Illinois Carry Group Advocates for Legalized Concealed Carry

Illinois Carry Group Advocates for Legalized Carry
Illinois Carry Group Advocates for Legalized Carry
Illinois Carry Group Advocates for Legalized Carry
Illinois Carry Group Advocates for Legalized Carry

Lake County (Illinois) Sheriff Mark Curran met with concealed carry supporters yesterday to raise awareness about the state’s lack of a concealed carry law.  The Illinois Sheriff’s Association is also pushing for legislation on this front.  Cook County is almost singlehandedly resisting this, the question is just for how long.

Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran stood in front of a crowd of more than 30 conceal carry gun supporters on Monday to say one thing.

He’s certain Illinois will not be the only state prohibiting a concealed weapon law for long.

The concealed carry bill, otherwise known as House Bill 0148, could find its way before legislators for consideration this month in Springfield., an online concealed carry advocacy group, held a town hall meeting Monday night at the Vernon Township Community Center, 2900 N. Main St. in Buffalo Grove, to educate the community on the bill and why they say it’s needed in Illinois.

Read more at Buffalo Grove Countryside

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Luke McCoy is the founder of USA Carry. In 2007, he launched USA Carry to provide concealed carry information and a community for those with concealed carry permits and firearm enthusiasts.
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“Lee Goodman spoke out against the bill Monday. He claimed the law could potentially make people more likely to kill people”   Well I guess one can always resort back to a comb or key for self defense.  What a freaking JOKE!

Dan Kublank

Past history proves that passing a concealed carry law decreases violent crime in the state it is passed.  I look forward to Illinois no longer being laughed at by the rest of the country.  Cook County only needs to look at their murder rate so far this year to know that concealed carry would even the odds for law-abiding citizens to protect themselves.  Gang bangers will still shoot gang bangers and innocent people, that will not change.  They legally are not allowed to possess a firearm under our current FOID card laws.  Look at how they laugh and carry anyway.  Time to even the odds and give us the ability to protect our families.

Hats off to Sheriff Mark Curran, lead the way for Illinois.  Chicago politics can kiss my ____.


Kiss mine also!    Bring back O’Leary

John Reif
Carrollton, Illinois


As a former 38 year veteran of Illinois, I can assure you, pigs will develop wings and fly, Dick Clark and Ed McMahon will deliver my million dollar check, before the “Peoples Republic of Illinois” will ever pass any sort of CCW law for the average Joe.


You are absolutely right.   It’s a shame that cities like Chicago and New York City can act like islands all to themselves and completely pretend the Constitution and people’s rights simply don’t exist in their kingdoms.   They have the horrific crime rate they have because of their blunder in DISARMING the honest citizens.   They constantly cry for stronger gun laws when they already have a “no one can have a gun at all” policy . . . and it’s not working!   Go figure.


well put…honest folks that will present them selves to the “bright light” of applying for a legal carry permit are not the kind of folks that normally abuse or misuse firearms..they are usually your neighbors… and good folks that just desire to protect themselves and their familes …the bottom feeders will always be armed and dangerous and love the anti gun laws

Ryan Joseph

Don’t forget to add Los Angeles and basically all of California to that shameful list of places that disregard the Constitution.

Capt Jim

Boy, bet you wish you never posted this comment!
38 yrs and you still a nay sayer, and were dead wrong!

Don’t choke on that hat you are eating! 🙂 Words of advise, never give up on fighting for what is right. Year into CCW for IL and it has gone very well. No major changes, except violent crime as a whole is down, just like statoistics everywhere implemented do! Far less applicants than predicted too, by like 1/2!

Ever get that check in the mail? 🙂

Cheers, Jim


I have been a Illinois resident for over 66 years.    I teach Concealed and Carry.    ALL my students are law biden people.   I hope those who are against Concealed and Carry have police in the back yard and the police are driving behind or next to them.    I have been told that police arrive at my rescue from 5 minuutes to never.      Now who is going to protect me, my family, or others.    I hope the people of chicago see the benefit to being able to protect themselves.  Get rid of the mayor of chicago and the govenor of Illinois at it will pass.
John Reif
Carrollton, Illinois


I am a market analyst for the rehabilitation of low income housing (sigh, bad economy and needed a job) and am currently working on the west side of downtown. I am an Ohio resident with CCL and carry very often in my home state and when work lets me drive to states with reciprocity. I can tell you the area that I am working in is very rough, and due to the nature of my work is generally dangerous whatever city I am in. The people of Chicago are at the mercy of the criminal, plain and simple. I saw a number of drugs deals and only 3 police vehicles in a 6 hour time span, which allows these individuals to essentially do whatever they want. I know the police will not be there for me if I do need them, and will only be safe when I am back in Ohio. In my opinion, Chicago should be ashamed of their misinformed policies and lack of proper police support that could create a much safer environment if both are corrected.


here is the deal….the police are not armed to protect you…they are armed to protect them selves…they usually do the latter fairly well
If the “bad guys” get you…it’s almost certain…they will arrive.. and investagate the crime scene after the fact


 Yes I know I am pretty screwed. Basically I practice the same situational awareness that I use carrying, which has helped me avoid situations before. It is funny how they think gun control and high penalties will deter crime with guns, when at most times the crime itself being committed with the gun will either get them a very long sentence or dead. I don’t think they are worried about the extra time for the gun. . .

Dan Cox

It was a great thing to attend and I really liked having the opportunity to prove an Anti-Gunner like Lee Goodman wrong! The man is the quintessential Anti Gun Advocate, full of all kinds of ideas that end up proving him to be Anal-Retentive! David and Goliath was a perfect analogy of what Abraham Lincoln meant when he said “Let us have faith that right make might and in that faith, dare to do our duty” We are to Defend ourselves and our People, to do anything less, is to be Traitors to our own souls. Concealed Carry Now !  


Unlike other states, Illinois seems completely dominated by one city (Chicago) and one county (Cook), both historically extraordinarily corrupt, and both very much at odds with the rest of the state. Even New York State isn’t as dominated by New York City, nor Massachusetts by Boston.

Offhand, I can’t think of another state that suffers quite the same situation. Every other state seems to have several centers of influence, while Illinois has just one.

Dan Cox

YES! The influence is bred by Corruption. Just look at the last Primary, they Voted for Il. State Rep. Derrick Smith, even though he was under Arrest by the FBI ! The Chicago/Madigan Machine is rolling right over Illinois.

Jim Turner



It is sad the citizens of Illinois have been left to the mercy of the criminals. Many of the politicians who have voted against conceal carry represent districts where crime is historically the highest. It is not uncommon for the lead story in Chicago to be numerous shootings from the previous night. Law abiding citizens have too much to loose if they they are caught carrying. As a result, they suffer in silence. The time for change is now.

Dan Cox

Well, some of us are not so silent. The general populace though is pretty weak in sounding off. It has been that way for many years. We have Newspapers like the Tribune and Sun Times that are filled with Left Wing Liberals. They understand how to sway the beliefs of weak minded people. They do not report the News, they have comments and Opinions. Chicago is the Epicenter of the Liberal/ Progressive Types and unfortunately they are better organized and involved than the general public. The Progressives are pushing for Gay Marriage, Gun Bans, an end to Stand Your Ground Laws and a disbanding of the US. Supreme Court. They are a very dangerous organization in terms of how they are working for CHANGE. Unless more of the non voting public gets involved, we will have more people in office that think like they do. We currently have, President Obama, IL. US. Senator Dick Durbin, IL..US. Senator Mark Kirk, Il. Senatot Michael Madigan, Il. Senator Cullerton and a slew of other Chicago Political Machine Crooks that are ruining this State.

R.M. Buchanan U.S.M.C. Ret.

Lee Goodman is an Ignaramous blind twit. bad people already carry concealed the honest citizen has every right to do the same and should not have to fear arrest as well as being helpless against gun weilding evildoers. Most bad people who use firearms are cowards and will think twice about useing a firearm to commit a crime if they think there intended victim is armed too.I really wish I could tell Lee Goodman to his face he has every right to not carry but no right to endanger us or our families by denying us the choice. He is a small minded petty turd with the mind of a petty tyrant.