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High Risk

High RiskNot too long ago, you may have heard about the California man who was sadistically tortured and even had his private part cut off. The man was a successful marijuana dispenser who apparently bragged about his wealth.

One of his clients told some friends that the marijuana shop owner had a lot of cash so they hatched a plan to kidnap him. Before the kidnapping, the group of three criminals ran surveillance on the shop owner and noticed him going out to the desert quite often. For some reason, they assumed he was burying cash in the desert and they were determined to get it (he was actually out there looking at a land deal.)

One evening, the three criminals burst into the shop owners home. They bound him and his roommate’s girlfriend with zip ties, threw them in a car, and started the drive out to the desert. Along the way, they tortured the man with a blowtorch.

Once they got to the desert and realized they weren’t getting any money from the shop owner, they cut off his private part. According to the news, “the three men then drove away with the penis so that it couldn’t be reattached.”

The man survived, and four people have been arrested in connection with this horrific crime. Hopefully, you’re not involved in the marijuana business, but I think this is a good reminder that everyone ought to do a quick threat assessment on their lives right now.

What I mean is, there are obviously certain people who are at higher risk for getting kidnapped and robbed. For instance, jewelry store owners, plumbers, and other handymen who carry around a lot of cash, and obviously, marijuana dispensers. But take a quick look at your own life and determine if there are any reasons why you would become a target.

Do you own a cash business? Do you drive a high-end car? Do you associate with anyone who is considered high risk? Do you travel to any high-risk locations? Have you had any threats against you or a family member? Do you go to the shooting range? (Criminals love to watch cars at the shooting range, follow them home, and then break in and steal the guns when the person is at work.)

My point is, hopefully your life is nice and safe. But if you really think about it, is there any reason why you’re more likely than the average American to become a victim? If so, what measures are you taking to protect yourself? Are you carrying concealed as often as you can… making sure you’re not being following home… and do you have your tactical pen on you when you can’t legally carry other self-defense tools?

Even if you’re not a “high risk” person, it’s obviously still a good idea to take security precautions that the California shop owner probably didn’t take.

For example, do you have at least one gun in the home, if not on every floor of your house? If someone bursts in your front door is there a gun within a few yards of you no matter where you’re at in your house (if you’re in the basement, in the shower, etc.)

Do you make sure you’re not being followed after you leave the shooting range, a jewelry store, or a very fancy restaurant? Do you have an alarm for your house and do you have the alarm turned on even while you’re home? (At least have a doorstopper alarm if you don’t have a “real” alarm.)

The fact is, if you spend 10 minutes today thinking, you’ll uncover if there are any vulnerable areas of your life and then you can take the appropriate action to fix those areas. (Such as if you don’t have a gun on every floor of your house yet, you now have another excuse to get your next gun.)

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Jason Hanson is a former CIA Officer and author of The Covert Guide to Concealed Carry. He is also the creator of the Ultimate Concealed Carry Experience, which allows you to take your concealed carry training without leaving home. For full details about this training, please visit Concealed Carry Academy. You can also follow him on Google+ and Twitter.
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What the hell is wrong with people nowadays??? Glad I have protection. I should carry it on me more often, though!

VT Patriot

Do it, it gets to be second nature. The day you don’t carry will probably be the day where the last words are —– Oh S***!.


the guy’s problem was not that he was in the marijuana business. In California, this s no diferent than growing lettuce or oranges. His problem was his loose lips, bragging on his comfortable income. Part of theproblem with the marijuna business is that, since it’s been considered criminal for so long, it draws a rather seedy and corrupt sort of person, just like the mafia and bootleggers of old. As it is decriminalised and becomes normal, it will cease to draws uch types.

You are spot on with your suggestion of assessing our own situation in view of crime. Bragging about how well off you are is begging for someone else to come help themselves.


Agreed. Loose lips, sink ships. With the economy tanking and more and more people going on food stamps, people will become more desperate. That being said, it’s a good idea to always be aware of your surroundings…mall, movie theatre, grocery store, gym, etc.

Anthony James

(Such as if you don’t have a gun on every floor of your house yet, you now have another excuse to get your next gun.)

VT Patriot

Economy tanking? More on food stamps? But, but , but I just heard on MSLBC that everything is going swimingly. I’m so confused.

Gh0st 0wl

Dogs. At home. Carry a gun at all times. Keep your mouth shut. And pray for the future of the human race in general.


Yehuda Alan

I agree with this person.

Gin A.

It’s going to take more than prayers,but they’ll surely help.


Same type stories i have heard about people bragging about their assortment of guns in their home and of course they are not secured in a safe like a responsible person would do. Just keep your mouth shut and quit bragging and drawing attention.


I don’t condone unnecessary violence, but the consequences of ruining other lives can sometime have a dramatic result. Probably most of his operation was illegal even though California has a stupid marijuana law to make it legal. Most who consume also drive. Like alcohol, this drug removes common sense.


you sound like a liberal shithead


Only a shithead would say something like that.


Cool bro.
Go get some wintercut skoal…you follow-the-leader devil dog.


That almost showed some creativity There is hope for after all. But the gutter will always be calling you back to your comfort zone.
Best always my friend

Yehuda Alan

it is always a good strategy to keep one’s mouth closed. You know the expression loose lips…..


“Next Excuse”… This man doesn’t know my wife


By legalizing drugs…you will cripple illegal activity. What will the cartels do?
What will the scumbag dealers in the U.S do?
But we can’t legalize them, right?
Because then EVERYONE will become drug addicts…there’s just no self-control, right idiots?
We need Big Government to help us…because they know best.
I see some of the comments on here…and I’m sickened.
You’re not real Americans. YOU JUST THINK YOU ARE.
You’re fakes…pretending to be conservative or libertarian.
Don’t tread on me?!?!?
Bitch, please.


You mean you used self control there? You need to go back to your basement and get of Mamas computer.


You still in Crossville?


You put me my place with that one didnt you? Cant work out side of the gutter talk?


Read my comment again.


Yes I am come get some I will welcome you and put you where you belong. Now talk is cheap actions speak words, And leave your mama at home. mOOOps I forgot she will have to give you a ride.


This silence now means it is your turn….. Or mama shut your mouse off


KNOCK KNOCK yu there?


I notice after NINE days — crickets. Most libtards are all bad@$$ talk, and no action…


It is kinda sad guys like this are really feeble and kinda pitiful. I hate bullies.
This guy is one of the most pitiful I have seen. He also said on another post he had a network of guys across the country that will get me.
lmao and I guess that means he cannot do it himself.

Funny too the original comment he tried insult to was not even close to a liberal type comment. I just SMH.

VT Patriot

Oh, I’d be afraid of him, real afraid. Just carry a refill for his Prescrip for drugs, and he’ll let you live. Maybe a few extra for his guys across the country. Or give me a call, I’d appreciate the moving target practice.

VT Patriot

“We need Big Government to help us…because they know best.”
Yeah, I guess as long as they allow you your drugs, and refill your EBT card, sounds like a win-win.
OMG, and they live among us…….

Willius Wonkus

I’m pretty sure the “Big Govt” comment was sarcasm.

Grumpy Old Timer

We live in the desert SW near the Mexican border, so we get our share of illegals and drug runners. Our local deputy estimates 8/10 vehicles in our area have an armed occupant. So we are “high risk”. One point, I don’t like the guns hidden throughout the house idea. Instead, I carry my LCP all the time at home. Its either in an available pocket, or a belly band in no suitable pocket. Why would one hide guns when its so easy to carry instead?




I live in a very small Tx. Town, I make & sell “Bone in” custom Holsters. (Not a plug) But, I must have the pistol to use as a mold. Point is. I know people around here know I have guns. I wear a 1911 in a shoulder holster ALL the time,Inside my home or out. here at home I have a good Dog that follows my every move,and he don`t like Anybody, but the wife & I. I work from around 7pm till around 9am always armed. But I`m still not safe. The Surprise attack, like a swat stack type Invasion. If they take my faithful dog, I`m all that`s left between them and my sweet wife. All we can do is Try. Bring out the”Wolf” and Fight.

Anthony James

if you spend 10 minutes today thinking, you’ll uncover if there are any vulnerable areas of your life and then you can take the appropriate action to fix those areas.


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