, I have heard several people express fears for the American “way of life”.   I even had a retired University Professor and Theatre Director friend send me, and many others, the demand for a new amendment forcing congress to live by the rules they pass.  You have all see that email I’m sure, but when it is sent by a faculty type whose field is theatre – the fears are running very deep indeed.


The off side of this sales increase is that way too many idiots who cant use a weapon now own one. They get them taken away from them then someone else gets shot. ‘Just to have it in the house’ this is madness- it gets stolen, etc etc. I have carried for years and I see these fools at the range, like it’s a joke. They are as much a danger as the bad guy sometimes. Learn to use it BEFORE you buy it! Most of these people are SCARED of guns. Like  ‘ just because you can buy that does not mean you are protected’ I see them in the gun store waveing the pistol around like its a water pistol; Christ!


Really? Who gets to decide who does and who doesn’t get to buy a gun?


 The Feds. You shouldn’t have a gun is you are a convicted felon, dishonorably discharged, suffer from mental illness or can’t pass a background check. Everyone should be passed through NICS or have a card that says you are “clean.”


Your list identifies the 2 things that are the only disqualifiers. Why would someone dishonorably discharged not be able to have a firearm. I understand that is the current law but what review process is there? None.

My original comment was directed towards Tom. The second ammendment does not say you have to be safe or a good shot or even a stand up guy. 


You are correct. But in my state those four items will disqualify you. So would a bunch of other items should you be vague or a bit dishonest on permit questions. Not to mention the local police are allowed to waylay you in the permit issuance process. If you are black or Hispanic you can be guaranteed an 8 mo. to a year’s wait time. Most white folks wait an average of 3 mos. All not good. But I personally would feel more comfortable with a NICS review for every gun purchase. You need to pass a driver’s test to get a driver’s license. A DL is considered a privilege in most states. You need to pass a hunter safety course to get a hunting license in every state too. All are privileges that can be revoked. A gun should be considered the same. You should pass a NICS background check to get a firearm. Guess that means I’m not sold on 2nd Amend. rights anymore. The world has changed. This country has changed. PS – Every other Amendment today dabbles in gray areas, so it’s no surprise the 2nd is in there.


Because other rights have been diminished from government interference, the 2nd should fall in line?
That is outragous. Instead of allowing our BoR to be reduced to nothing of any value, fight for all of your rights.
If you are unwilling, don’t vote to have them reduced for others.


Really? Who gets to decide who does and who doesn’t get to buy a gun?


Maybe so, but I’d like to see a President in office who will fix America’s economy and regain America’s status to AAA and also a manufacturing might. Most firearms purchased in America today are made by foreign companies or foreign-owned companies. Free-trade has its advantages. Name a viable U.S. gun company today that is U.S.owned? Sure, firearm sales are up, but hunting license sales go down each year in the U.S. Everyone is buying guns to protect themselves in America? That’s pretty sad actually. Multiculturalism will kill this country and we will be a third world nation sucking off the teet of China. 

[…] CCW law now, and so far things are going along pretty well with permit holders. Nationally gun sales continue to rise, possibly in response to the rise of ‘flash mob’ thuggery in some of the big […]


I have seen an overwhelming amount of gun purchases in the last 2 years. Lines literally out the door. Now I hope to see those same numbers joining the NRA. Interesting to see the new gun owners reactions to laws they did not know existed. Help the new people on the range, get them involved so we all have a larger voice.