How do I obtain a Non-Resident New York Concealed Carry Permit

Question from Robert A:

I live in Pennsylvania and was born in New York. I have family and hunting camp in New York and was wondering what I need to do and what it costs to get a New York concealed carry permit. My wife and I both have one already in Pennsylvania but travel to New York a lot and like to carry for protection and hunting reasons.


First off, New York does not accept any other state’s concealed carry permits so your Pennsylvania permit is not valid when you are in New York. New York permits are only issued to applicants that reside in New York, are principally employed or has their principal place of business as merchant or storekeeper.

NY Penal Code 400

3. Applications. (a) Applications shall be made and renewed, in the case of a license to carry or possess
a pistol or revolver, to the licensing officer in the city or county, as the case may be, where the applicant
resides, is principally employed or has his principal place of business as merchant or storekeeper; and, in
the case of a license as gunsmith or dealer in firearms, to the licensing officer where such place of
business is located.

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John Gillis

Hey, New York, get with the program! There are now over forty “shall issue” states. That number is growing! It’s time to abandon the tired gun control statutes and enact new common sense non-resident CCW issuances! Stop punishing the law abiding!

John Wayne

I hate new York, Road tripping up there for my brothers West Point graduation guess the guns have to stay at home.


Sorry Fellas, New York just like California does not have precocity with no other state. The residence here can barely obtain a conceal and carry without a justifiable reason (ie, employment requirements, Business owner, or law enforcement).

Jason Oliver

Hopefully very soon our president Trump puts an end to New York states bullshit against our constitution!

Mac Sterling

The problem here is you cant get out of New England without going through NY You are screwed