If You’re Over 55, Please Hand in Your Guns

If You’re Over 55, Please Hand in Your Guns
If You’re Over 55, Please Hand in Your Guns
If You’re Over 55, Please Hand in Your Guns
If You’re Over 55, Please Hand in Your Guns

This past week I got a letter in the mail from a gentleman named Kurt who lives in Florida. Kurt took my concealed carry course and wrote to me, “In April I will be 86 years old, just recently bought my first firearm… I appreciate what you’re doing and I wish you well.”

I appreciated Kurt’s letter and wanted to mention it for a few reasons. First, I think it’s great he got his permit and now has a gun… it’s never too late to gain firearms knowledge. It also reminds me of a question I’ve had throughout the years: “Am I too old to get a gun?”

Personally, I believe you’re never too old, as long as the “hamster is still functioning properly on the wheel.” In other words, it doesn’t matter if you’re 21 or 91, as long as you can properly manipulate the gun and are of sound mental health, then by all means get one.

However, if you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, you know that the UN doesn’t agree with me. As you’re aware, the United Nations is the group of politicians that… well… talk a lot and don’t really do much. (Sounds like another group of politicians I know.) But in the UN Arms Treaty that’s now being drafted, they want a section that essentially says elderly people can’t own guns and they need to be disarmed.

And no, this isn’t a joke.

Why do they want this? Well, I’ll let a doctor from Johns Hopkins tell you: “Therefore, as we enter our twilight years – clinically speaking, age 50 and above [Global life expectancy is only 67 years] – science tells us that we are in no shape to be handling or using a deadly weapon.”

Basically, the doctor and the UN believe that if you’re over 50 you ought to turn in your guns. So what does the doctor suggest you protect yourself with instead? You’re going to love this: He recommends a rape whistle. So as some home intruder is kicking down your front door about to invade your home and do who knows what to your family, just blow loud on the whistle.

Once again, this doctor and the UN’s advice proves that “common sense is the most uncommon of the senses,” and that as the world gets more and more “screwed up” it’s common sense that is going to keep you alive and well.

So it doesn’t matter what age you are, you simply need to take the time to make sure you can operate your gun and you need to get to the range and practice with it. I realize we all have busy schedules, but you should be able to make it to the range once a month and at the very least every other month (that’s only 6 times a year.)

Also, not that the UN Arms Treaty has a chance of going through, but if it did I’m sure our wonderful politicians would insert the following clause: “All people over 55 must turn over their guns, except my bodyguards~ Signed B. Obama… And mine too. ~ Signed D. Feinstein.”

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Jason Hanson is a former CIA Officer and author of The Covert Guide to Concealed Carry. He is also the creator of the Ultimate Concealed Carry Experience, which allows you to take your concealed carry training without leaving home. For full details about this training, please visit Concealed Carry Academy. You can also follow him on Google+ and Twitter.
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Jim Dolven

Well, since there are more people killed every year by automobiles than by guns, by their logic people over 55 should also be required to turn in their driver’s license and any motor vehicle they own. This is already ridiculous; it can be taken so far that it’s waaaay beyond ridiculous.


Remember Jason is an ex CIA officer and an ex PO who drove a Police vehicle. I think in his next post he will tell us what it was like being a sniper, a Navy Seal and an Astronaut.

Barry Bell

Dude, that was a classic response. I’m betting he was a CIA analyst and not someone on the ground. A bullshit cop in a small town until someone realized that he was a poser and what else? Oh, a member of Seal Team 6 and flew the Space Shuttle.

Pete G

You sound a bit more than ludicrous.
What do you profess as your background? Or your resume?
Maybe die hard Liberal? I’d bet that is very close to the truth.


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pete G

This confirms it! You sir are total jerk!

Rich Reason

yea i’m going to get right on it.if i could only remember where i put it, but don’t count on it


As soon as I saw the words “United Nations” I knew anything that flowed next was going to be off-the-wall ridiculous. Why the American taxpayer still is forced to have our tax dollars go to this joke of an organization is amazing. There is no serious story here at all folks.


my roomate’s mother makes $79 hourly on the laptop. She has been out of work for nine months but last month her pay check was $15496 just working on the laptop for a few hours. Read more on  Ask25.c­om


Eddie. I’m going to fuck your roommates Mother and you.


In my younger years I purchased guns by what I could afford,now in my fifties I buy what I want,not even the UN will take them away! One other observation,the man in the picture above must have some tuff fingers to hold a revolver like that.

Chris Wood

I hadn’t noticed. He’s almost holding it like a rifle!

CB Daugherty

Yes, that would not be a good habit to begin.

Orlando Wilson

Like Jeff Foxworthy said; “Let him pull that TV off the tray onto his head. He won’t do it but once!”


I actually thought this was a joke at first since I originally heard about it on April Fools’. But alas. As a medical student myself, I’ve learned several things, albeit not all of them from my courses:

1. Don’t take unsolicited self-defense advice from doctors. “Self Defense” is not taught in any medical school that I’m aware of.

2. People can still be remarkably active, agile, and atuned at advanced ages (I know: awesome alliteration. Oops. There I go again.). Therefore, it’s obvious that they are still capable of protecting themselves with a firearm.
2a. And they’re not really talking about “advanced” age either! 50!?! There’s plenty (hell, most) of people still out-and-about at 50! Including police officers (you know, those guys and gals who CARRY GUNS ALL DAY).

3. You can’t make sweeping epidemiological statements, like that one, without some serious data to back it up. Data which I’m predicting doesn’t exist.

4. Oh yeah, this is America. We’ve got our own laws that exist independent of whether the UN’s feelings get hurt or not.
Ok enough ranting. Immunology test tomorrow….

Earl Edwards

Actually there’s a smidge of self-defense in the medical field…mal-practice insurance.


At fifty five years of age, I participated in the Seattle to Portland bike ride, two hundred miles in a total time of twelve hours gate to gate. When these public servant wonks can ride that one in two days, maybe I’ll think about listening to their “whuzdumb” that I’m too old to do much.


And even if it is actually a joke (which it appears to be, even though I believed it wasn’t because Jason said it wasn’t. Looks like I’m not the only one fooled), I still stand by my comments. Shoot on.

wm tipton

HOw many people over 55 have been the shooters in any of these mass killings?


All the shooters have been Democrats. Check it out

David Provonche

I seen that too…… this is what they found out while running some research!
1) The Fort Hood killer = Registered democrat/Muslim.
2) Columbine killers = Too young to vote, but both parents are registered democrats.
3) Virginia Tech killer = Wrote hate mail to President Bush and his staff. Progressive liberal.
4) Colorado Theater killer = Registered democrat/Progressive liberal. Obama staff worker and occupy wall street protester.
5) Connecticut Sandy Hooks killer = Registered democrat. Anti-Christian.


Ok then THIS is how we solve the mass murder problems, lock up every liberal and then our crime rate will drop like a rock off a cliff. Or is the Rock also racist? Things such as this boggle my mind after listening to empty headed arguments from the so called liberal know it alls.

Blogen Geezer

SSRIs involved in 9 of 10 ‘Crisis News Atrocities reported (without acknowledgement) by a liberal media. (Lanza was on Fanapt) Over 4% of US society is now ‘Diagnosed’ Bipolar with countless more undiagnosed. Dr Healy and Dr Breggin reported the deadly dangers of SSRIs. Dr Breggin predicted before Congress, the US Military use could result in manic depressive atrocities and suicidal tendencies. Now proven true. Any Report of Depression can soon result in a determination by govt bureaucrats, AFTER release from duty, that the soldier can not be trusted with a firearm. Suicides account for almost 2/3rds of all gun deaths in the USA. Suicides should be made more illegal? SSRI’s banned?


David Provonche,
Did you get this info from one site, or did you have to do research on each of these idiots?

I want to be lazy. Where is this info?
I love it.
No I am not Democrat or Republican.
They both are heads on the same snake.
Their only goal is who will be in charge at the time of the fall. They want to have absolute control!
They keep telling these young idiots we are a Democracy.
Nope that’s why the country is dying. Democracy is a guarantee of failing and falling into something even worse than Democracy, “Mob Rule.”

David Provonche



Same here my Brother, Semper Fidelis

By the by, I found a place that makes excellent molds for projectile castings. Not only that, they make ball and Hollow point molds for a number of calibers. They also make swaging equipment which turns a cast projo into a match grade, AND to top it off, they also had “additions” which in case you are attacked by a man eating wild hog who is attempting to come through your steel front door, and you are defending your family and the US Constitution against all enemies…….. while making your rounds, you can add the addition if YOU so desire. I have ordered mien for 45. Saw a demo with their “additions” excellent work through a 2×4.

Semper Fidelis



I did and its propaganda and B.S.


Since you have made the statement, PLEASE show everyone on this net where my statement is incorrect. We expect SUPPORTED FACTS, not just your statement. We shall be waiting.

wm tipton

I have an idea.
Shop around until you find a pro gun doctor.
Problem solved.


My father taught me how to shoot when I was a kid, at that time he was almost 50 years old. He taught me how to track, hunt, gun safety etc. He’s now in his late 60’s and still strong, smart and a responsible gun owner, although long hunting trips are tiring on him these days. I’m sorry but if you make it to 50+ you’re probably not an idiot, obviously not in jail, and have a lot more responsibility about locking up their firearms and safety. I feel much more comfortable knowing then when my children visits my father he is armed (in the rare event a serious threat occurred) and he takes gun safety seriously. How many politicians in Congress or the UN are over 55? Let’s have them hand in their firearms and give their security detail rape whistles It’s just another example of political parties not wanting to play by the same rules as everyone else. Be safe, stay safe.

James Chant

The word “Please” indicates its a request. “REQUEST DENIED” (Don’t ask me again)


Makes sense, as you become too weak to physically fend off younger stronger intruders you should be forced to give up your only means of protection…
Wow, these guys are so far removed from reality that I just… I just can’t believe they remember to breathe.

Barry Bell

You are a goddamn idiot. Ever had a weapon pulled on you by a 13 year old kid trying to get his street cred? 60 Or 70… I’ll blast his stupid ass oblivian because my weapon is the great equalizer. VSanity, you need your ass kicked by this boy born 50 years ago just for spite.


God you’re stupid. 10 other people were able to realize my blatant sarcasm what’s wrong with you? F*ckin moron


Sir did you notice the stupidity and great language from an “adult named Barry Bell?”
I am seriously worried for my country with people like this.
And Mr. Bell, yes I have. As a matter of fact I had four of them try it on a dark country road while I was walking at night because it is cooler.
They all are now under ground.
Even the police were amazed an old fart can shoot.
I invited them to the combat range at any time with choice of weapons.
I still have not gotten the invite from any of them.
The DA said, “Good Shooting Mr. XXX”


Way back in 2005 when I was a mere child of 71, I was attacked in my front yard by a drug induced 55 year old. The attack consisted of knocking me to the ground and kicking me. When the kicks started aimong at my head, I pulled my Glock and dispatched the idiot to the hospital. Thank God for Arizona laws and concealed carry capabilities. Let’s dump the UN!!!


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Pete G

Good work Elwood!

I just graduated to the 70’s crowd. Fortunately by picking parents with excellent genes I have all but my wisdom teeth. I’m also able to run a mile is nine minutes. I still do electronics which requires I climb radio towers from fifty ft. to fifteen hundred ft.

I do work with thirty something kids who think they are fit and super bad asses.

Unfortunately about a year and a half one of them with a huge amount of booze on board decided the old man needs to be taught a lesson.

It didn’t work. Even though I carry a hand gun I did it with my hands.

He had three broken bones and an injury that required him to have tracheotomy.
While in the hospital he avowed revenge as I had an advantage of being sober he would get even. Later he threatened my life and gave me thirty minutes to get out of town. I politely reminded him of his “I’m gonna whup you’re ass old man!” results.
.Well about three months he tried to do the “whup your ass again.” This time as he had promised he was sober.

This time he only had a broken wrist, and two ribs.
I have not heard from since then but I do watch myself.
So I say don’t write us off punks!

Willie Womack

The guy in the picture holding the revolver needs to turn in his guns, because he is obviously retarded.


amen. Jason, you don’t have a better pic of an old guy PROPERLY holding their firearm?


It’s OK. When he pulls the trigger the weapon will educate him. I just hope he still has a thumb when it’s all over. 🙂


I bet he’ll learn how to dance, even if now he doesn’t, and will have a semi-permanent tattoo on his thumb to remind him of his stupidity. If the author wants to use a photo, why not find someone who employs the proper grip?

Barry Bell

Or the frontal lobe after weak writing it.


looks to me like he’s a southwap, thus holding the gun with hands reversed. What’s the problem?


Uhm. Did you notice that he’s holding a revolver? I would invite you to try that hold with a revolver if it were not incredibly cruel to do so. But you’re right. Perhaps we’re being a bit hasty. Perhaps he has already safety checked the weapon and is merely examining the site picture. With his shooting glasses. And his ear protection, And his sweater vest. With one eye closed. Now that I think about it, this must be the most safety conscious gun owner I’ve ever seen!

Seymore yo

He is also left handed and left eye dominant. He also shoots with one eye which is ok for target practice but self defense you better just point and pull. His thumb will be fine as he is shooting a REVOLVER not a pistol with a slide. I see there are lots of experts here.


One other thing. I do not claim to be an expert. I’m just a poor schlub doing the best I can. When I bought my first revolver 24 years ago I was well versed in semi-autos and an avid user of the Weaver stance, which places the weak hand well forward of the trigger guard. Fortunately for me, it does not place the forefinger or thumb directly next to the cylinder gap…just adjacent to it. When my brand new .357 Colt Peacekeeper with 6″ barrel “educated” me I only had some powder burns to show for it. Had I had any digits closer to the cylinder gap I could have been in for much worse.


My original reply did not post so I will reword. (If it does get approved then I apologize for the repeat.) Just do a search on cylinder gap and revolver hand placement. You should find it very enlightening. Or better yet, do an image search on myth Busters Revolver Hand. That will make the point far better than my poor prose.


Hey r0cknu,
Point well made.
It’s a myth!


I suppose you could debate the “loss of a digit” theory as fact or myth. What is not up for debate is the fact that having any skin in the plane of the cylinder gap will result in powder burns. All revolvers spit hot gas and burning powder from the cylinder gap when fired (regardless of their state of repair or how well they are indexed, PissedVet). It is a known effect inherent in the revolver design. It’s the reason why a given cartridge will post higher muzzle velocities in a pistol than a revolver. Some of that energy is spent through the cylinder gap in the form of hot gas and burning powder. Put your hand up there and you’re gonna get burned. The picture is stupid. Case closed.


The more important point is that we all support this guy’s right as an American to be an idiot. I don’t want to take away his gun. I just want him to get some training so he doesn’t hurt himself or anyone else.


I see you are observant of the very young extremely knowledgeable mouths here.
There is a myth they seem to have bought into.
Yup the Internet really spews good knowledge.
To you loud mouth punks. Grow up and learn before you run your mouths.

Seymore yo

He is also left handed and left eye dominant. He also shoots with one eye which is ok for target practice but self defense you better just point and pull. His thumb will be fine as he is shooting a REVOLVER not a pistol with a slide. I see there are lots of experts here.

Mike Appleton

You better guess again Seymore yo, his thumd is likely to get burns all over it! Shoot a Revolver at night on handed, and when you do look at the cylinder gap, you know, the area between the cylinder and the beginning of the barrel. Then, if you are brave or foolish enough, put your support hand over that area (hopefully remembering what you saw come out of the cylinder gap) and tell me again how it’s no big deal.


Hey Mike,
Pretty fireworks do not make it a guillotine as the myth suggests.
Yes if you spin it and snap it closed you can and most likely will damage it so it does not index correctly.
Then you might have a problem. Loose you’re digit. Probably not.
Make you think about doing it again? Probably.
Frankly if I were you I would just make sure the gun indexes properly.
If you don’t know how it might be worth you’re time and $ to go a gunsmith.

Pete G

And your not?
Please explain your insight to his retardation.


At 70 years of age and a uniformed court officer, I am required to qualify every 6 months. I qualify with younger folks (Sheriff’s Deputies, city police, State Troopers, etc.). We shoot the standard police course. Now, I admit these old eyes aren’t what they were when I was in my 20’s (hell, they’re not what they were when I was in my 50’s!), but I routinely shoot 98%, which is better by at least 20% then most of the younger guys I’m shooting against. If 50 is old, perhaps the doctor should consider surrendering his medical license – hell, I’ll bet he does far more harm with his practice than I ever did with my sidearm!


Well spoken sir. And may I say that’s some mighty fine shooting. What your post alludes to (and the doc completely ignores) is the value of practice and experience. Not only would I trust your weapons handling more than the younger guys but I would place FAR MORE TRUST in your judgement.

Seymore yo

I worked at a Range. Cops don’t practice. Only when they are due for qualification. They are the worst shots and the most sloppy gun handlers I have ever seen. I constantly had to keep on them. Not saying you of course sir, just in general. You have more than likely seen it also.

Barry Bell

As a Corporate Security bodyguard for the CEO of a Fortune 20 I would routinely shoot about 5000 rounds a year. What is the ammo allowance for your departmental officers per year. How much training do you do RSO?



Same here sir. Not an officer but same on the shooting.

I also maintain a first class FAA medical required by my contract pilot job.

The only thing these guys are good at shooting is the mouth.

Then they spew BS about 98% of the time.

My pop gave me a bolt action .22 Remington when I was nine.

We went out and shot it about seventy or so rounds to get the hang of it.

Still have that thing that has killed over 200 deer.

Yes we did that and did it to eat.

Running water was the creek and water falls.

Heat was wood cut with a good double edge Michigan AX. No I’m not from Michigan, “Thank God” but that ax is my favorite.

I shot that .22 about three weeks ago for the first time since 197X in my back yard. Yes it’s safe and legal.

I shot it without checking the sighting and I can cut the leaves off a Magnolia tree at twenty yards. No I do not have a scope on it.

I own one scope I inherited on a pellet rifle.

I might put it on my modern .22 but not any gun I value or use for protection.

If your using a gun for protection you don’t need a scope.

Now if it comes to it I might use the scope on the old Bolt action .22 as my sniper weapon.

Laugh if you wish. Frankly your opinion matters to me not.

By the way that remark was not aimed at you

G Hart

Seems to me most of the worlds population doesn’t start growing any brain cells until they are about fifty if they ever do.

Craig Guinn

first, at 63, I assure you that I have both the manual dexterity and the mental acuity to handle a firearm accurately and prudently. second, I was born and raised in a time that still promoted free thinking and I refuse to bow to the indoctrination that the younger generations have been fed through the education system and the political environment. thirdly, I still believe that the United States is the greatest nation on earth and that the Constitution remains the law of the land.

Henry Chinery

The Constitution should still be the law of the land but it is used by our legislators as toilet paper. Otherwise, there would be no gun control debate.



It is! It’s just hard to get the smartest people in the world to understand it.

They by and large think we are a Democracy too!

How about “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Democracy for which it stands?”


Here, here!

Jim Laubler

Good Article. It’s going to my rep and senator in D.C. (R’s only).
The reason they don’t want us old farts with guns is WE are close enough to our end years that we will do things our juniors can’t (because of family). It’s fun to be a senior.

Bob Glover

I got my first rifle at age 10, a .22 short from my uncle who’d served in the OSS during World War-II. He and his brother, who’d served in the Army Corps of Engineers on the Burma Road during the war taught me the basics of gun safety. It was only after they were satisfied that I had mastered the lessons that they allowed me to load and fire the gun. I’ve had rifles and shotguns my entire life; but I never felt the need to go armed with a handgun until my wife and I lived in Denver. After a couple of occasions on which people in traffic brandished their own guns at me, I decided the time had come to protect myself and my family by buying a pistol and becoming proficient in its use. I have had a concealed firearms permit in Nevada since 2000, and thank God, have never been called upon to even draw my weapon. I pray that my streak continues; but if it does not…well, that’s why I spend a part of every weekend at the range.


There are police officers on the streets still working at this age. Are they suppose to give up their firearms and blow a whistle until a younger office gets there? Yea this is really, really stupid! But look who we’re talking about. The UN needs to stay out of our business. These are our rights!


Sounds like what they do in England 😀


…and out of our country …and our wallets.

Wyatt Earp

Class warfare is alive and well thanks to the propaganda machine.


Just when you think they have reached the limit of stupidity, the gungrabbers reach way down deep, and out-do themselves.


tThe UN The Star Wars Bar scene. Those worthless 3rd world country but wipes, they can blow the rape whistle. They want to make our laws?

Forget it.


A “rape whistle”? is there such a thing? What is that? Something to summon the rapists? Do you wear it around your neck or carry it in your vagina?


Where I live respond time is about 20 minutes. At what point does law enforcement become the clean up squad and not the protectors? At 78 years I’ll take care of myself.


This speaks directly to the fallacy of “no gun problem when there are no guns.” There never will be no guns, only those in the hands of legitimate police and armed forces and legitimate-by-force-of-ego-and-self-perception hands of such as senators, congressmen, and other politicos who consider themselves appropriate and deserving–paranoid?–to be gun owners/carriers; i.e., allowable to defend themselves against personal assault or attack.
These self-important people will never allow a no-exemption state of law or affairs.

s. frazier

This whole thing comes down to an issue I wrestle with all the time as an instructor What is competent? I sign off on students being “safe and Competent” with a handgun. I don’t think age has anything to do with it.
I agree folks with physical limitations need a gun a lot worse than I do. Those physical limitations sometimes cause their proficiency, ” competence” if you will, to suffer. I have certified several folks in their eighties and felt a lot better about them than I did about some younger folks.
I think it comes down to this. You can’t fix stupid. As long as someone has reasonable cognizance, is of an ordinarily sound mind ( not stupid), and isn’t profoundly handicapped, they will keep a better reign on themselves than the government could. Self control is the issue. I think a reasonable man just knows when his day has come for a lot for things, including driving and carrying a gun. If they are stupid they will soon get into some other kind of trouble , like traffic violations , legal trouble, etc. We had a pretty good system as it is in most states, let’s leave it a lone.

mike merkley

that’s so feeble-minded i can’t believe any sentient being could even speak those words.


I carry concealed And I’m 62 years young!

Roy in Las Vegas

I get it now, If I’m a guy and a thug breaks into my home I should blow a whistle. Isn’t that just as effective as a woman screaming? The UN is a constant source of humor that costs the USA millions with no benefits what so ever.

rev. dave

They want to trick older folks into giving up their guns because many own guns that are so old they’re completely ‘off the radar’ – having been bought in a time when any American old enough to serve in the military could buy a gun at the hardware, dime, or Sears store without a parent present and no more paperwork than a sales receipt. Those guns still work, still shoot, and can still be lethal to tyrants and their minions. They know they are there – it’s one of the most durable goods you can buy – but don’t know where or how many.
And that means that they don’t want them handed down by an increasingly aging population to younger folks who may be more likely to to get uppity and be more capable at it, under the boot-heel of the UN and turn out to be armed with guns nobody knew about. Most of these folks also still have old ammo for those guns – another ‘known unknown’.
Guns they can’t hunt down and confiscate worry the government. They just do not like the idea of armed opposition – whether that is ‘loyal opposition’ or not. They don’t want anyone with a gun able to defend against them. Cosi fan tutti. And ignore that fact at your peril.


Yup. Bought my first Ruger 10/.22 by driving across state lines, plopping four twenty dollar bills on the counter, picking up the gun and walking out. That was it. I spent more time deciding which cheap scope to mount on it than the gun transaction itself took. Never did even get a receipt. Cash on the barrelhead, gun in my hand, that”s the whole story. Interstate, no less. Stupid fearmongering politicians……the kinyun included.


Molo labe


Whoops. Molon labe.

J. Russo

D. Feinstein is 79 and, has a permit to carry but, she wants to collect our guns.


Unforgivable false advertising on that headline, Jason.
I usually enjoy your essays for the most part but this headline made it sensationalist hogwash.

Please get real next time.


That’s because we are from generations who served in the military, whether we volunteered, as I did, or were drafted. Therefore, we are trained, tend to be conservative, and we are – woo-oo-oo –


@69 I recently shot 236 out of 250 on a federal agency pistol course. Their street officers must shoot 200 or better. I think I can continue carrying.


If you want to know the truth about the Communist-controlled United Nations, read the excellent book UNITED NATIONS CONSIPRACY TO DESTROY AMERICA by Michael Benson. Good book, and truthful. The sooner we withdraw from the corrupt UN, the better!


We should always keep in mind Albert Einstein’s famous quote: “There are two things that are infinite, the universe and human stupidity. And I’m not so sure about the former.”

Carl Killingsworth

In the picture accompanying this article, you see a gentleman using a two hand hold on a revolver with his support hand well in front of the barrel/ cylinder gap. He will only fire his revolver holding it like this once. Cmon guys, this is a gun mag. stuff like this makes us all look dumb.


Maybe you think it is fun to agitate through inuendos. If you were honest, somewhere near the section where you wrote …except my bodyguards~ Signed B. Obama…you would have clarified that President Obama said that he would veto any vote on the proposed UN Treaty that infringed on the 2nd Amendment. I’m not saying one shouldn’t joke around once in a while, but in the midst of all this tension a joke should be clarified. Loose fabrications like the one mentioned do nothing but polarize the division between reason and reaction – and right now we are behind about 90% to 10%.

To make it worse, the goofball in the picture looks like he knows as much about guns as my stupid neighbor – a poster child for gun control if there ever was one!

Blogen Geezer

In order to get a reality check on what a Voting Majority can
‘accomplish’ with the help of the United Nations, research back a short
time in history, when the HUTU ‘Majority’ Government decided to wage
‘Genocide’ on the wealthier, minority Tutsis in ‘Rwanda’. Horrific Rapes targeting females
of All ages, by the hundreds of thousands. Using sharp sticks,
machetes, for sexual mutilation, cutting off of vaginas and breasts are
the key ingredients for Genocide.

Destruction of ‘Faces’ to leave survivors mutilated for life, as family was forced to
watch the atrocities carried out. HIV used as a weapon of Rape. The UN,
under Boutros Butrous-Ghali set in place the Kangura News and RTLM (NPR)
for Hutus to use while inciting Atrocities against Tutsis. Over a
million Tutsis and sympathizers were slaughtered within 100 days,… 7
per minute. All because they were more prosperous and attended Churches.
Churches, govt buildings, schools of refuge, where they were
deceitfully herded into….. for mass slaughter.

Only the Well Armed Return by Expat Tutsis, ended the Machete mutilation,
torture and genocidal slaughter, driving the Machete swinging Genocide
squads into Uganda, returning Rwanda to sanity. 10 Belgian troops were
convinced to ‘turn over their arms’ before their disembowelment,
castration and Torture. A ‘Democracy’ has an uncanny way of getting
Exactly what the Voters Vote for. Too bad we ‘gave away’ the US
Constitutional Republic. UN is still going to ‘Try’ and Disarm the
Tutsis, as they are now planning to do to the USA,
with this sitting president’s insistence and EO’s, powered by his Fans
adoration. The Small Arms Trade Treaty, so the UN’s Hutus can finish the
job their 531,000 UN supplied Machetes started? Guns are evil, UN supplied
Machetes are…. genocidal mutilation friendly?


Read about some of the men, and a few women, who, well past the age of service and thus part of the “alarm guard” in their local towns, who acquitted themselves very well against the Brithsh Regulars on the day of Lexington and Concord. Heck, Captain Jonothan Parker was 55 at the time, too old to fight, yet was head of Lexington’s Militia. He was also in advanced stages of tuberculosis….if ANYONE should ahve stayed home and rested, it would be he. No, not only did he command his men will on the Commons against three units of Regulars, after burying twelve of their fellow residents when the British left Lexington, he re0mustered his men and marched them off to Menotomy where they took up a strong position on the hills overlooking the road back to Boston…… and scored quite the heavy blow against the retreating British Regulars under Colonel Smith. Mind you, Parker had been up continuosly and on duty since about 2AM that day…. after perhaps three hours of sleep that Tuesday night, he led his men well for another 14 hours or so. Hezekiah Wyman, Samuel Wittemore, David Lamson, old Mother Bathrick… look them up. ALL well past 50, “too old to fight”, yet did anyway….. and exacted a heavy toll against the British. Too old to fight? Maybe when they [ut me into the pine box and screw the lid down tight. . MAYBE then. Well past 55, I can still shoot a Marksman’s score on an AQT, and hop onto my road bike and knock off fifty miles, no problem.

Dan Ess

If this is remotely true, it proves how messed up they are (The UN Treaty and their backers). I just began shooting again when I was 51. People my age generally learned something about shooting at a younger age (which I did) with their parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles. Today a lot of the younger people I see shooting are the ones who do not know the rules of safety. Many of them grew up knowing very little of guns, except for movies and video games. EDUCATION is the key and we seem to be having a difficult time teaching basic common sense & respect these days; is there any wonder why we have the issues in society with crime & disrespect that we do?


I’d love to read this part of the treaty that says this. And who is this Doctor at Johns Hopkins, do we have any references?


When I turned 70, I also became certified as a POST firearms instructor ~ that’s as in “Peace Officers Standards ans Training”. So now, I’m instructing folks young enough to be either my child or grandchild how to propertly use a firearm. Oh, I’m a fair shot too!!

Seymore yo

There’s more to it than just the “age” scenario. They (our government) want older folks disarmed for a reason. I will start by saying this: After you reach a certain age, you can have the mentality that there is nothing left to lose.
I say this because I think we are heading for big problems with “Obamacare” and the elderly and/or the terminally ill getting treatment under the new healthcare laws. I also think there is a very high percentage of gun owners in the US over 65. There is talk of cuts deep cuts to medicare and social security. You put to many of our seniors out in the street and I believe there will be an epidemic of violence against politicians. I think there is much more going on here besides the whole gun control hysteria over the Connecticut slayings. Just the past easter here in RI a 70+ year old man killed his loving wife and then himself. It was not murder/ suicide. It was planned by them both and the police have refused to release the note left by them. Take a look at the suicide rates in your own states, (if you can find the information as they seem to be keeping very quiet about it) I bet they are very high.


Problems, yes. Obamacare is NOT the problem, it’s a peripheral distraction. Destruction of our environment is a problem. Overpopulation is a problem. The 1% is the problem.

Balanced against these things that will permanently change the habitability of this planet, Obamacare is a mere frippery.

Terrence Daniels

So, let me see if I understand this correctly, everyone 55 and older should just blow their “rape” whistle as loud as they can until you scare the intruder away or you turn red in the face and crap in your pants. Hmmm…

Oh, I think I understand the liberal logic now, either the deafening sound of the whistle will force the intruder to retreat or the smell of the sh$t [as they get closer to their intended victim] will confuse them and cause them to pass out… than all the senior citizen has to do is call the police and have the intruder carried out on a stretcher.

How brilliant… why didn’t us conservatives think of that years ago?


I’m 62 and if I had a gun they’d have to pry it out of my cold dead fingers. I shoot better than I blow. Make of that what you will.

Laurence L. Anderson

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Joseph Lake

As a 51 year old NCO still serving I Don`t agree with that assessment.

Tama Paine

Footnote or it didn’t happen.

Which Johns Hopkins doctor? Doctor of what? What source? Published? Somebody thinks they overhead this at a cocktail party/conference?

I know there are people who think as this writer claims that “doctor” does; I have talked to them. However I do not write a blog that makes assertions without backing them up. And I don’t like seeing pro-RKBA pieces that are so sloppy with its factual framing; it loses credibility for “our side.” Also I cannot pass along such sloppy writing to those I think might be interested in the issue OR who also require more careful documentation of claims.