Illinois Congressman Battles Anti-gun Group

Illinois Congressman Battles Anti-gun Group
Illinois Congressman Battles Anti-gun Group
Illinois Congressman Battles Anti-gun Group
Illinois Congressman Battles Anti-gun Group

The U.S House gaveled back into session yesterday after a weeklong recess, and one Representative spent part of the break sending a message to anti-gunners in his home state.

Rep. Joe Walsh, a Republican representing a suburban Chicago district, took Illinois to task for being the only state in the country to completely ban concealed carry for its citizens.

“We are an embarrassment,” Rep. Walsh said, speaking to a gathering of local Tea Party activists. “We are the last state standing when it comes to concealed carry. There’s no issue when it comes to freedom that matters like this, like the Second Amendment.

“The most important amendment in that Bill of Rights is the Second Amendment. It protects every other amendment. It is the last line of defense between us and our government.”

Not surprisingly, Walsh was attacked for his efforts to protect gun rights by the Brady Campaign. Dennis Henigan, acting president of the disarmament group, called on Walsh to offer an “explanation” of his comments.

Rep. Walsh replied in a letter to Henigan, in which he reiterated his willingness to fight for the Second Amendment rights of all Americans:

I am happy to today respond to Mr. Henigan’s request for clarity when I emphasized that the Second Amendment is the most important amendment in the Constitution – because it protects every other amendment. I hope I was clear in that and wanted to send this letter to help ensure that message is clear.

Illinois is now the only state in the entire nation that doesn’t allow lawful Americans to carry a firearm. Violent crimes continue to decrease even as more states such as Wisconsin – that recently passed a concealed carry permit [law] – repeal archaic laws crafted to restrict gun rights.

We need not forget that freedom was gained and will always be maintained by a strict interpretation of our Constitution and this certainly includes the Second Amendment.

Gun rights advocates are on the front lines in defending our freedoms. I stand with them in this noble mission and will always be an outspoken advocate for Second Amendment rights and particularly, a repeal of Illinois laws preventing the right-to-carry.

Gun Owners of America applauds Rep. Walsh for taking on the anti-gunners both in Illinois and on the national stage—we need more people like that in Washington.

Does your own Representative support your right to keep and bear arms? Let’s find out.

Georgia Rep. Paul Broun recently introduced H.R. 2900, a bill that will simply allow for interstate recognition of concealed carry provided that one can lawfully carry in his home state.

Rep. Broun’s bill, the “Secure Access to Firearms Enhancement (SAFE) Act,” does not establish national standards or in any way dictate what states do with respect to concealed carry. The bill also does not rely on an expansive view of the Constitution’s commerce clause for justification and it includes interstate carry even for states that do not require government issued permits.

The SAFE Act, H.R. 2900, merely recognizes that constitutional rights do not evaporate at the state line and that citizens should not be turned into disarmed victims by the government when leaving their home state.

So please ask you Representative to join with Reps. Broun and Walsh in protecting the right to self-defense both at home and while traveling.

Click here to send your Congressman a pre-written letter.

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Gun Owners of America (GOA) is a non-profit lobbying organization formed in 1975 to preserve and defend the Second Amendment rights of gun owners. GOA sees firearms ownership as a freedom issue.
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i can see illinois come aboard soon! and im going to be glade to see it too and if the pass the national recip. law we “conceal people” would be set! for us legal americans!!!!!

pastor t

I hope “asianguyglock” is right, but knowing the liberal dems in IL, it will take a great public outcry to accomplish the goal.  Certainly the second amendment and violence against it’s law abiding citizens hasn’t moved them to action.  People need to hold the feet of their representatives to the fire to make sure their freedoms are not dismissed by these liberal constitution haters!


i wont live in IL!!! Period!!!! its my right to carry not the states


It makes me wonder why we have the highest taxes and crime rate with the least amount of constitutional rights. I will always c.c.


Illinois should pass conceal carry for those inside & outside urban Chicago, as a way to add income to their budget; at $100.00, for an annual and $500.00 for a life permit, they could produce income enough to help out local police, Early Responders and fire safety personnel. OWS-SLR


until we get rid of these liberal politicians in IL it won’t happen. The fight must begin with who the people vote for .. then change will come. Sad to say many in this generation do not see how they are being stripped of their constitutional rights. Isn’t it funny from this “so called” mayor to our spineless gov, they are all protected by officials with guns as well as their families, they have no worries. If the mayor was attacked would he have to wait 15 minutes for 911 to respond? Oh wait, he would never be attacked because he is surrounded by guys with guns.. so I guess the rest of our families are not as important? try running that one past an american!! Watch who you vote for.. thats the only way


 As many have already said, if the politicians in Illinois actually sat down with a calculator they would see the amount of money ccw in Illinois would generate for police, emergency response, fire fighters and their pet projects. Think about this .. Population in IL is said to be about 12,910,409 .. lets say ccw was only for outside Chicago, take away Chicago’s population of about 2,896,016 and you still have well over 10,000,000 people .. lets say for argument purposes only half apply for a ccw permit (but most likely would be much higher) at 100.00 each .. thats 500,000,000 in revenue. Even if the permit was only 10.00 that is still 50,000,000 .. not chump change in my book. This would enable law enforcement to upgrade their systems which they say is long over due and on top of this, if that permit fee was to be re-issued every 3-5 years then it becomes a relatively steady source of income for the state ….. While I may not be familiar with the rules on fingerprints, I had to pay to get mine done for each of my permits in addition to a fee .. so if local law enforcement had a 20.00 fee for fingerprinting, that alone could generate tens of thousands of dollars for various towns depending on population.. how about that .. being able to raise that much revenue or more without raising taxes!


i agree with Luvguns61 until we get rid of the liberals in this state we wil never se it happen
those in higher govenment have around the clock protection and even the retired do also
should me and my family have the same protection i say HELL YES charge what u like 100 dollars a year or 5 hundred for life time look at the moneys in reveniew this state could accrue. why should cops working or retired have the rite to have protection anywhere they go. isn’t my life and he lives of my family just as inportant as theirs