Mayors Against Illegal Guns Installing Full Time Lobbyists in City Management Nationwide

Mayors Against Illegal Guns Installing Full Time Lobbyists in City Management Nationwide
Mayors Against Illegal Guns Installing Full Time Lobbyists in City Management Nationwide
Mayors Against Illegal Guns Installing Full Time Lobbyists in City Management Nationwide
Mayors Against Illegal Guns Installing Full Time Lobbyists in City Management Nationwide

NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s MAIG organization is using grant money to partially fund full time paid lobbyist positions working directly in city governments across the country.  Sean Caranna, a Florida gun rights activist and founder of Florida Carry, recently uncovered several cities that have lobbyists working for them including Orlando, Seattle, Columbus and Minneapolis.

On average, taxpayers pay for approximately 25% of the cost of these employees including health insurance and vacation accrual among other benefits.

Some of these lobbyists are fully paid by the city themselves.  In Milwaukee, a full time police officer was taken off the street to serve as the city’s representative to MAIG.

Sean uncovered these so far:

Leslie Manning
Coordinator, Mayors Against Illegal Guns
Augusta, ME

Paulina DeHaan
Regional Coordinator Mayors Against Illegal Guns
Milwaukee, WI

Angelo Roefaro
Former MAIG Coordinator
Utica, NY
Left to work for Sen. Schumer

Title Unknown
Minneapolis, MN

Lee Roberts
MAIG Regional Coordinator
Columbus, OH

Title Unknown
Lewiston, ME

Office of Intergovernmental Relations
Seattle, WA

MAIG Regional Coordinator
Reading, PA

Daniel Cronrath
Former MAIG Coordinator
Jacksonville, FL
2003 to 2010 Served under Mayor Peyton (R). Fired when Mayor Brown (D) was elected 2010.

Linda S. Vaughn
MAIG Regional Coordinator
Orlando, FL

Read the whole article at All Nine Yards blog

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Luke McCoy is the founder of USA Carry. In 2007, he launched USA Carry to provide concealed carry information and a community for those with concealed carry permits and firearm enthusiasts.
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Alright then . . . pro Second Amendment Americans from coast-to-coast should respond by refusing to vacation in or in any way conduct business with the above jurisdictions.   They’re not against “illegal” guns . . . they’re against ALL guns and they know it!.

We should make a conscious effort to not purchase a thing made in any of those cities.   When a municipality can decide on its own that it will no longer honor or respect a Constitutional Amendment then we should treat that jurisdiction with the honorable ignorance it richly deserves.

John Doe

They are against ALL guns EXCEPT the ones protecting their own sorry asses


yep so true


LOL!  I totally agree with that clarification!


for sure
and that comes from a guy living in a burb of minneapolis unfortunately


I don’t want to know how to deal with these people I want to get rid of these people in our government.Their only purpose in life is to make trouble .



Bob Moore

Every one of them needs to be exposed in their local newspaper and local TV news.  What they are doing is in direct violation of their sworn duty to their constituents.  They have hired someone to find ways to violate or take away our Second Amendment rights.  AND THEY ARE USING OUT TAX MONEY TO DO IT!


it should goo on national tv an cnn and all those as well


thats insane how can they get away with that oh thats right i forgot uncle sam thinks he cam do what ever her wants no matter weather its city state county or federal


That Asshole Bloomberg really needs to stop his peronal agendas. He is so f-n sneaky like the rest of thos jerk off political baffoons. Pepole like him abuse there authority by means of of large bank accounts,. HOWEVER using tax dollars to create these positions and fund them? I don’t think so. Push hard to get this information out there please everyone!


Thank you for exposing these frauds, Luke.  I live in Columbus, home of one of the looniest anti-gun mayors in the country.  And he was just re-elected.  Really pisses me off, but I feel powerless.

Yehuda Alan

Can’t they just rename this organization, Mayors against Guns. The illegal throws people off; they are against all guns and all gun owners. Why can’t they be honest about their agenda. They want to make all guns illegal so that no one can own them and only police can have them (or well connected individuals). In other words make gun ownership a privilege, not a rights. But that darn Constitution keeps getting in the way.

ron james

Sigh, these anti-gun a-holes make me want to vomit. Now I read this article on the thieving bastards stealing my tax dollars to push their self serving “Obummer, look at me” agenda.

smith wesson

this guy shoud be charged with treason