The Lunatics are Running the Asylum

The Lunatics are Running the Asylum

The Lunatics are Running the Asylum

Since Donald Trump was elected President, the lunatics have taken to the streets. They shout at you, they cry, they threaten violence and denounce everyone that doesn’t agree with them. They’ve protested, though, often if you ask them what their concerns are, most cannot articulate what they’re angry about. Some that try spend most of their time repeating whatever the latest accusation that was leveled by the media (I’m talking about you, CNN). Maybe they’re shrieking about the seemingly inordinate amount of offices the left lost in Congress and crying their angry tears of loss and disgust. The left still hasn’t quite figured out that their constant scolding and political correctness among other things is exactly what motivated people to elect Trump. They’ve mostly doubled down on their intolerant rhetoric demonstrating that at every opportunity. Lately, the travel restrictions have gotten considerable attention.

California, in fact, is defiant to the point of trying to pass laws that fly in the face of Federal Mandate. California State Senator Kevin De Leon (D) introduced a bill (SB 54) to create not just a sanctuary city (something Hillary claimed she had never heard of), but California, with possibly more illegal immigration problems than any other state in the union, is also doubling down and wants to create a sanctuary state. Mr. De Leon rationalized this insanity by stating at a legislative meeting that ½ his family could potentially be deported. He said in the Senate meeting: “I can tell you half of my family would be eligible for deportation under the Executive Order because if they’ve got a false Social Security card, if they got a false identification, if they got a false driver’s license prior to us passing AB 60 [sic], if they got a false Green Card. Anyone who has family members, you know, who are undocumented knows that almost entirely everybody has secured some sort of false identification. That’s what they needed to survive.”

For those of you unfamiliar with Mr. De Leon, he’s the anti-gun politician in California that laughably tried to describe what a “ghost gun” is in 2014. Here is a good article describing that fiasco: Kevin De Leon: Ghost Gun

His latest fiasco, if passed would protect any illegal immigrant in California, no matter the offense, and they would not be deported after they did the time for their crime. As a reminder, in 2015, an illegal puke shot and killed Kate Stienle.  She died in her father’s arms. A true tragedy. The puke who killed her had actually been deported 5 times and was able to get back in the country for a sixth time to commit this atrocity. He was a seven-time convicted felon, and got through. The firearm used in the crime, by the way, belonged to a BLM ranger who reported it stolen from his car in San Francisco that June. Just prior to the shooting, the illegal had been released from San Francisco jail, despite a request from federal immigration authorities to hang on to him for possible deportation. The real danger in this, is not only the cases where felons are routinely let go back into the streets of California where they don’t belong in the first place, but upon ignoring a federal request for detention, they are potentially allowing a criminal intent on killing Americans back on the street. California assumes that these individuals will stay in the state. However, there is nothing stopping them from crossing the border into other states endangering others further away from the madness of California. Further, if Kevin De Leon thinks it’s perfectly okay to ignore federal law and it’s also okay for people to commit potential identity theft, tax return theft (with a stolen ID), and a myriad of other crimes, why is this guy in office at all? Since when do we decide laws should be enforced simply because your perception is “everyone’s doing it”. In addition, this lunatic just told everyone in the State Senate that “half his family” is breaking the law by not only being in the country illegally, but they’ve also committed various forms of fraud and potential identity theft! Why isn’t he and his family being investigated? This level of arrogance is staggering.

So, with this, Mr. De Leon is perfectly okay with ignoring Federal law when it comes to immigration, but, when it comes to gun laws, he wants even more than what the Federal Government allows for. So, in California, according to Mr. De Leon’s interpretation, you can pick and choose what laws you want to abide by. That’s good, because I don’t like speed limits. I also don’t like a number of stupid California gun laws.

For those of you in California, I urge you to contact your representatives and oppose SB 54. For those of you outside of California, keep watch. These nuts are trying to infiltrate governments at every level. You, the people, spoke loud and clear this last election cycle. It’s now time to start targeting lunatics like this guy and weeding them out. Legislation is supposed to be for the people – the people of the United States, not the people who just happened to sneak in.

California, mind you, has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. How the puke (no, I won’t publish its name) got the gun he used was clearly illegal. So here we have someone who shouldn’t have been in the country in the first place, with a gun that he was not legally able to possess killing someone in the Golden State. So, the reaction by the state is to resist or outright block deportation efforts, and create even stricter gun laws that will have no effect on anyone but law abiding citizens. Of course, when you ask most of the people in the Shannon Watts crowd why they want to ban guns, they’ll often tell you that they want to save lives. So, they run on and on about the instrument, then ignore the fact that California is essentially harboring lawlessness. They want to save lives? Then wouldn’t our interests align if I want illegals deported and terrorists kept out of the country?

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Rob is a NRA Certified Pistol Instructor and firearms enthusiast. He spent 3 years in the U.S. Army during the Reagan years. He travels the world as a technical consultant working in the field of aviation. When at home he can be found at the range, on his Harley or somewhere off road in his Jeep.
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Glenn Lambertz

Rob you are correct in your assessment. However, the battle here is larger than California, and larger, even, than the USA. It is a western world run-on by so-called “progressives.” They accuse those who point to the constitutional rule of law of being fascist, when all the evidence is in the opposite direction. The mentality is akin to that of a grade school bully…..”do it my way or I’ll punch you…or worse.” The time has come to stand up to the bully in the playground. The American people said “no” to leftist progressive insanity this past November. Now, the fight is beginning and the punches could be costly.

Clark Kent

Bring it on! Might as well happen sooner rather than later. ‘Soap box, ballot box, cartridge box’ – Abraham Lincoln.


Actually, the top level lunatics are no longer in charge which is what is driving the rest of them over the edge. The sooner the mid level loons are also replaced the better.

Jim Lagnese

There are lunatics on both sides. Remember the birthers? I’ll admit that the democrats have really lost their mind, but it’s not selective as to party. Anyone that carries water has already lost their mind. After that, it’s just about the personality of the person that affects their actions if they don’t get their way.

Clark Kent

Birthers were not lunatics. Folks like you are the lunatics. Next flight to Canada leaves in 10 minutes; you won’t be missed. Buh-bye!


Rob Tuck sounds like another paranoid right winger. I spent 20 years, not only 3 years in the US Army, more than 15 of them as a paratrooper at Fort Bragg, NC. Also, another 20+ years as a government contractor working in the aviation field, with 7 1/2 years in Europe and another 4 years working in Iraq, Kuwait, and mostly Afghanistan. I also ride a Harley-Davidson (Ultra Classic), and drive a Corvette. In some ways our lives have paralleled, but unlike Mr. Tuck, I have not become a paranoid, head case. His whole article should have been vetted before publication.


Jerry, please call up some facts rather than resorting to name calling. If you were in the Army, too, at least give the same respect I would extend to you. Tell me where I’ve made an error in the article or misrepresented the facts. I’m always up for a debate.


No need to defend yourself to his ignorant statement. They are offended that Americans actually NOTICED their subverting our constitution and sovereignty. They thought we would be like passive EuroSocialist citizens and go willingly to political and cultural suicide.
If you like your doctor – you can keep your doctor.
If you like your rifle – you can keep your rifle.*
*(Just register it to our confiscation list)
California just passed the NY Safe Act – West Coast Edition
The NY SAFE ACT has a 4% compliance rate.

Clark Kent

And you sound like another ignorant left winger. Grow up.

Oliver Pierce

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Benjamin Nolan

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I don’t care about your background, or rides, you are ignorant if you see any paranoia in this fight for second amendment rights. EVERYWHERE progressive socialist/communist democrats have the state house and legislative majority, the second amendment has been taken to effective repeal. This is a war that is now being fought by BOTH sides. Globalist progressives were hoping that Americans would vote and sleepwalk to their demise.

Fred Miller

And? I spent 9 years in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam war, 5 years in Middle East and 2 years in Bolivia. I also spent my service time in Ft. Riley with the Big Red One. I don’t ride Harleys, but own a BMW and a Victory. I don’t drive tupperware Corvettes, but drive a Grand National. So, your point is what exactly, and are you trying to impress me/us? Btw, I have a much larger dick than you, just to let you know ahead of time. Oh, and paranoia is just another word for heightened awareness.


Well, now the state that refuses to comply with federal immigration law, and vows to fight TRUMP on every issue, NEEDS TO ASK TRUMP FOR FEDERAL $$$ TO FIX THEIR DAMN DAM!!!