My Four Guns for the End of America

My Four Guns for the End of America
My Four Guns for the End of America
My Four Guns for the End of America
My Four Guns for the End of America

A lot of folks think the downfall of this country is going to be Obama getting re- elected… Others believe it will be when the dollar is replaced by the Chinese Yuan as the world’s reserve currency… And still others think it’s going to be war with either Iran or North Korea or maybe both.

Personally, I think it’s our debt that’s going to be the downfall and although I don’t think the country is going “off a cliff” as many believe, I do think there could be a few weeks of riots and severe instability and it will be important to have food, water, and of course your guns.

However, I know there are a lot of guns out there to choose from and I know gun companies are cranking out new gun models as fast as they can… so out of the thousands of guns out there, I have boiled it down to the 4 most important guns I think you should have.

  1. The first gun isn’t going to be a big surprise to many people. It’s a Glock. (Either model 17 or 19.) I realize there are a lot of Glock haters out there, but when push comes to shove and the “stuff” has really hit the fan, I’m willing to bet most Glock haters would love a Glock over the gun they have. The fact is, that 1911 requires way too much maintenance and way too much oil and isn’t as reliable as a Glock. (And yes, I realize they’re not perfect and do break, but other guns break first.)
  2. The second gun I would choose is a Remington 870 shotgun. Remington has produced over 10 million of these guns and they’re the “Glock” of shotguns. Reliable, dependable and they almost never fail. For home defense and “end of the world” riots and craziness you can’t beat a shotgun loaded with 00 buck. Just make sure if you’re using your shotgun for home defense that you have a light on it. I prefer the SureFire set up, which is on my Remington 870 that I keep in my house.
  3. The third gun I would want is a .22 rifle, a Ruger 10/22 to be exact. I realize this gun isn’t the most powerful rifle out there, but it serves a lot of purposes. For instance, if you didn’t properly store food like you should have you might be in your backyard shooting squirrels for dinner. (If you live in the city, it might be those giant rats that I’m sure taste delicious.) The .22 is also a very easy rifle to shoot and can be used by a family member who is less familiar with firearms in case they are needed to help defend a home or other location.
  4. The final gun I would choose is my AR-15. When 11 people are trying to break into your house and kill you after things have gone haywire you don’t want to reach for your handgun or shotgun… You want 30 rounds of firepower to remind the criminals they’ve chosen the wrong house. (My AR-15 of choice is Rock River Arms.)

Again, in all seriousness, I don’t think the end of the world or end of America is going to come. But I do feel a lot safer and do believe it’s a good idea to own all 4 guns above. I’m sure your opinion differs on these guns, so at least have more than one way to protect yourself.

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Jason Hanson is a former CIA Officer and author of The Covert Guide to Concealed Carry. He is also the creator of the Ultimate Concealed Carry Experience, which allows you to take your concealed carry training without leaving home. For full details about this training, please visit Concealed Carry Academy. You can also follow him on Google+ and Twitter.
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Shaun Ohran

Great list.  I have the first 3, but instead of the AR, I have a Saiga 7.62×39.  And that is pretty much all I have.


Ditto for me except i have a Norinco SKS,  thing never jambs and i have shot thousands of rounds through it. even with some slight mods to accept 30 round mags. 


What are you going to do when you have to travel into an area where you are unable to carry a long gun? You really don’t see the need to have something that is a little more concealiable? When the SHTF it is not going to be like a huge dark curtian dropping all at once, with things on one side it as it is now, and totally with out rule of law on the other. There is going to be a long transistion period while local, state and federal authorities will attempt to retain control. Try walking around with an AK during this time. By ignoring a handgun you are limiting your options severely. Red Dawn was a movie, and about as realistic as Peter Pan.
None the less, good luck!

Andy Stack

I agree, I think our downfall will be an economic collapse. Glock is a fine gun, but you make it sound like all other semi-auto’s are not worthy. I’ve been shooting a Sig P226 for years and out of several thousand rounds shot through it, it has misfired or jammed a total of zero times. I would pit it against a Glock any day for durability, reliability and accuracy. 

I think an AK-47 is a good choice also for assault rifle. It’s way more reliable than an AR-15. My AR has jammed numerous times, AK’s will still fire even if they’ve been dropped in the mud. Nothing wrong with having more than one. 

Most importantly, buy your excess ammo now, don’t wait until it’s too late!


I own the first three on your list but differ in the last. I have gone another way and matched all my pistols to carbines. Less ammunition differences to worry about and a fan of the old school carbines
colt 1911 to Marlin camp 45
Colt challenger .22 to Ruger 10/22
S&W 586 .357 to Marlin 1894C .357
Glock 27 to Ruger PC40
if it ever comes to it for home defense or hunting I can carry one calibur and have two weapons

Tony Kammerer

Great article and I strongly agree with the choices you made, I have all except the 10/22 but have long planned to grab one of them as well.


A very decent list indeed.   I have most of them myself, as I’m sure many others have as well.   I don’t have a Glock, but I do have a Kimber Ultra Elite Compact .45ACP that I wouldn’t trade for a Glock for all the tea in China.   I do have to agree with “Andy Stack” in that you preferred the Glock over other fine pistols because it’s “supposedly” so much simpler and more reliable.   If that’s the case why not chose an AK-47 over the AR-15 for the same logic as Andy points out.   The AK isn’t a nail driver but when the Red Flag goes up that thing will survive anything with little to no maintenance.

As for the crumbling of our society, it will definitely be the economic collapse.   We will fall from within and not from Iran parachuting into the heartland of America or the North Korean army suddenly coming across the Bering Straight down through Alaska LOL!    I think you were just kidding with those nations taking us over in any possible way.


Cobra – I don’t think the concern is that they will send an army over, but rather a few select ‘packages’ – via airmail – that if even semi properly placed will throw out whole society into upheaval. Our biggest enemy is not a foriegn army but the ‘army’ that has been born and raised right here and are used to being handed what they want. Once that ‘supply line’ ceases to provide, don’t believe for a moment that they will think twice about taking what they want. Why should a foriegn power send in troops when all they have to do is cut the power here for a few weeks, let events proceed on their own, and then come in and pick up the pieces (read that natural resources and plenty of space to grow in and produce food)?

David Phillips Jr.

I guess I’m not too far off from properly equipped. I have a Mossberg 590A1, Dan Wesson 715 4″ 357Mag., Remington 597 w/scope, and an SKS. For big holes I can use my in-line .50 with 385gr. hollow point great plains bullets over 90gr. loose Pyrodex. Kicks smartly and removes small Toyotas. 


1, 2, 3–done.

#4 is a good choice if we do go to war and someone wants to be part of the III%.


point three is excellent. a .22 is a very important choice for food (shotgun works for that as well). the main point for the .22 is the availability of ammunition. it is everywhere and is really cheap. i am talking .22 lr. it is very light to carry as opposed to almost any other ammo.

Bob Moore

I noticed you chose guns that are commonly owned.  That’s a good thing, because they can be easily replaced or used as spare parts to repair a broken one, when the SHTF happens.

Matt Schlueter

I agree the Glock line of pistols are the AK47 of the handgun world. The 870 shot gun has to be one of the finest most dependable shotguns ever made, all most every sportsman who hunts has one along with almost every police cruiser across our country. Rifles, now I will whole heartily jump on the AR15 band wagon, but would not discount the AK47 series of rifles. In this area though I really think the AR15 will be more suited due to ammunition availability and spare parts if it ever became an issue.  .22 rifles, I would have to have two the Ruger 10-22 of course is one, but I would also want a nice bolt action or single shot capable of shooting subsonic s or shorts. Don’t want the noise to alert the neighbors to know I was killing all the squirrels in the neighbor hood for stew.


Ruger P95
Mossberg Model 500 with folding, pistolgrip stock
Ruger 10/22
Ruger Mini 14

S&W 645

Why limit yourself to 4 guns?

1911s and S&W 645 in .45ACP
M10, nothing says hello like 30 straight rounds of .45ACP
2 AR-15s in 5.56mm
Mosin Nagant M44 &  91/30 for longer range.
.22 in rifles and handguns, same ammo for all
S&W 659, 6506 and an AR-15 9mm, same ammo for them and 32 rounds of 9mm hello in the AR
12 ga pump and semi auto shotguns, use the same ammo

Note the theme? Keep more than one gun that shoots the ammo you have because Murphy will show up at the worst time. Even Glocks break and a broken gun with tons of ammo is just a hammer.


I agree with everything you wrote except the Glock thing. Yeah I am one of those M1911 guys and what I can say is this; 1911 to now is 101 years of un equlaled record of not only success but also reliability. Of the several 1911’s I own or have owned over the years I have only had one that I could not depend on, and it was a custom job an incompetant gunsmith helped to ruin.

As Andy Stack points out Sig pistols are top notch as well.Springfields XD line is phenomenal as well. Glock is merely a name you have fallen in love with.


to join in on the list with others

M1911  several, all in 45ACP
Rem 870
Many 22’s rifle and pistol, and conversion kits as well.

of the many hunting rifles I have as well the most important weapon I possess is a Hoyt TurboHawk Compound Bow. With this Bow I can provide meat for my family without giving away my position and that my fellows is impostance #1 for this husband and father.

David Phillips Jr.

Archers of the world unite! I have a Bear Strike compound bow to feed the family while keeping quiet.


 Yes agree with Jason, there will be civil issues. I have my HK USP 45 which is very dependable. Have thousands of rounds thru it and no issues. Next I will have my benelli M4. Then a Stag arms M4 and last but not least my custom built Stag arms .308. Of course I have back stocked 2000 rounds for each weapon. 

Jc Riley

I’m rockin’ the following

Springfield XD
Mossberg 500 12ga
And my next purchase will be a .22 rifle.  That was planned before reading this article.


So far I am behind the curve when it comes to the firearms I need. I do currently have a Remington 597 (.22 caliber) which I have placed in a AR type stock.  I have several 30 round magazines for this gun. It shoots flawlessly with zero jams or FTF’s. I use CCI MiniMag ammo for it.  My 10 year old daughter obliterates the center of 8 inch targets at 100 yards.  I have a Sig sauer P6 in 9mm (better to have a gun that you can hit your target than one you can’t). It shoots great without any problems and is ultra reliable.  Also in my little arsenal is a Mosin Nagant 91/30 that has been modified to a 21 inch freefloat barrel with a long eye relief scope. Very accurate!!  Importantly, I have quite a bit of ammo for each. I do want to add either an AR 15 or an AK 47…still undecided.  Also need to add a good shot gun to the mix. Having to balance food and water storage with weapons and ammo in a limited budget.

me dangit!

hey, what kind of 30-round mags are you using with that 597? I have a factory one that just plain old sucks. FTF 5 or 6 times per mag fill. Are you using factory or some aftermarket one? I’ve tried several ammo brands with the same results. I have 2 factory 10-round mags that work flawlessly.


Why just limit to four? Since the wife and I will be in this together, we have a few more.

AK47 Sagia, completely stock with a added scope and three 10 round mags.
9mm Carbine all stock
Mossberg 12 gauge, silightly fancied up.
Bersa Thunder .380, two of them
Dan Wesson .357mag
Tauras .357 mag
Colt full size 1911 .45 and four extra magazines
Kimber full size 1911 .45 and four extra magazines (the Colt and Kimber mags are the same, giving me ten mags in all)

1500 rounds 7.62X39
1000 rounds 9mm
2000 rounds .380
1500 rounds .357 mag
2000 round .45 ACP
1000 rounds of 3″ double 0 buck 12 gauge

Cleaning and mantinence supplys for all. All stored and locked except for our daily carry choice of that day.

Other SHTF supplies you should also consider, like getting the heck out of Dodge! I have diesel only trucks, fuel can be had from other sources than just at the pump. 200 gallons of extra stored diesel. Four generators of varying sizes and for specific uses. Water stored, can goods and dry goods stored. RV (actually two of them) to go to locations to get AWAY from the FAN!


wow can i move in with you with my blind in one eye fat arabic wife, our 18 kids, 6 sets of triplets. please you address i’ll sign my welfare check over to you. my mexican chi is house broke.


No, I have already raised 4 kids and got them on their own. They now make their own choices and we live alone now FINALLY!
SHTF here can be literally that! Tornado’s is a huge fan as well as wild fires and floods. You had better be prepared. We have been prepared for over 50 years, before it was cool to be a “prepper” and be prepared for real SHTF reasons, not this bogus hype stuff floating around now. And several times in my lifetime, being prepared has paid off big time for me and mine. It works for real threats, not just imagined.
Altho I am beginning to wonder about things now, I that doubt would happen, I am still prepared for that as well.


Well said…I do keep a large suppy of gun cleaning items…solvents, oils, windex (for the corrosive ammo I shoot in the mosin), patches….etc.


Springfield XD40
Benelli Nova 12 Gauge
AR-15 – .223
Norinco SKS – 7.62×39
Ruger Mini-14 – .223
Ruger 10/22 .22
Ruger Hawkeye .270
Mossberg 500 – 20 Gauge

I would like to add an AK-47 to that mix as well as a Remington Marine Magnum.


Sweet! I have #1,3, and #4 covered (mine is RRA too!). I have a pistolgrip shotgun (Mossberg 500) but I plan to get another shotgun with a longer barrel… Good to see others with the same setup…

Chuck Burns

The gun choices are excellent. The caliber choices are also right on but I would include the 7.62×39 caliber just because it is as popular world wide as the 9mm.. I don’t care for the AK47 rifle even though it is quite re;liable and proven. I would include a Ruger mini 30 and/or CZ 527 chambered in 7.62×39 just so I could include that caliber.

Even without changes your caliber and gun choices are excellent, can’t disagree.

Steve Pimm

When people ask me what kind of gun to carry I tell them whatever they are comfortable shooting (meaning whatever they can hit the target with). I have no problem with semi-auto’s but I guess I’m oldschool in that nothing beats the reliable simplicity of a revolver and I mention that fact when asked.
If you are going to own a single firearm I recommend a shotgun.
I have owned many .22’s but I will never part with my Remington 512.. she has been faithful for 40 years.
For a combat rifle I prefer the M-1A.. its heavier and longer than more modern platforms but I like the extra beef for various reasons.
The best advice I have heard for a civil collapse scenario is get out of built up urban areas.. get your networking done so if it does happen you will have a place to go along with other like minded patriots who recognize the value of having a group of shooters as opposed to going it lone wolf.
That said I happen to live out in the sticks so I will be using all my firearms, I don’t have to pick 4.

Dan Ess

I guess one of them would be my S&W460V, multi purpose. S&W PC 27 – 8 shot 38/357 5.5″, multi purpose. SA M1A Scout Squad and Saiga 410 15 round pistol grip, multi purpose. Have to throw in a couple pocket guns too, NAA Black Widow 22 WMR and Bond Arms Snake Slayer IV (oh yeah, I have 357 & 22WMR barrels for it as well). I have a lot of weapons that can shoot the same ammo. 45LC, 357Mag, 38Spcl, 410 and 22WMR and of course the 460 shoots the 460 and 454 and then the M1A with 308’s. So, if one jams, in a pinch I have a back up that shoot the same ammo.


I think Jason has alot of things right here. Overall the info is good. I would say that there are many different options out there besides his specific gun list. I agree a good 9mm,.22, shotgun and some type of high capacity semi auto rifle are all good things to have. I also would mention the importance of having a good supply of ammo for each. I also agree that the biggest “real threat” to America right now is economic collapse. All the other “end of the world” scenario’s are mostly BS. I would say that I am over prepared, if there is such a thing, in the firearms dept. I also have enough food reserves to last my wife and I about a year if we had too. I do not live in an urban area. I got out of the metro Atlanta area about 4 years ago. I plan to get further off the grid by the end of this year. I feel that if shit does hit the fan, the urban areas is not the best place to be. Country folks seem to try and come together during hard times and don’t have the “every man for himself attitude” like many do in the urban areas.
Another important thing to do is to make sure everyone in your household is familiar with the firearms you have and know how to use them. My wife and I go to the range every chance we get. She has learned to handle herself well with her firearms. Notice I said hers. People are more likely to want to learn the skills needed to protct themselves when they have thier own weapons to train with.
She has become quite the marksman. There is so much more to consider when preparing for the worst case senerio…let’s hope we never need these skills and prepare for the day we do. God Bless America!
I am not going to list my entire gun list here, but I more than have that covered…:)!


The 1911.

you know you were going to hear from us is the only firearm
that has gone 100 years and keeps going. Glock is a idea that has gone to
M&P and Springfield XD and XDM, Taurus and others. If you look on line,
people are trading them for 1911’s If they can. 1911’s are really the only true
battle ready pistol on the market. Law enforcement like the glock, but they
tend to shoot a lot of their own and accidental shootings too. Special Forces know you were going
to hear from us is the only firearm that has gone 100 years and keeps going.
Glock is a idea that has gone to M&P and Springfield XD and XDM, Taurus and
others. If you look on line, people are trading them for 1911’s If they can.
1911’s are realy the only true battle ready pistol on the market. Law
enforcement like the glock, but they tend to shoot a lot of their own and
accidental shootings too. Special Forces tend to go back to the 1911. That would make
you think.


I believe there is an echo in here…


i have the GLOCK 17,, Guess i’ll have to go shopping for the rest,,, thanx for the suggestions.


I don’t want to hash out an age old argument on which is a better pistol. I have shot the 1911. Nice pistol. My dad always carried a WWll issue his brother-in-law smuggled back. He swore by it. Personally I like the Glocks. They’re more than an idea that we fell in love with. They are rock solid dependable and a lot less money than the prized 1911. Just saying, I have 3 Glocks, and they total what most 1911’s go for. They shoot the same ammo and hold more of it. Rails for add-ons and no external safeties to deal with when you need to send one down the pipe, and no de-cocking. I think the more important issue is to have an auto you are good with and lots of ammo for it. I also have a Mossberg 500 in 3″ mag, with the limiting rod removed for a 6+1 in 00-Buck, I have a Remington 30.06 with a 3-9X scope, I split the difference on the tactical rifle, I purchased a Mossberg 715T. 25 + 1 rounds of High Velocity .22 ammo ought to leave an impression. I have 4 mags for it, so I’m not too worried. I would love to get an AR or AK, but they’re still being saved for. I just hope things don’t go to crap before then.


It’s cute how gun people always come up with outlandish scenarios to justify the need for a machine gun


You think that is ‘cute’?

Tony Kammerer

Who mentioned a machine gun? Maybe you are not quite the expert on guns that you think you are.


Good article, Jason. I think your choice of weapons is excellent, mainly becuse they are the ones you have and trained with and chose. Thanks for taking the time to share.


Wow! You all scare the hell out of me! Not because I think you are re way over-the-top survivalist redneck maniacs, which you are, but because I am so ill equipped. I guess I have to learn a thang ‘r two and be ready when the fit hits the shan. Thanks for the suggestions, but I noticed that the Howitzer is missing… that could be towed right in back of the APC with 50mm machine gunes, right?


Buy one gun a year, every year! The Colt Model 70 Gold Cup National Match I purchased circa 1976, has quadrupled in value. My children and grandchildren have a great American style inheritance coming. They have been trained to shoot their inheritance and thoroughly enjoy it. The Colt was my fifth weapon purchase, crunch the nums and as your eyes go wide I remind you of all the cleaning I have to do! Guns are like airplanes in my life, I will fly or shoot anything and talk about how great it was.


Solid choices and mine are similar. Instead of a Glock, I have chosen an XDm. That’s just me though. I shoot the Springfield better. The 870 is amazing. The .22 option is something I have been giving some thought to but the reasons you mentioned aren’t items that I have to deal with. Lastly, you chose the AR 15. I understand that notion however, I have chosen the AK 47. Ballistics are superior and if 11 people are invading my home, over penetration won’t be a concern.

2nd amendment believer

Economic collapse is possible and since H Clinton signed the small arms tready with the UN don’t be surprised to see UN Police coming over here to get our guns. The author of this, Jason Hanson, does not believe in the end of the world…I do the Bible says so, but with that being said we don’t know how long we will be here until then so I have pretty much the same list of guns as he, Glock 19, Springfield XDM, Ruger SR9 and .22 pistol, LCP, shotguns and rifles. Working on the AR 15. Lets just say I have “nice” amount of ammo put up somewhere. I’m not going to rely on the government or anyone else, they will fail you as they are now every time.


Guess i’m good. But i won’t be parting with my 1911, XDm 3.8 40cal or walther p22 either.


Sounds pretty good. I’ve solved the Glock/1911 controversy by getting a G17 for my wife…I’ll stick with my 1911s, but she can hit beer cans within self defense range all day long with it. The gun is just part of the equation. What are your thoughts on ammo? How much is enough?

Jim Vrobel

One more round than you think you will ever shoot.


M&P 9mm tricked out Apex Tactical
Mossberg 500 modified
AK 74 & 47 tricked out Rifle Dynamics
10/22 Takedown
=we’ll armed

Dave Short

An economic collapse of epic proportion will be our downfall as will
it be for the rest of the world. This is a planned collapse to bring
everyone under a one world monetary system. None the less it will be
hard times for many across the globe. There will be food shortages and
riots in the streets. Big brother knows this and is why they are
preparing the police and military with tactical training around the
country. Could be one of the reasons why they bought 450,000,000 rounds
of 40 cal and why millions of air and water tight plastic coffins are
stacked up in the south. Anyway I agree with your firearm choices or at
least a couple.

One thing to consider is having firearms in NATO calibers such as the
5.56 (.223), 5.7, 7.62 (.30), 9mm etc. due to availability. Personally,
it’s an AK-47, a Remington 870, Springfield XD 45 and a Ruger Mark II
plus a few others. If foreign military or UN soldiers are used by the
elitists to quell any insurgency or revolution here they become targets
for more ammo, the NATO stuff mentioned earlier.


I do agree with the overall purpose and content of this article. However, I must make two points addressing what I consider blatantly wrong information.

1. A 1911 would be my choice, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with a Glock. However, saying the a 1911 “requires way too much maintenance and way too much oil and isn’t as reliable as a Glock” is just plain ignorant. While the 1911 does like to be wet, it doesn’t require excessive lubrication or maintenance. I’m willing to bet that your Glock would fail pretty soon too if you ran it dry. The 1911 wouldn’t have been used by the US armed forced for 100 years if it wasn’t reliable.

2. “you can’t beat a shotgun loaded with 00 buck.”
Actually you can; it’s called #1 buck and it is the most effective buckshot load available. Now, commercial availability is another thing entirely.

Addition: This is the second time I had to type this out since your system decided to completely erase my comment when I logged in with Disqus. Please fix this; it has never worked correctly.


I agree with the 22 ruger, I also have a henery ar7 in the bag with 1911 22 cal an 2k rds in one bag , , next glock 22 40 s&w ,1k rds 762X39 sa , 2k rds in travel trailer , stocked with many bags of beans an rice , 40 gal drinking water , an several other nessasities ,t


do you have an interest in your recommendations ( own stock in the companies etc. ) i think land mines around the perimeters are a great idea. maybe a small end loader to clear the bodies before mom and the kids come out to re-mine the perimeter. barb wire ahhh…. with some real high volts. please don’t forget the escape tunnels. it’s going to happen it’s all because obama will be re-elected.

mad mike

No matter how much and what I have it’s never enough. And too heavy to pack with me all the time. And all I can think of is, buy more. I need suspenders to hold up all the guns and mags I try to carry. The Hatfields and McCoys probably carried a lot less than me, and they had horses to pack some of it. I do think something’s coming but I don’t know how big or how bad or what will cause it other than another 4 years of Obama. But that should be enough to tip the scales.


I see that great minds do indeed think alike… I have made those exact 4 weapons the mainstay of my home/personal defense and SHTF battery of weapons for some years now, right down to the RRA AR-15, and I couldn’t agree more with your reasoning for choosing them.


I like the article and appreciate the point – these are all common firearms that can be easily maintained in a post-SHTF timeframe and in common calibers. For reliability and punching power, I would replace the AR with an AK47 in 7.62×39 – mine is a WASR-10/63 and it’s accurate to “minute of man” out to 300yds, I can get ammo cheap at Wally’s and runs like a Mac truck (Peterbilt-guys please dont’ flame!).

Of course, the Glock-lovers/haters clubs would be vocal – but like the AK, the Glock platform runs dry/dry, hot/cold, dirty/clean, you name it and really cannot be argued against with anything other than “preference” – same for 1911, although I could add some more arguments against the 1911 (capacity, redundant safety, etc) but as many have pointed out, many military and law enforcement orgs all over the world have used them successfully – so, back to “preference”.

I would have expanded the list to 5 firearms to include a long-range option such as Remington 700 / .308 for the ability to reach out further.

Regardless, my ultimate recommendations are:
1.) Have firearms
2.) Have ammo
3.) Have spares of everything
4.) Commit to being a lifelong student of safe shooting
5.) Learn how to replace the most commonly broken parts on your firearms


One other point I would make is on the accessibility and cost of ammunition.
I own each of the guns listed and each serves me well with a unique and seperate purpose. However were I to limit the list to a single gun… I’d have to go with the Ruger 10/22 specifically the new takedown model.
Zombies, meaning the desperate and unprepared are not going to care about the diameter of the barrel of the gun pointed at them. They will simply wonder whether the gun pointed at their face is loaded or not.
And certainly the sound of a Remington 870 pump being cycled can just about stop a bear in it’s tracks, it does have it’s distance limitations unless you’re loading it with 00 buck or slugs and then reacquiring your sight picture after the recoil can be challenging so that bear, might just keep coming and by the time he’s close enough for you to shoot he’s close enough to put a bite in your butt before he falls.
While the .22 rimfire is not the most powerful on the list and certainly not a bear-stopper, its ammunition is the most produced ammunition in the world, and it is very inexpensive so that with as little as $100 you can buy more than 1000 rounds. Try buying 1000 rounds of 12g for less than $100. Buying a box a month for a year can put 6000 rounds in your boogie bag and still leave room for some RME’s and water sanitation tables.
All these guns serve various purposes. But the venerable .22 has been putting food on the table long before the Glock or AR were ever conceived.
And if you do come across a real zombie, the size of the caliber to the brain pan does not matter, just your ability to hit it. With it’s low recoil and ability to allow a shooter to virtually keep and maintain a strong sight picture, follow up shots are not a problem.


I agree with your ideas and your reasoning, and I agree ALMOST with your choices of guns. My Glock-19 agrees, my Ruger-10/22 also agrees, my Winchester-1897 matches well with your 870, and instead of an AR-15, my choice is the Ruger Mini-14. It doesn’t hurt to add my Ruger-CLP and CL9 for all-the-time pocket carry. It also doesn’t hurt to have some ‘strictly-for-fun’ guns like my Winchester 62A and my Ruger Mark-III.

Bubba Gordon

I carry my desert eagle 50 ae. It won’t break anytime soon compared to your glock. I carry it daily On me. Is more reliable and has way more stopping power than anything else

Joseph Senter

I could agree more. I have basically these guns now. I have the Glock 19 in 9mm. I don’t have Remington 870 but I do own a Winchester pump 12 gauge and a Remington 1100 automatic 12 gauge, I have a Remington .22 automatic with a tube feed of 15 rounds. Also I have a AR15 made by Bushmaster. So I feel i am prepared as well as possible.


Great article, great reasons, and a great starting place for anyone researching what they may want to prepare for whatever comes our way.
One thing I would add though are my reasons for guns 1, 2, and 3. Ammo for these are relatively cheap and plentiful. 9mm handgun ammo is easy to acquire right now, and .22 are the most common round in the world if I’m correct. And if you have a 12 gauge pump action 870, you can put whatever 12 gauge ammo you want through there, as long as the shell will eject from the action of course (e.g. 3 in shells will not work in a 2 3/4 action, duh.).
All of the guns this author has listed are great starting points, there’s nothing to say you can change them or add on to this collection, but he did fail to mention what they shoot, cuz really, even if your gun is still in working order, it’s just a big club unless you have the proper ammunition.


I enjoyed reading these. I have debated on what guns I should focus on. I have an awesome community and many individuals besides myself who own guns (who’m i give my life and trust completely with my family). I think I am going to focus on roles within community life and tools and tricks that would help in a crisis situation. I have a savage .17 that works way better for small game, and a semi auto .22 with a silencer that works great for those quiet pot shots. a kimber .45, mossberg 500 with tach light, benelli m2 .338, .243, and 7mm are in my inventory as well, however i lack large supply of ammo for all…maybe 100 rounds of each. Trying to find balance of enjoying life, but planning ahead and may minimizing my gun supply to focus on just a couple. This john wayne mentality would work for a short time period, but not very long.