Rate Your Handguns Maintenance Products and Win the Most Popular Product!

Rate Your Handguns Maintenance Products [SURVEY]
Rate Your Handguns Maintenance Products [SURVEY]

Rate Your Handguns Maintenance Products [SURVEY]
Rate Your Handguns Maintenance Products [SURVEY]
We all know and accept the critical importance of maintaining our firearms. But what is the “best” product[s] to use for this? Is there a single “without a doubt” absolutely a holy-grail product to use. Several have volunteered to me the names of the products they use to maintain their firearms, as a response to my previous related articles. Well, I discovered quite a few believe strongly that the product they use now is without any doubt whatsoever THE optimal one. Some are highly emotional and insistent about their product as a user or as a vendor/manufacturer and are not open to another  product, would definitely NOT switch, let alone discuss a particular criterion or a possible product criticism. There are a myriad of products out there now and most really are very good for what they do in my opinion. I mean there are hundreds of maintenance products claiming to be the latest and greatest, with supporting testimonials and their own “objective” and “independent” research and studies. There are too many justification reasons to list and I wonder if one can honestly be totally “objective.” I found it to be very subjective and this should be considered. Price seemed to be a bottom line for a lot of folks. I know “facts” and statistics can be created to support about anything. I admire that they are solidly behind their “better-than-sliced-bread” cleaner or lubricant, or CLP, etc., but what do most shooters prefer? What should be suggested to new shooters to help them as a starting point to weed through many products and save some time. So, I recently sent a brief and unscientific survey to a few hundred of my students, fellow instructors, some readers that responded to me, gun club members, and shooting friends asking them to tell me what handgun maintenance products i.e. cleaner, solvent, lubricant, oil, grease, preservative, protectant, CLP, etc. they currently use. I asked them to rank their top 3 products. I clarified that their products listed should be ones that they regularly use after going to the range to shoot, not for long-term storage, not ones they heard are good, and just for handguns.

With the hundreds of product possibilities, there were 40 or more write-ins listed on my survey that I have not heard of and/or used. Most had just one or two tallied for use, so I did not list all of the write-ins, just a few below for this new readers survey. Some prefer an all-purpose, multi-use CLP product and others a separate solvent and separate lube, etc. Below are just a few of the product options I listed as possibilities, but I did suggest that they could write-in another product if they wanted in their top 3. Some only gave one product, some listed two, and some wrote-in only one. Several did not list 3, but gave only one. There were ties for the top 3 rankings. With that in mind, below on the left are the sample product options I provided. On the right, I listed the final ranking of my small sample responses. Keep in mind that this is not an adequate sample size,  is not nationally valid as a representative sample, nor is it statistically valid and reliable. I decided to ask you the readers for your top 3 to supplement what I found. I hope you take the time and respond, so we can have a good representative response to help other shooters, especially new shooters, looking for gun maintenance products.

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Handgun Maintenance Product      Initial Survey Rank [Based on Regular Use (#1-#2-#3)] 

  • Break Free CLP                                            2
  • Ballistol                                                          2
  • Rem Oil                                                          1
  • Birchwood-Casey Gun Scrubber                     –
  • Hoppes #9                                                     1
  • Gunzilla                                                          3
  • Frog Lube                                                      3
  • Seal 1                                                              –
  • Rand CLP                                                        –
  • NanoLube                                                        –
  • Plaster PB50                                                   –
  • Eezox                                                               –
  • Mobile 1 or Synthetic Motor Oil                  3
  • M Pro- 7                                                          –
  • WD-40                                                            –

Write-Ins (Just Some Received): (most with only 1 or a few responses)

  • Slip 2000 EWL
  • Gibbs Lubricant
  • TriFlo Lube
  • G96 Synthetic CLP
  • Kleen Bore Formula 3
  • Old Bullseye Shooters
  • Hornady One-Shot CLP
  • 3-in-1 Sewing Machine Oil
  • Simple Green Cleaner
  • Tetra Gun Grease
  • GunSlick
  • Kroil
  • Shooter’s Choice FP-10
  • Mil-Comm TW25 Grease
  • Gun Butter

Thank you for your input to help our fellow shooters.

Continued success!

Photo by author.
* This personal opinion article is meant for general information & educational purposes only and the author strongly recommends that you seek counsel from an attorney in your state or jurisdiction for legal advice and your own personal certified weapons trainer for proper guidance about shooting & using YOUR firearms, self-defense, stand your ground law, and concealed carry. This is not legal advice and not legal opinions. It should not be relied upon as accurate for all shooters & the author assumes no responsibility for anyone’s use of the information and shall not be liable for any improper or incorrect use of the information or any damages or injuries incurred whatsoever. 
© 2014 Col Benjamin Findley. All Rights Reserved. This article may not be reprinted or reproduced in whole or in part by mechanical means, photocopying, electronic reproduction, scanning, or any other means without prior written permission. For copyright information, contact Col Ben Findley at ColBFF@gmail.com.
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"Col Ben" is retired with 30 years service in the U.S. Air Force, with joint services Special Ops duty and training, and is Air Force qualified as "Expert" in small arms. He is a Vietnam-era Veteran. Ben is an experienced NRA-Certified Pistol Instructor, NRA Range Safety Officer, and FL Concealed Carry License Instructor. Ben recently wrote the book "Concealed Carry and Handgun Essentials for Personal Protection" (second printing) with 57 comprehensive Chapters about concealed carry and handgun principles, techniques, and tips for both experienced and new shooters. His reference book is endorsed by several organizations and is available on his website at FloridaHandgunsTraining.com. Contact him at ColBFF@gmail.com.
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Dear Ben,
Another fine article. I’m sure my opinion of the best cleaning product is of little importance, however, I will tell you that the only reason I even clean my guns is to get my all important whiff of Hoppe’s.


Hi again Col. Ben! I’m glad to see you are still addressing the topic of gun maintenance products. It can be overwhelming, as there are so many products out there and very deep rooted passions for certain pet products over others by many. I think you’ve done a very comprehensive job of listing the top contenders. Whatever products people select, the most important thing is that everyone clean and lube their weapons when needed. Nearly all of the listed products will serve most people very well. I don’t think there’s a single ring to rule all other rings. If you take care of your weapon . . . it will take care of you.


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With a high pressure compressor with a wand and spray attachment. I and a little bit of gasoline (of course outside the home and away from any sparks or flames and safe direction.) I spray the in side of the barrel after a heavy day of rifle shooting. Run a brush a couple of times, boy the patches come out black and full of gunk. You can see residue from the copper, grey I assume from the lead. Spray M Pro-7 down the barrel run a clean brush, run patches until dry (they come out clean) except for the oil. I do the same for the bolt&carrier but put it in a 5gal bucket. Powder residue runs off and it ready hard to reach place. Beat the hell having to scrub of the built carbon. You just got to wipe it off well after. Maybe light scrubbing and then oil well as the gasoline removes all oils as well. I have done it on my Rem 700 and it hasn’t hurt the finish. Just be careful wear goggles.


what works for you may not work for me and the other way around. If it works for you, then keeping using it. I use hoppes 9 and break free because they work for my particular needs.. Others may have different needs. Keeping your equipment ready is what matters most. My dad used hoppes and I grew up with hoppes and will probably pass on with hoppes. I still hunt and practice with my dads rifles and no issues. 50 years of hunting and shooting. What you use is second. First is that you use it. Sniffing hoppes is my high.


Magna-lube where grease is called for, like the rails and bolt guides and ATF where oil is needed like for the bore. hopes #9 for solvent. KISS


Hoppes Solvent, Rem oil lube.


I will keep this to the point hands down if you have not heard of this product trust me its worth time to check in on its called STRIKE HOLD it honestly does it all.

Tom W.

I use Ed’s Red (minus acetone ingredient) for bore/barrel cleaning. Breakfree CLP for wipedown and protectant. Gunbutter for slide rails, bolts, and other parts where I want lubrication to stay put and not run.