Guns-in-trunks Bills Pass Tennessee House Committee

Guns-in-trunks Bills Pass Tennessee House Committee
Guns-in-trunks Bills Pass Tennessee House Committee
Guns-in-trunks Bills Pass Tennessee House Committee
Guns-in-trunks Bills Pass Tennessee House Committee

Two bills that would expand the rights of handgun owners to carry their firearms in their cars at work passed a House committee Wednesday morning, keeping the measure’s chances alive as the 2012 session nears its end.

The bills are now headed to the House Calendar and Rules committee, which is the last step before they would be scheduled for a vote in the full House.

The legislation, sometimes referred to as “guns-in-trunks,” would allow permit holders to conceal their firearms in their cars at their workplaces or on college campuses without discrimination.

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Be sure to contact your Tennessee State House Calendar and Rules Committee!

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Well, ummm . . . I support your legislation but I’ve got a question.   Why aren’t we pushing legislation to allow legal permit holders to keep those weapons on them!   A gun locked in a trunk is a like a roofers tool laying on the ground and not on the roof!    I tend to get a bit concerned when I see legislation designed to LOCK UP our firearms.   I realize the good intent here but again . . . I would prefer to see the effort pushed to allow permit holders to have their firearm with them at all times instead of being locked up.   I hope you understand where I’m coming from and I do support you.


Baby steps…


Baby steps…


Bad link!


One would think that locking your handgun in the trunk of your car/ or a car you arrived (friends car or employers) in at a location that does not allow any guns i.e. schools would already be part of having a pistol permit? To me its common sense … You may find yourself in a location that one shouldn’t carry a weapon and you need to secure that weapon. The last thing you want is to end losing your pistol permit due to breaking the law because you had no way to secure your weapon.

Example, working as an electrician’s apprentice you ride shootgun in a vehicle that is not yours and often times never knowing where you may end up working. Heck, I worked in certain schools where the children where very young and some “special needs children,” and had to maintain a very close eye on dangerous tools while working. The last thing I need is to freak out kids or teachers by exposing a weapon due to clothing moving when reaching, climbing and moving about to perform my job. Many schools these days have armed sheriffs, and like airplanes or the courthouse that is one isolated location I need NOT carry my weapon. Because that is why a police officer is paid to be in that location.

In short, I think the idea here is that by allowing permit carrying gun owners a legal way to secure their weapon they can survive another legal day of carrying a pistol. Without that WAY-OUT (locking up your gun in a secure place i.e. a vehicle) the way the law is now, it is setting you up to break the law.