Petition to Remove Ohio’s Concealed Carry Notification Law

Petition to Remove Ohio's Concealed Carry Notification Law
Petition to Remove Ohio's Concealed Carry Notification Law
Petition to Remove Ohio's Concealed Carry Notification Law
Petition to Remove Ohio's Concealed Carry Notification Law

There is a new petition started on August 15, 2011 by Aaron Mahan to change or remove Ohio’s current concealed carry notification law. Here is the actual petition.

Dear Govenor & the Legislature,

With the current language of Ohio law when Ohioans are approached by law enforcement they are required to notify “Promptly”. Ohio’s law does not define the word “Promptly” and may be taken any way by any law enforcement.

Only law abiding citizens are allowed to get Concealed Carry Licenses in the state of Ohio. One must have a background check, finger prints taken, photo, & listed on a Public forum. For a good honest citizen to go to jail because they did not inform a police officer in a “Prompt” manner is a shame. They were not criminals before the stop and now would be one because they simply did not talk.

We are asking the Ohio Governor & its Legislature to come up with an alternative or remove the Notification Law all together.

This is likely spurred by the most recent “Shocking Video of “Failure to Notify” in Ohio”. If you haven’t seen this yet you’ll definitely want to check it out. To view and/or sign the petition you can view it here on

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Luke McCoy is the founder of USA Carry. In 2007, he launched USA Carry to provide concealed carry information and a community for those with concealed carry permits and firearm enthusiasts.
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“Duty to inform” is convenient for law enforcement, but if it’s a traffic stop they already know from running the license plate and if it’s in public, that’s not a good time to announce to everyone that you’re armed and earning a charge of inciting panic among the sheeple… Stupid, counter-productive legislation.

Robert A. Serrano

makes sense to me.


Practice for a Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) encounter like you practice presenting and firing two to the chest. The answer to “do you know why I pulled you over” is, “First I must inform you that I am licensed to carry a firearm and am presently armed.” It is alright to say “excuse me for a moment” to get the officer to stop talking if he is on a rant. Yes the officer was out of line, yes the law needs to be revised, and yes the driver could have done better. All of us who carry must be prepared for a LEO encountered. It is much more likely that you will have a traffic stop and need to use that skill, than the life protecting skills you practice often.

I still applaud your work to write your representatives to revise the existing law.

Chris Epler

He was more than out of line, he made numerous death threats AFTER the individual was detained.  Absolutely unacceptable behaviour for a law enforcement officer.


I agree


What I don’t get is, why wouldn’t you inform the police officer anyway?  It benefits YOU more than the officer – if they find out your armed and you didn’t tell them, it looks like you were trying to hide it from them.  You’re lawfully carrying, you have nothing to hide… if you are pulled over while armed, there’s no reason not to calmly inform the officer, for his sake and for yours.


OMG Have seen or heard of some of the crap out there nothing personal Im not saying a dam thing unless I am required to by law. Why do they need to know if Im armed or not what dose my gun have to do with maybe getting a ticket for speeding or a tail light out.  I’ll give that answer it dosent at all.  And for another thing  I have had cops take my gun off me not know how it worked and then hand me the bullets  then the clip and then the gun and tell me not to load it till hes gone…to me that is TOTAL BS… If your that scared in what your doing for a living get a new job. I have family that are cops and they would never treat a person like that.   Just my 0.02


I think that it is a good thing to imform the officer that way he knows. Second if i was driving someone elses car or a rent a car the officer knows that i have a gun on my body

Aaron Mahan

Its not a  matter of informing the officer.  Its a matter of being able to inform in a reasonable time, the “promptly” language is interpreted by law enforcement, when in fact LEOs should not be deciding what law means, instead they should be enforcing the law. 

We have actually had citizens in Ohio arrested for not informing within 90 seconds.  Which means, that most of that citizens life he was law abiding, 90 seconds into an encounter with a LEO he is now a criminal.


Make that 51 seconds.


As long as the Officer can decide, spur of the moment, what “promptly” means, we’ve got a problem….


   As a former police officer, if you simply inform the LEO you have gun in the car,
show you CCWP ( be proud of it, it’s your right). Believe me it reduces the stress
level at a traffic stop more than you can know.
    One stop I made after checking the driver out, we started talking about different
types of guns and have become friends and even go to the range together now.

                                                                                 Papa 217


“Be proud of it, it’s your right”? If it was really a “right”, would you really have to go through mandatory training and a licensing procedure?