Reasons to Have a Personal Safety Plan

Reasons to Have a Personal Safety Plan
Reasons to Have a Personal Safety Plan
Reasons to Have a Personal Safety Plan
Reasons to Have a Personal Safety Plan

Imagine it’s a few weeks before Christmas you are out shopping with your family at Wally World. The parking lot full of cars and the store is packed full of people out shopping to fill their Christmas lists. When a group of people armed with rifles, handguns, and grenades or improvised explosives begin attacking the Store starting in the parking lot. Numerous people in the parking lot run for their lives towards the store hoping to take shelter inside, till law enforcement arrives on scene. The attackers converging on the main doors and then front cash registers with this move they have cut off the main exit. This is also where people were congregated waiting to pay for their stuff when the attack began. As this is unfolding you realize this is the same area you told everyone to meet if you became separated while shopping.

For those who are saying this could never happen here, and continue denying it could happen, “Stop!” This actually happened in September of this year known as the Westgate Shopping Mall Shooting although it was not in our country. The attack occurred on Friday and lasted about 4 days! Previously similar incidents have happened in 2008 Mumbi, India & 2004 Beslan Russia terrorists attacked a school taking parents, teachers, and students killing some in the initial assault, and others after being held hostage, tortured, then killed during the ensuing siege.

What makes this different from an active shooter incident we have seen in the past in our country? The terrorists attacking the shopping mall in Kenya, according to news reports they moved in tactical formations they were prepared with enough ammunition and explosives to defend against the arriving authorities. Surviving witnesses reported being questioned what religion they were. Terrorists let members of their own religion go free and held what they considered non-believers hostage to be tortured and killed. The group of terrorists who carried out this attack had members who were American citizens, British Citizens, and other European nations.

What the terrorists wanted is as much time as possible to carry out their attack. With this time they attempted to kill as many people as they could men, women, and children. The longer they had the more media attention they received this gave more exposure and attention to their cause.

Whether you’re in a big box store this holiday shopping season or your local mall, be vigilant of what is happening around you. Keep your “Personal Safety Plan” in the front of your mind in the event you may have to implement it. No matter what you’re daily concealed carry items are this plan will aid you in reacting to any incident you may encounter. Actions you may take are a personal choice, and each individual would have to make their own decisions.

Here in America we enjoy the right to bear arms, and the majority of the states in our country allow some level of concealed carry of handguns for personal protection of self and your family. This includes attending firearms classes where you can learn how to defend your self and others.

Whether your state requires a training course to obtain a concealed carry permit or not you should seek out self-defense training if you carry concealed. There are instructors who provide a wide range of courses on the use of handguns ranging from the NRA First Steps Pistol to Personal Protection inside and outside the Home. NRA classes average about 5 to 10 students. Don’t over look the advantages of these smaller classes, they allow more one on one time with your instructor. Beyond this there are schools and instructors who offer Non-NRA Classes in various self-defense disciplines with handguns, rifles & carbines, and shotguns. Remember every class you attend will only aid you in the development of your “Personal Safety Plan”.

How do you find a course in your area? Well the NRA has made it easy for us to find courses by going to their website and using the Find a Course option. This option will enable a person to find the closest NRA Class in the desired discipline to their location. The NRA has different handgun classes ranging from first steps and Basic to Advanced Personal Protection outside the Home. You can also find instructors in the USA Carry Firearm Instructor Directory as well as classes listing in the USA Carry Firearm Events by State Calendar.

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Matt Schlueter is a retired Deputy Sheriff from South Dakota with over 19 years of combined experience in corrections and law enforcement, and held the position of Firearms Instructor and DARE officer with the Sheriffs Office he worked at till his retirement. He is also a NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, and owner/chief instructor of Schlueter Firearms Instruction. Matt’s goal is to provide the best information possible for those who want to further their knowledge and skills in shooting handguns. Matt’s goals also include providing the best training courses possible for students who attended courses he is offering. For those wishing to contact him please visit his website at, or or you can join him on Facebook at
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Firearm Instructor

This was a very difficult read. I had a horrible time with how it was written. I am not a grammar Nazi but in order for an article to have the greatest impact, it needs to be written well and provide the reader with “the big picture” of what the writer was trying to get across. A reader will not take the writer serious if the writing seems to have been “stumbled through”. There was information in this article that would have turned off the average “shooter enthusiast” from pursuing classes with this author because of how it was written, lack of proper grammar and sentences that seemed to run on and on (plus add a comma or two in there, please). I am all about supporting other instructors, truly, which is why I am giving this criticism, because I want us instructors to excel.

I am hoping the reader takes away that they should pursue firearms classes from qualified individuals and do research on their instructors if they are taking any tactics or defensive classes. There are many instructors out there that are self-proclaimed tactic-tions who only know what they know because of youtube or dvds that they have purchased. Good luck


My husband ( police officer )& i frequently go over plans for crisis situations, the mall, resturant ect, what eye movements wed use to see which of us goes after whom.Having been a firearms instructor, hes given me the extra training we all continue to need post carry permit. we continue to learn reading your newsletter. Thank you!

Anthony James

Beyond this there are schools and instructors who offer Non-NRA Classes in various self-defense disciplines with handguns.

Anthony James

Don’t over look the advantages of these smaller classes, they allow more one on one time with your instructor. ”.


If you want to save at your home, so when reach at home must be empty your gun and hide from any person.