Reactions from the George Zimmerman Verdict

Reactions from the George Zimmerman Verdict
Reactions from the George Zimmerman Verdict

Reactions from the George Zimmerman Verdict

I think the reactions of the George Zimmerman verdict have shown us once again what is leading to the decline of this country and why it is more important than ever to be self-reliant and to prepare for uncertain times.

The fact is, we have a man who was getting his head bashed in by another man and he defended himself as any person would. We do not have a man that hunted down an unarmed person, because if that was the case I think we would agree George Zimmerman should have gone to jail for murder.

However, we have the TV pundits, Hollywood celebrities, and protestors talking about how you can go around hunting down unarmed children and murdering them. They forget to mention that this unarmed child, violently attacked a man, broke his nose, and was slamming his head on the ground.

My point is…

We have many people in this nation who fail to even look at the facts so they can make an intelligent comment on the case, but more importantly, we have a nation of people who don’t believe a person should be responsible for their actions.

I find it troubling that the President of our country – who ought to try and be an example – would tell the nation to “honor” Trayvon Martin. In other words, he is telling the nation to honor a man who tried to kill another man. He’s not saying that we need to take responsibility for our actions and that the reason the man died is because he chose to jump someone, and to repeatedly punch them and bash their head on the ground.

I’m pretty sure if I went up to Alec Baldwin (a knucklehead celebrity who made a silly comment about the case) and I started bashing his head on the ground he wouldn’t just sit there and smile, he’d defend himself like a normal person would.

But again, my big problem is the lack of personal responsibility in this country.

It’s the notion that we can do whatever we want without consequences, and that someone or something (such as the government) will bail us out or take care of us.

In fact, the only reactions I don’t blame are Trayvon’s parents. I think we can agree that if your child died, no matter what caused it, you would want the person that killed them to be prosecuted… I’m sure I certainly would.

But everyone else, not so emotionally close to the case should be teaching their children personal responsibility. And that you don’t go around starting fights and punching people and if you do, there are consequences to be paid.

I guess what I’m really trying to say is, instead of all of the hate being spouted from both sides and instead of Geraldo Riveria and Al Sharpton stirring things up just to get their time in front of the camera, we should be teaching our kids and our nation to be responsible for their actions.

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Jason Hanson is a former CIA Officer and author of The Covert Guide to Concealed Carry. He is also the creator of the Ultimate Concealed Carry Experience, which allows you to take your concealed carry training without leaving home. For full details about this training, please visit Concealed Carry Academy. You can also follow him on Google+ and Twitter.
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I’m sorry. But I have to strongly disagree with you. A law is a law and I understand that, but zimmerman had no right to get out of his truck and also didn’t have the right to follow him. If he would of call the police and stayed in his vehicle, this conversation wouldn’t exist.

Jason Johnson

er, no. Martin created the situation when he attacked Zimmerman.

Ron in Florida

Well, so many people want to say… if Zimmerman had not done this… or if Trayvon had not done this. Here is the point. Zimmerman got out of his truck. No law broken. He was trailing a man, (I say man since he was 6’2″) who he had never seen in his neighborhood. No law broken. When Trayvon confronted Zimmerman, he then attacked him. Law broken. As he over powered Zimmerman, he was beating his head into the concrete. Law broken. Zimmerman defended himself. Within the guidelines of the law. People want to make this racial. It is not a black or white, Zimmerman is hispanic. This shows all of us why it is sooo important to be able to protect ourselves as well as our loved ones.


NO, a law is a law. No matter if Zimmerman did start the fight, when it changed from simple defense on the part of TM (if you believe that to be the case) to an assault on Zimmerman, then TM broke the law. For instance, if I attack you I have committed an assault and battery. You have the right of defense. If during your defense, I state that I give up or try to leave, and you continue, then you have become the aggressor, and I therefore have the right to self defense.
At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter what any one of us think about it. The fact is that a trial has been had. It has been held by our courts, by our rules, and each side has had a chance to present their facts and thoughts to the jury, which both sides selected. Whether you believe that Zimmerman got off scott free, or whether you believe that the verdict was correct really doesn’t matter. It’s over, the trial has been had. That’s our system, and it’s still one of the best in the world.


does the “J.C.” stand for Jesus Christ? Only he and actual eye witnesses can make comments on what should have been done.!!!!! If you weren’t there, SHUT UP.


Yes, both of them made mistakes. Sometimes the penalty for dumb mistakes is pretty severe. Martin lost his life for attacking the wrong person, and Zimmerman will never enjoy a moment of peace as long as he lives.


While I agree that Zimmerman should have stayed in his vehicle (I am a neighborhood watch coordinator), the fact remains that he did nothing illegal in following Martin, and at no time did he threaten Martin in any way with physical harm or death – that is the legal basis for ANY use of force, including non-lethal force. Martin was on his cell phone at that time telling his girlfriend how big and bad he was compared to the crazy a** cracker following him. Now, if he had truly felt threatened by Zimmerman following him, then the responsible thing to do would have been to stop talking with his girlfriend and use his cell phone to call 911 and report a potential stalker, but he didn’t do that. Instead, with his girlfriend still listening, he decided to prove how macho he was and confront the person following him – never stopping for one second to think about what my daddy told me when I was growing up: you never attack an unknown person, because you never know when they might be carrying a weapon. Martin had no legal basis on which to launch an attack against Zimmerman. That was the conclusion of the jury, and that is why they acquitted Zimmerman.


“…zimmerman had no right to get out of his truck…”
“…and also didn’t have the right to follow him…”
Wrong again.


George Zimmerman followed Trayvon Martin from a distance. Trayvon Martin’s parents failed to teach him that when he felt threatened to dial 911. Trayvon decided to do street retribution on the “white Cracker” and closed the distance and threw the first punch.
George Zimmerman committed no crime, whether Trayvon was committing a crime before he attacked Zimmerman is unknown.
The real crime and violation of civil rights was committed by the Governor and his “special prosecutor” who conspired to violate George Zimmerman’s rights and protection codified in Florida 776.032..

George Zimmerman’s failure was to fail to understand the peril that he was exposing himself to when he exited his vehicle. The anti-gun, anti-freedom factions are using the phony issue of Stand Your Ground because they want all guns out of the hands of te general public because those guns assure the “security of a free state” and that is the ultimate goal of the Obama administration and the Chicago gangsters.


And what “law” are you referring to when you say, “a law is a law”? The law that says you can’t follow someone in your gated neighborhood that you believe does not belong there? Never heard of that law. Maybe it is the law that says, if you see someone suspicious in your gated neighborhood you must remain in your vehicle? Never heard of that law either. Maybe its the law that says if someone is straddling you, beating your face so severely that your nose is bashed in and smashing your head into the concrete so you have gashes in the back of your head, then you do not have the right to defend yourself? Hmmm, that actually is completely opposite of what the law says, and which is why the jury acquitted him! If someone is beating the living crap out of you, using lethal force (concrete against the back of the head is lethal force) then you have every right to use lethal force to defend yourself. This is the reason I advocate women to carry, especially if they are tiny and petite. The firearm becomes the equalizer against someone bigger, stronger, and more savage than you.

And if you want to play the “if” game… if Trayvon had not circled around and bragged to his girlfriend how big he was compared to George, and if Travvon had kept walking out of the gated neighborhood, we wouldn’t be having this conversation either. The fact remains, Trayvon was the aggressor, Zimmerman the victim. Yes, it is tragic that Trayvon died and died needlessly. But that doesn’t mean that what Zimmerman did was against the law.


Stayed in his vehicle? Like the Sanford area Fla man that was dragged ‘from’ his vehicle on 26 March following the ‘son’ of Obama (if he had a son) incident and had his head beaten in by a hammer, until he was unrecognizable and placed in intensive care…forever? They found his carjacked SUV later. Look up Julius Bender and Yahaziel Israel. look at their pictures, the media for some unexplained reason, conveniently only gives their ages.

Where is Al, Jesse and Eric holder? Where is the outrage? Do the young men also look like this sitting president’s son…if he had a son? No media staged WH Rose Garden speech with a ‘glycerin’ tear? How about the dozen or more blacks that slaughter each other in Chicago…per week. No Outrage? Being black in itself is not a culture, but ‘Culture’ is a deadly element when kept in perpetual dependency addiction… ‘The Great Society’ (LBJ).. the root of so many problems across the entire USA, that the only recourse is to Delete, Reset and ‘Hard’ Reboot. With no backup of data… or the Virus will Reinfect.

Tony Kammerer

You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts.
Zimmerman had every right to get out of his truck and attempt to follow the suspicious person he called the cops about. If Martin has not assaulted Zimmerman, or not continued to the point where deadly force was absolutely called for, this conversation wouldn’t exist.


At an NAACP rally this past week, AG Eric Holder lashed out at the Stand Your Ground (SYG) laws that have been enacted in 22 states.

“These laws try to fix something that was never broken,” Holder said at the Orange County Convention Center. “There has always been a legal defense for using deadly force if – and the ‘if’ is important – no safe retreat is available. But we must examine laws that take this further by eliminating the common sense and age-old requirement that people who feel threatened have a duty to retreat, outside their home, if they can do so safely” (Holder lashes out at SYG laws).

There are three very basic flaws in Holder’s arguments.

First, the US Supreme Court has upheld the basic right to self defense in numerous cases, most notably Heller. Self defense is a right; there is no duty to retreat. So once again the good AG is trying to create a legal duty where none exists.

Second, the Zimmerman trial was never about SYG; it was the self-same self defense plea to which Holder refers in his speech. Holder states that citizens have a duty to retreat, yet the jury determined that Zimmerman was unable to retreat. Therefore, he was entitled to his use of lethal force to preserve himself from great bodily harm and death.

But the most important ramification of Holder’s speech is this: Holder made the statement, “… people who feel threatened have a duty to retreat…” The context of this statement is Holder’s stated contention that Zimmerman exercised his right to employ lethal force before making an adequate attempt (whatever THAT is) to retreat.

Now, the prosecution’s testimony was that MARTIN was the threatened party. Zimmerman was following him, and according to testimony from Martin’s girlfriend, Martin felt threatened. The logical conclusion, therefore, under Mr. Holder’s argument, would be that MARTIN should have been the one with the duty to retreat – which we know did not happen.

But that isn’t what Holder said.

He said that it was ZIMMERMAN who had the duty to retreat.

This poses a real problem for his contention that Martin was the victim. In the light of his stated argument that the victim/defender has the duty to retreat, one can only draw one conclusion: if Zimmerman had the duty to retreat, then MARTIN was the aggressor.

In other words, Mr. Holder just declared Martin to be the aggressor and Zimmerman the victim/defender.

Thank you, sir, for clearing that up for us. You just confirmed the jury’s verdict.

Now leave our SYG laws, which played absolutely no part in this case, alone.


Holder can go Suck Nuts too


BTW, blacks are making use of SYG in Florida, too. Allen West posted this a day or so ago on FB: “Based on data maintained by Tampa Bay Times, approximately one-third of Florida Stand Your Ground claims in fatal cases have been made by black defendants, as a defense with a 55% success rate. Blacks used Stand Your Ground defenses at nearly twice the rate of their percentage of Florida’s population (16.6% in 2012).”


The single best thing about SYG laws is; The only impact is to criminals. No decent human being will ever be shot in self defense.
As for the ‘duty to retreat’, I call BS! You attack me, it won’t end well for you though, I would probably try to talk an attacker down before I had to blow his head off.

Eric Holder is a POS who should be disbarred and locked up along with his boss/.


Here’s an interesting scenario I heard on XM Patriot channel – on Wilkow – if I run up and hit you then run, and you chase me and catch me and start beating on me, then I become the victim and can use deadly force, even though I started it by hitting you first. Wonder how that would play out in court… Any legal experts have an idea??

Martin Hruz

Well said.


Jason, I agree with your fundamental point of view. However, I think the real problem in this country is not a “racial divide” but an intelligence divide. Our nation is becoming more and more dominated by (for the lack of a better term) “dummies” incapable of critical thinking. For whatever reason (and I’m sure there are many) the so-called “progressives” are able to appeal to the emotional response of the “dummies” (whom Stalin termed “useful idiots”). It’s discouraging to see our country getting dumber and dumber as time passes. Unfortunately intelligence (and lack of it) is hereditary, and mostly the dummies seem to be dominating the births. I shudder to think of the future.


Good article this time, Jason.
However you may be surprised to know that Geraldo agrees with your POV.

Yehuda Alan

The press would have rather had Zimmerman killed by Martin or put in jail for life for murder or executed. Those are the only outcomes that would have satisfied them or Eric Holder. Anything else is a miscarriage of justice. After alll, someone got killed so someone has to pay for it, right? NOT!!!

Yehuda Alan

I feel sorry for Trayvon’s parents. Maybe the rest of society instead of blaming guns or Zimmerman, should take this to heart and teach their kids DO NOT start up with someone for no reason and MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS and stop making trouble!

Yehuda Alan

Eric Holder should take a long walk off of a short peer.

Mark Marshall

The entire administration should be deported or imprisoned.


Come on, Jason. With your CIA background I would think you would be able to expose this for the psyop that it is. Race division – Divide and conquer along with blaming the 2nd amendment for the death of a teen. It is no coincidWhile I agree with what you wrote, Please take your readers deeper into the program being perpetrated on the American public.

Yehuda Alan

That’s right the law tries to fix something that wasn’t broken, so now leave it alone and let’s get off the gun causes all problems theme and we HAVE to do something, ANYTHING because the sky is falling chicken little.


Ask any sane person who argues against the verdict if he would lay on the ground and let another person beat him with a baseball bat – without defending himself. The answer will always be No.

Well, depending on which side of the “street” they are on they may say “No, but he could have this or that or the other thing.”

And yeah, Holder is a blemish on the face of Truth and Justice.

Yehuda Alan

The NAACP is a liberal organization that pretends to pander to blacks, but let’s face it, not all blacks are alike, they are diverse, think differently so the NAACP is really a racist organization because it treats blacks as different from the rest of society.


I work with a number of black folks. Almost every one of them is a military veteran and, about 95% of them have at least a Bachelors degree and are completing a Masters. Literally the ONLY difference between us is skin color which, in a sane world, isn’t worth mentioning…

Yehuda Alan

If the NAACP were really for blacks then they would endorse whole heartedly School Choice vouchers so that blacks could get their children out of failing inner city slum schools. Black people are screaming for better educational choices for their children because they are getting an inferior education in city slum schools but NO, the NAACP and the Teacher’s Union fights tooth and nail against school choice which would save these disadvantaged kids and give them a quality education in a safe environment. Some help the NAACP is.


If this country were truly about educating its children and employing its people we would not be pi**ing away billions of dollar in other nations or out sourcing jobs to other countries. Once again, you have it twisted. This nation treats black people as if they are different form American society despite black people fighting in every war dying a shedding blood for our country. How is it that a black soldier’s are told to go to the segregated train cars and German prisoners of war are allowed to be seated in front. How is it that black couples with equal earning to white couples were steered into high risk mortgages by the banks. I’m just saying. Makes me wonder about if it is the NAACP or society that is treating people differently.


What would REALLY help black people would be to repudiate their so-called ‘Black Culture’ which perpetuates their misery. Beat down the clown who calls you a sellout for getting an education, keeping a job, raising a good family. Demand Al Sharpton
prove he’s an ordained minister. Demand Jesse Jackson show you his church. Slap down the street punk that offers your children drugs, gangs, and crime. Slap down all ‘progressives’. They ARE NOT your friends. Last, stop calling yourselves ‘African American’ You aren’t African. Africa isn’t a country. And, for obozo, there are only 50 states…


You forget, if GZ hadnt followed the young man against instruction he wouldnt have been in a stiuation where he would have had to defend himself. If that is the case. We’ve only heard his side of things. TM isn’t around to dispute it. If someone came after you with a gun what would you do?.


Exactly. I think Zimmerman fucked up and got away with murder.

Dave B

There was no evidence or testimony that GZ appraoched TM displaying his firearm. There was testimony that GZ was acting within his capacity as a neighborhood watch volunteer attempting to ascertain the motives of a suspicious person within the gated community he was protecting.

As the procescution so eloquently stated; “there are only two people who know what happened that night. One is dead and the other is a liar.” I wonder how the prosecution, or anyone else knows GZ was lying if by their own words, only two people know the truth?

Had the verdict been otherwise, certainly there would be outcries from the defense.

But neither are warranted nor constructive.

The jury deliberated and gave their verdict…. Let it be done with as our justice system was designed to do.

John Dough

Here a brown guy shoots a black guy and a white guy gets blamed for it.


No a man shot a child. Remember it wasn’t racial.

Too Bad

A 6′, 170#, MMA enthusiast who is on school suspension for drugs is NOT a child.


Like a lot people TOO Bad, you got things twisted. It was George Zimmerman that was taking MMA class. As a matter of fact his trainer stated that GZ was soft. That same trainer was offer a training package called the Zimmerman package. Pay attention TOO BAD. Don’t take my word. Go online and look it up like I did. At least make an attempt at being factual when you post.

Too Bad Too

You a fool. I doubt you can read if that’s what you got from it. Check out the videos and cell phone with the grilled wonder as well. The MAN liked beating others. Good riddance to bad rubbish.




The key word here is enthusiast. He didn’t say he was taking classes. Trayvon was constantly getting in fights. (cuz he liked to fight) The reason he was living with his father was cuz his mother made him leave cuz of he kept getting into fights.


Martin was 5’11” 158# – Medical examiner report. He was not a 13 year old boy, nor was he a 6′, 170# rap artist.

Sent to stay with his father because he could not stay out of trouble.

Obama and Holder both want to make this case about race.

Both Zimmerman and Martin made mistakes, it cost one his life and will change the life of the other forever.

After over a year of training, Zimmerman’s trainer stated that he had progressed to a 1 on a scale of one to ten, after starting at 0.5. He also stated that Zimmerman did not seem to have any martial arts talents.


a victim shot his assailant is more like it.


may many more victims shoot their assailants, until there ARE no more assailants. An armed society is a polite society. Since we are not polite to each other enough, we must not be well enough armed yet. It’s coming, though. More and more are arming themselves against the growing number of assailants. Let Darwin be right about his theory of Natural Selection……… those unfit to live won’t.


A man shot a thug who attacked him. Said thug got what he deserved. No parent should ever have to suffer the loss of a child. However, a properly brought up child doesn’t throw the first blow. This is a tragic parental failure that lead a young man down a path that ended with him getting shot and gave the hucksters in the media, the idiot in the White House, and the two uber race baiting parasites, Jackson and Sharpton a thrill that ran up and down their legs if I may quote another idiot, Chris Matthews.


Good to see there are still people like yourself in this crazy world.. who actually have common sense and come off as being brought up in a good way. Good to see ppl like you are still here. I thought I was just one of a handful left on the planet. It’s sad the way the world is headed.. especially the U.S.A.

Talking about putting armed guards in schools… among other things. I mean, REALLY!!!!?? ARMED GUARDS?! Come on now..! School isn’t a prison or a jail… I mean, it used to be a place where a kid could go and just be a kid.. a place where a child/kid could go and not have to worry about getting shot by some crazy person or some other psychotic child that has serious problems… a place where a child/kid could go for most the day and make new friends.. learn new things and just relax and have fun! I mean, well.. back in my school days thats how it was! I was born in 1982… and I was in middle-school starting in 1986 or 1987 (can’t remember for sure when I started the 1st grade). I graduated high school back in 2000 (millenium graduate!)

But anyhow, its good to see that there are still level-minded people out there.


And all the “rallies” in the last week have started out being called “Trayvon vigils” and by the time it’s over they’re calling the same event a “Zimmermnan trial protest(riot)unrest.”


You’re as ignorant as Sharpton, Jackson, and Obama. This case isn’t about race, and has never been about race. If only the racists would quit bringing race up as an issue.

One guy assaulted another guy and got shot for his trouble. That’s all that happened.


trayvon made it about race with his racist name calling crackera


It wasnt about race? If Martin was White and Zimmerman as black, Martin would have been called a racists who got what he deserved. Neither were White and White people got the blame from every media outlet. Not about race? Please…..


just as Laura said I’m startled that a mother able to earn $8711 in a few weeks on the computer. did you read this site w­w­w.K­E­P­2.c­o­m


Actually Zimmerman is Black, it is just that 1/8th isn’t BLACK ENOUGH for the likes of Jackson and Sharpton, not when you have White and South American Native thrown in.

Martin Hruz

It should not have been about race; but it has been.


And if it had been a black man shooting ANYONE else, it would not make news, because that doesn’t fit the liberal agenda.


Zimmerman should have minded his own business on the night of Feb. 26, 2012. A teenager wandering a neighborhood — even one who looks like he might be on drugs — is not a crime. In a free country, a law-abiding young man should be free to walk in the rain, for no apparent reason, without having to explain himself to anyone — including cops or a self-appointed watchman. The gun should have provided Zimmerman with more rationale — not less — to avoid a non-essential conflict.


You seem to forget the neighborhood was subject to many break-ins and theft. Now surely you do not want to get into the statistical numbers of the color of the far majority of the people who do this. Your liberal mind couldnt take it. Zimmerman was Neighborhood watch and he had every right to observe who is out late at night roaming the street. Not to mention out past curfew, high and coming back from the store getting his drank to get even more high. This very same adult sized “boy” as you bleeding hearts want to call him, was nearly an adult in age and was already larger than many average adults. He also had a bad rep and was certainly not a model citizen as you whacks make him out to be.
Justice was served. Deal with it. He came back around and attacked Zimmerman. That is self defense. He also was a racist drug using punk.
The politically correct judge and prosecuter would not allow or with held evidence that would have exonerated Zimmerman from the start in order to try and get a conviction and the jury of 6 women ! saw right through it.

Give it up bleeding heart. Zimmerman saved the tax payers of a future inmate wasting our tax money and probably saved some innocent life down the road as well. Take your politically correct jumbo and shove it.

Martin Hruz

The guy was an idiot and used a gun to have more b**ls than he should have. He didn’t use very simple common sense things like: 1 do not be seen. 2 “Oh, I am the neighborhood watch, cops are on the way cause we got a report of someone trying a window etc.” or some other such bull… 3.I have a gun stay back. Any 17 year old kid with street cred should be expected to want to fight. Z man is lucky there wasn’t a weapon in that waist band he was worried about.
Any grown ass man that can’t scare a kid off deserves to get his ass beat at least once. Half the battle occurs before the first punch is thrown and Z man lost that.
I am no bleeding heart but the guy’s actions should not be commended. If we all acted like that we’d either wind up dead or losing our right to a CCW. I have been burgled, robbed, and followed someone in my neighbrohood acting suspiciously. I identify with his feelings, but not anything beyond that. Z man is a “P” who relies on his gun and not his brain. You should have brain power to match your fire power or not be allowed to carry. End of story to me.

Martin Hruz

I don’t agree with the mind your own business mentality, but the rest of what you say is true. I live in a crappy neighborhood, it is not beyond me to ask people what the hell they are doing lurking on my street (which has no street lights).


it goes to show you who the racist are not the brown or white . the blacks thanks that we owe them something for the past


I have to disagree with you. Since the verdict is in and I accept that – I still believe that Zimmerman was guilty of Murder in the First Degree and should have been punished harshly for it. I am a gun owner, an NRA member, I support the right to self defense.

Again I accept the verdict of the jury but I do not support it.

Yehuda Alan

So the Martin defense team messed up in not appointing you to the jury. But you don’t really know what you would have decided had you been on the jury yourself. You might have also voted to acquit.


you support self defense but if someone attacks you and is pounding your head on the sidewalk if you shoot him its not self defense? that makes zero sense.


Had DZ taken TM’s life w/malice & intent, & in the absence of fear for his own safety, that would be Murder 1. Yet every aspect of the case said he did not. The Prosecution’s fantasies were were rejected by the jury. The evidence on all quadrants of DZ’s head, as well as his unheeded screams for assistance bear testimony that it WAS a matter of self -defense. He was the weaker, with fewer “combat” skills. He was being held down in an indefensible position & struck repeatedly.

I am a Life Member of the NRA. I advocate for firearms safety, for protecting the 2nd Amendment, for wildlife conservation & for a law-abiding citizen’s right to choose whether or not to be armed.

I, too, accept the jury’s verdict. I believe they got it right, but if I did not l would NOT be calling for riots, demonstrations & piling up lawsuits in an attempt to destroy him. That’s not Justice; that’s racist mob rule.

Yehuda Alan

Zimmerman should have retreated? Should have, could have, but chose to follow because he suspected TM was up to no good. That doesn’t mean that Trayvon had the right to attack Zimmerman and once he did, all bets off, Zimmerman had the right to defend. Now if TM knew that Zimmerman was armed he might have gone away quietly… who knows.


If they All are Trayvon, then they Better be careful, or They will All, end up just Like Trayvon

Julio DeJesus

You hardcore gun fanatics are a joke! I own a few guns, YES. I have my CWP, YES (going on 8 years now and I carry every single day where I legally am allowed to). I believe in self-defense when it is justified, YES but we only have one side to this story because the other side is dead. We don’t know exactly what was going on in Trayvon’s head as he was being followed. Maybe he thought Zimmerman was some pervert or just some crazed “cracker” out to do him harm so he tried to get away at first and when he couldn’t he decided to “defend himself” from someone he thought was out to do harm to him. And another thing, would that pussy Zimmerman have followed Trayvon behind them dark houses if he had been unarmed knowing he was bigger than him (from my understanding, even tho Trayvon was only 17 he was taller and bigger than Zimmerman). I highly doubt it. Zimmerman provoked Trayvon’s actions by following him knowing that if something went down he could “defend himself” against the bigger man. At 17, I would’ve done the same thing if some weirdo was following me into the darkness. I wouldn’t want this guy following me to my home and knowing where I lived because I didn’t know what he was up to. Zimmerman had no right to continue following him after the dispatcher told him they didn’t need him to follow him and because of it a 17 year old with skittles and an iced tea is dead. Even tho Zimmerman was found not guilty he is not free. He will forever be looking over his shoulder and finally know exactly what it feels like to be a black man in America.

btw, I am not black just in case some of you morons think I’m an angry black man defending my race.

Yehuda Alan

What does your NRA membership have to do with this? This is a legal case, the NRA is a political group that professes to represent all gun owners. You might do well to read up on the NRA history, you may find some distasteful things such as NRA support for gun control going all the way back to 1934 machine gun rules and the 1968 Gun Control Act. On the positive side, since about the 80’s the NRA has become much more in line with the wishes of its members. Probably becuase the attacks have been mounting against gun ownership since the 60’s and it continues to build up steam.

Sam Clemens

There’s only one reason for the continued anger. Trayvon was black and Zimmerman wasn’t. You don’t hear these folks carrying on about the blacks who kill other blacks EVERY DAY, all over the country. Maybe Zimmerman made a poor choice by following Martin. But that mistake ceased to be a factor when Martin punched him and then began bashing Zimmerman’s head on the concrete. Zimmerman had not done anything to warrant that reaction and had every right to defend himself.

Yehuda Alan

Amen! That is my thought as well. What Zimmerman should have done up until the confrontation is irrelevant. Martin had no right to attack him simply because he was following him around suspecious of his intent. And yes, on private property you can follow someone around and expect that they will behave you have the right to ask them to leave if you suspect they are up to no good. It would have been on TM to explain to Zimmerman why he was there and to yield to the rules of the community, and certainly not to attack Zimmerman simply because he was curious and concerned with what TM was up to.


You are crazy if you think that black people and the black community don’t have anything to say about crime. I will not say black on black crime because that would be just as silly as me saying white on white crime as in the case in Farmington Hill, MI beat to death family member. Sam, let us not act like white folk don’t commit crimes against one another. You assume that George din nothing to warrant a reaction. Somehow it is OK for one person to defend themselves but, not the other.


Attacking isn’t defending unless you’re thinking ‘the best defense is a sudden and devastating offense” George Zimmerman was within his rights.
‘Thugvon’ was not…


Read crime statistics. Highest black on black with black on white a close 2nd. White on black crime is the least in all crimes.


Amen! I couldn’t agree more my friend! Nicely put.


I have very mixed feelings about this whole case. In my state, Oklahoma, we are very progressive regarding gun carry laws. We are not required to retreat. We can stand our ground and protect ourselves and our property. We are a Castle Doctrine state. However, a person who is in possession of deadly force cannot initiate a fight or argument that might lead to an confrontation that would end up with that protagonist (Zimmerman) using deadly force on an unarmed citizen. Zimmerman’s actions of following Martin, first in a car, and then on foot seem to place him in this protagonist group. You simply should never put yourself in a position to have to defend yourself because your own aggressive actions. Frankly, I would have turned on Zimmerman and beat the shit out of him had I deemed him a threat when I was not breaking the law. Zimmerman is not guilty under Florida law, but I believe he committed manslaughter. I have a carry license and exercise that right on a daily basis, but I exercise that right responsibly and with no thought whatsoever of being some kind of vigilante. I am a member of USA Carry but disagree with your stance on the Zimmerman case.


OK – so you would have turned and beat the crap out of someone who was following you, but had done nothing to that could be considered a credible threat; he hadn’t pulled a weapon or made any verbal threat against you. THAT is what was established during the trial; Zimmerman did none of those things.

Florida law states the following: “776.012 Use of force in defense of person.—A person is justified in using force, except deadly force, against another when and to the extent that the person reasonably believes that such conduct is necessary to defend himself or herself or another AGAINST THE OTHER’S IMMINENT USE OF UNLAWFUL FORCE.”

Nothing Zimmerman did rose to that level; even Martin’s girlfriend, who was on the phone with him when things began to go south wasn’t able to testify that Zimmerman had done anything other than follow Martin. Martin had no legal justification to attack Zimmerman. He would have been better off calling 911 himself to report a possible stalker.


Chuck, a very provocative statement but misleading as to the circumstances of Zimmerman’s involvement. He lived in that community and was an on duty community watch patrolman. Thus identifying who might be transiting the community on foot late at night is a matter of community safety for which he was obligated to consummate. Multiple burglaries and break-ins had already taken place. He was calling 911 in order to summons a police officer to assist in the identification and he was keeping Travon in sight so as to direct the police to his location. Travon turned on George and struck him without provocation forcing him to the ground and continued to strike him repeatedly in the face and pound his head against the sidewalk. Then and only then did George pull his weapon in fear of his life and fire to protect himself from further energy and death. George followed all the recommended defensive tactics but the stand your grounds rule was not an option because he was on the ground with no means to flee from danger.

Yehuda Alan

Zimmerman was stupid once he called the police he should have let them handle it. This should never have taken place. Zimmerman is one lucky sob, he could have gotten life. He is certainly no role model and if anything he is a stain on the record of legal responsible gun owners.


Assumption is what got the case tried in the first place. Facts are what the case was acquitted on. The reason he was there was stated in the trial, he was the on duty community watch. He volunteered to protect the community and his family. How many times have you walked your dark community to ensure your families safety. It is not a fun job and can be dangerous as George found out and I also found out doing the same job for free on my spare time.


STAND YOUR GROUND, did not even take place in this case, how stupid are these people. Look at the case, what happened, where did he have the time even to stand his ground???? TM came up to him and broke his nose, down he goes, The gun only came into play when TM tryed to make a move for it and said to GZ your going to die tonight. gezzz give me a break, stop with this crap


Well said !!!!!!

Yehuda Alan

Forgot about the death threat. TM was one arrogant teen, eating his skittles. I think he had too much sugar in his system that day.

Yehuda Alan

But it certainly was not a white/black issue imho.

Yehuda Alan

We need school choice to better education our children big and small. There is no common sense being taught. In stead racism, political correctness, and atheism are being taught in public schools. SCHOOL CHOICE NOW!


Home schooling is a much better option. You get to indoctrinate your children the way YOU want to.(Reading, writing, Arithmetic, history, and, science.) Not the way some bleeding heart liberal socialist wants to.(diversity, multiculturalism, political correctness, racism, sexism, and, all the other ‘isms’ that aren’t good for anything.

Panhandle Pete

Jason: It is not nearly as simple as you suggested. This nation has slipped into an era of unreality, and making no excuse for irresponsible behavior, it is difficult for any one of us to “know” what is or is not real. Fundamentally, our leaders believe that there is no problem with a +17 trillion dollar national debt, and they rationalize away this kind of economic behavior for a variety of fabricated reasons, like remaining the world’s only superpower–and thus, being able to save the world for “democracy and freedom” and make it safer for us. This is lunacy, and the lunacy seeps down through our society and culture, causing the people of the USA subconsciously to believe they can behave that way, also. Our enemies see us as trying to create “The United States of Earth”, and the principal one–the Islamo- extremists, see this as getting in the way of their goal of worldwide Jihad.

For Huddy, I say “right on”. Our national normal curve of intelligence which had an average IQ of 100, probably has slipped way to the left on the bell distribution curve [IMO] to about 70, but I doubt the cause is all heredity [“nature”]. Much of the fault lies in “nurture”–the failure to demand continually high standards for education, both by the schools and parents.

For j. c., I say–You need to review the FACTS of the case. Zimmerman DID call the police. The police dispatcher, after asking if he was going to follow, told Zimmerman, “we don’t need you to do that”, but the dispatcher asked Zimmerman questions about the “person”. It seems obvious that Zimmerman was trying to comply with what the dispatcher needed , and got out of the car for that reason. Zimmerman had every right to get out of the car and follow, under the circumstances.


The Problem With This whole Situation NOW, After It`s Been Decided In our Court, Been Fairly tried, and The Court has said”You have no further business with this court” Should Be the end of the matter. period. But, No The decision by the LAW of the land. is not finished. The Justice Department Has to get involved because One person was a different color than the other. That Is not the way our system is supposed to be. If, Found guilty, would there be people marching in the streets? Of Course not. They got what they want. This Double standard Is The Real problem. Would they celebrate had he been convicted For defending Himself. Of course they would. And The President Calling on Us to Honor this Perpetrator Of a Felony (two counts of aggravated Battery) Against his victim. Sets an all time High. And The media Keeping It All Alive and well, Not in the interest of Justice But, For a story To Inflame the masses.
Our youth Dieing for a cause that can only serve Israeli Interest While 900.000 Veterans Are stuck awaiting an answer That is by design to only disappoint. Sending Billions of dollars overseas in Aid, While unemployment has ran out for millions that now have to beg for assistance to be able to Eat. and try to come up with fun things you can do in the dark to keep your kids from noticing the power has been cut off. While you wait for an answer from the state

Sorry If I sound bitter, But its hard to be happy these days. So if you`re not in the situation i`ve mentioned Thank God For your many Blessings. Uh oh Now I`m going to be on the List! I Mentioned, God.

Una Stamus

Thank you Jason for standing up and telling the truth. This is an extremely clear case of self defense yet millions across this country ( who fail to get the facts ) talk about the great injustice. Even our own president is feeding this frenzy because he wants us all disarmed. If Zimmerman had no firearm he would be the one dead. It is so very important that we get the right people in office to lead this country.
America is falling my friends. We all need to stand up and say any politician who does not follow the constitution needs to be thrown out of office.And we need to say it loud and clear.


The right Una…


There is nothing clear in this case except GZ’s father was involved in the justice system, GZ was a wannabe LEO, GZ killed a young man that he profiled. Those are the facts, everything else is disputable proof.


Apparently, that proof you bleat about was satisfactory for the jury wasn’t it?
BTW…PROOF is not disputable. You reach the truth through arguing the facts.
Something even the best lawyer can’t do when the facts are against them.

The trial is over. The CORRECT verdict was reached. A set of parents is devastated by the loss of a son, I agree. However, if that set of parents had raised their son properly, he wouldn’t have been suspended from school, using drugs, fighting, and robbing houses.
The end result was the Florida penal system was deprived of Trayvon’s company.


None of us; Black,white,green, yellow, brown or pink with orange polka dots, can have it both ways. WE elect the people who make and pass these laws. WE are obligated to follow and obey them to the fullest. A jury has spoken !!!! This wasn’t a KKK back yard hanging !!! We cannot pick and chose which jury decisions justify our individual opinions. Thats hypocritical! We as a people cannot justify changing laws to appease some.


Since DHS has decreed that all Caucasians and US military veterans are considered enemies of the state, then it seems only reasonable for the AG to declare any one that defends themselves against a black person and wins is inherently a racist. By demonstration and rhetoric, the majority of the government has demonstrated their racist attitudes against the non black citizens. I have not seen racism defined only as against a black except by a black militants or an anti constitutional bigots. We have a considerable number of black Americans that do not accept this separationist socialistic policy that is being spewed out by this president and the DOJ. If all self defense cases that a Caucasian wins automatically become a federal civil rights case, basically sharia law. then this country is headed for extinction just as Obama’s agenda prescribes and a new middle east will flourish


All Caucasians, Military veterans, and Citizens of EVERY persuasion should declare the DHS an enemy of the people and give them 24 hours to leave the country…or else!

Joe Sobotka

To people with their “what ifs”. Thats in the and are not facts. Also, Trayvons girfriend did an interview on TV and she said Taryvon initiated the attack on Zimmerman, and he said. Gotta hang up. I’ve got some business to take care of. Zimmerman was proven innocent by a jury of his piers. So get over it!


All I can say is Bravo to the 6 courageous women who stood their ground on that jury. Is Eric Holder going to review the racism in the OJ trial or maybe that travesty came out to his liking as 12 people used “nullification” not evidence to render their verdict. Sad state of affairs we are in primarily due to poor leadership by bitter, resentful, irresponsible, malicious, self-seeking power mongers aided and abetted by media, celebrities, politicians desperately attempting to avoid being tarred with the racist label. Racism is OK today as long as you direct it towards anybody but African Americans.


Now 5 of those 6 people are saying they weren’t sure. I believe every lawyer in that court room was defending George. Maybe you be so blessed as Trayvon was.

NRA supporter

I watched Free Speech tv last night and a comment was made that if the attacker where a white male Mr. Zimmerman would have been found guilty. This case is NOT about race or color and I feel they keep using this as their “soapbox” speeches. The fact is, Mr. Zimmerman is of Latino race I believe and is not white. (I could be wrong as I am speculating). The fact is- if a white male was bashing my head into the concrete I would have done what was necessary to protect myself. Maybe you should post the video from Dr. Ignacious Piazza that shows a poor woman brutally beaten in her own home in the middle of the afternoon, while her children were home. This might add relevance to the importance of the Castle Doctrine and stand your ground. If someone tried to hurt myself or my family I would do whatever it took to protect them and myself. That’s why we have the second Amendment to begin with- to protect ourselves. I agree the whole situation is a tragedy and have many friends of all races, creed, and color and anyone regardless of these things is either violent or not. I think the people who are speaking up should be talking about the facts of the case, and stop using this for their “anti gun campaigns”. Taking away guns from responsible people means that those who intend to do another person harm basically have the green light to do so. If these people speaking want to improve things, call for education and better background checks before allowing people to purchase a gun to begin with. This trial is a murder or self defense issue- let’s keep it that way.


You all should probably go to Massad Ayoob’s blog on Backwoods Home Magazine and read what he wrote. He was asked twice to be an expert witness in the case and was there.

Gerald Holloway

This last weekend I was following Fox News and the coverage of the trial. I found it very disturbing how Geraldo and others would talk up Zimmerman when not infront of the protesters but when they would be infront of them they would talk on the other side of their mouth. If you can not stay on one side of the issue, don’t say anything at all. VERY DISTRUBING FOX NEWS.

From the outside


Very very tough call from the sidelines for all interested parties…all citizens.

I absolutely agree that every individual has a right to protect his/herself against violence. That being stated I fail to understand a system that can allow for one individual pursuing another( after an implicit law enforcement directive otherwise) killing that person and no legal punitive measures levied against that individual. This case should never have been about race as profiling (characterization) is a visceral reaction.

In terms of personal responsibility, not all men are the “every man” Zimmerman was spot on to call law enforcement as he was not trained to respond to the situation. That doesn’t mean if we see a burning building we shouldn’t A) call the fire department then B) attempt to put the fire out. However, it does mean that the gun wielding individual should’ve taken personally responsibility and monitored from afar. If you , prior to your def tactic’s training were being pursued by someone what would you do?


Carrying a concealed weapon legally is not against the law. But murder is. Just because he was found not guilty, does not mean he’s not. And it doesn’t matter what color he is.


Every argument that Zimmerman is a killer, like John and Julio DeJesus, are posting here, is making a GIANT leap. Direct quote (Julio DeJesus) “he tried to get away at first and when he couldn’t he decided to “defend himself” from someone he thought was out to do harm to him”…. SERIOUSLY? “when he couldn’t he decided to “defend himself””?? Why couldn’t Martin walk away? The only argument against Zimmerman is HE should have walked away. Martin did NOT “try” to get away, he actively confronted Zimmerman. Did Zimmerman have him surrounded? No, Martin attached Zimmerman. The Jury, who saw all the evidence, made that decision.

IF YOU REMOVE ALL THE FACTS; then yes Martin is an innocent kid who was hunted by a crazed killer. Everyone who believes that also believes Zimmerman is White, not Hispanic, and the killing was a plot by all Whites to kill all African-Americans (even though, again, Zimmerman is Hispanic). And, the FACT that most every article uses a picture of Martin when he was 12 (in the red shirt), and the old Zimmerman picture of him in an orange shirt (looks like a mug shot in a jail outfit). No one is showing Martins current Facebook photo, where he is flipping off the camera, with no shirt, pants under his rear, and backward cap. Or Zimmermans current DMV photo, of him in a suit and tie. Because perception is reality!

Bottom line; you can’t change the facts, so you ignore them. Ignore that Martin attacked him, unprovoked (being followed does not give anyone the right to beat up anyone). Ignore that the police photos show Zimmerman bleeding from the back of his head and face, to include a broken nose. Ignore the fact that Martin was not beaten. Ignore the fact that the eyewitness yelled at Martin, that he was calling 911, during the beat down, and Martin continued beating Zimmerman. Ignore the fact that Zimmerman is Hispanic. So, ignore all that, and you are correct….

Julio DeJesus

Did you even watch the trial Rwwatson? Zimmerman himself said that TM started running from him. Does that not imply that TM was trying to get away from what he possibly perceived was a threat to him?? Zimmerman also said while on the phone with 9-1-1, “these punks always get away” (or did you miss that part of the trial as well) as he was following TM after she advised him they didn’t need him to follow him. If at 17, or whatever age for that matter, if someone was following and you were running towards your house would you want that weirdo knowing where you lived? I know I wouldn’t!! At 17 I would’ve done exactly what TM did and confronted whoever was following me. Were you there Rwwatson? Do you, for a fact know that TM threw the first punch, do you know the attack was not unprovoked by GZ? Do you know what words were exchanged between the 2 of them? NO! GZ knew he had a gun on him that he could use to “protect himself” if need be, knew there weren’t many witnesses outside, and knew this was one “punk” that wasn’t going to get away this time. You’re an idiot if you think differently. I knew GZ was hispanic and not a white dude..I am also hispanic but I don’t defend what this piece of shit did. And what does TM’s Facebook page have to do with any of this? He was a 17 year kid!! We all did dumb shit at that age. I was not the most law abiding juvenile at that age but that don’t change the person I am today. GZ is a trigger happy, wannabe cop dirtbag who shouldn’t have the right to carry a concealed weapon permit.


Ummm, did you not watch the trail? The comment “these punks always get away” was made by Zimmerman the day before to a Police dispatcher, NOT to the 911 operator. Was I there? NO. Were you? NO. So we rely on eyewitnesses and those who were there!

So, keep making stuff up, and ignoring the facts. Thats just what you do….

Julio DeJesus

Whether it was done the day before to a Police dispatcher or the day of to the 911 operator makes no difference and proves the fact that he was a trigger happy, wannabe cop. He pursued TM with the same mind frame that he was just another “punk” getting away and he was not going to let that happen this time. The only facts you’re going on are what the killer has said and one eyewitness that witnessed the fight towards its ending that couldn’t even testify to who exactly was on top or bottom but only what colored clothing the person on top was wearing. (and wasn’t even very accurate with that). There were no other good witnesses, no one who saw it from beginning to end, and no one who could testify that what GZ said is exactly how it all went down. I didn’t make anything up, and the “facts” you speak are coming from the man who made it out of this situation alive.


GZ broke his own nose, got down, a few seconds before the police arrived and battered his own head into the walkway. And regardless that GZ followed TM, in your mind ,gives TM the right to beat the shit out of GZ. What a concept, brother, I have to put you in the moron column.

Julio DeJesus

Eat a dick dude! GZ pursued TM knowing he had his gun and could use it if he had to. We all know that pussy would not have followed a “bigger person” into the darkness if he was unarmed. There was a confrontation, TM started beating his ass, GZ got his feelings hurt and he “defended himself” like the punk he is. At 17 I would’ve confronted someone who was following me too. TM didn’t who or why he was being followed so he confronted him just like I would have. And to answer your question, No I would not have been suspicious by the way TM was dressed because I wear hoodies too. That’s like raping a chick because she’s dressed slutty and saying she deserved it because of the way she was dressed. You, my friend, are the moron!


“Eat a d*** dude!”
“..that pu**y..”
“..beating his ass..”
“ the punk he is.”
“I would’ve confronted someone who was following me too.”
“I wear hoodies too.”
“That’s like raping a chick ..&cet”
“You, my friend, are the moron!”

Wow, Sounds like you’re also a ghetto thug punk, just like your hero TM.

Try a little more civility in your next post, or…better yet, just stay away.

Julio DeJesus

I think if I was the ghetto thug punk you think I am I would have gotten into some “George Zimmerman Trouble” a long time ago being that I’ve been carrying a handgun daily for the past 8 years (with my Concealed Carry Permit of course) so be my “guest” and you can go eat a dick with your buddy too.


Well that tells me so much about you, letting all know that you have a ccp. So if someone is beating the shit out of you, you are going to leave it holstered? Well I hope your boyfriend does not get raped because you carry a weapon for ??? I do know this, you talk about the male anatomy a lot, must be a big part of your life..

Christine kaplan

You don’t impress me and having to state you have a “conceal carry permit” probably means you don’t have one.

Julio DeJesus

Really Christine? I’m gonna assume you’re a female so I’ll behave but is that the best argument you can come up with? I would take a picture of my permit but I wouldn’t want all these morons in this thread knowing my address but I assure you it is not very difficult in the state of Virginia to get your concealed weapons permit.


The jury has spoken, idiot. Why don’t you shut up and go home.
And yeah, I’d call you idiot to your face and all you’d do is wet your panties…

Julio DeJesus

Hahaha haha ha..


Bottom line Zimmerman should have stayed in his car until the authorities arrived. You weren’t there neither was I. If GZ wasn’t so busy playing “cop” an UARMED Individual ” would still be alive today. Those are the facts.


Well that said, TM should of walked a few feet to where he was staying, not walked down the “dog path” which was approx. 100 feet. This BS is over, GZ is exactly what he was before the trial …..”INNOCENT”. To you morons,get over it,if you still want to spew your cluelessness, come down here to Florida, go walk into the black community and protest the drive bys and sensless young black kids getting killed daily by black drug thugs, then I would walk besides you. Until then STFU about this BS racism, the reason why the black community wants the SYG law changed is because it makes their victims more secure, so the thugs become unable to do their “jobs”.


The facts, moron, are: If Trayvon had not attacked George Zimmerman, he would be alive (and probably in jail) today.


Whoops, forgot your other misquote; TM did not “run” away, he started to walk away, before he changed his mind, doubled back, and attacked Zimmerman.

And, if you look at the other person I also mentioned, HE mentioned the racist aspect. Its not all about you…

But hey, keep changing the facts, and your stance will eventually make sense.


oh but TM was NOT “running” away, nor was he heading back toward his house.. he had doubled back through some private backyards, where he should NOT have been, came round to where GZ’s truck was parked them ambushed GZ as he tried to get back to his truck. Had the punk really been on about getting back home, he’d never have gone that way, nor would he have gotten shot. GZ had left off following him to keep an eye on him, and going back to his truck. The punk had to have covered a full block to double back and get to GZ’s truck before GZ did. He was certainly NOT “trying to get home”, he was acting out on his earlier expressed desire for a fight, to beat up on somebody. It is YOU who lack the facts. Makes me think you are a phoney troll with an assumed hispanic name sent along to stir up more trouble.

Julio DeJesus

Assumed hispanic name? Really tionico? What kinda name is that anyways? This is my Gov’t name given to me by my hispanic parents both born on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. (I was born in the states but that’s besides the point.) There is nothing phony about me and I assure you I am 100% hispanic but my race has nothing to do with how I feel about this case. You would think me being hispanic that I would try to defend GZ but I’m not and that’s where I’m going to end this because I’m not gonna keep arguing with a bunch of retards. None of us were there, none of us know exactly what happened. All these “facts” came from the person pursuing not the one being pursued. If you were GZ would you not stretch the truth a little if you knew there were no real witnesses to testify against you if it meant getting out of a life sentence? All I know is I was once a teenager myself and I would not have taken to kindly to a strange man following me for no reason. I too would have confronted GZ to find out why he was following me. TM did nothing wrong and did not deserve what happened to him. End of story.

julio statist

“..This is my Gov’t name..”
Who the heck (but a statist) would say they have a “gov’t name”?

Julio DeJesus

A statist? WTF is a statist? Whatever it is I am not. Dude said I had an “assumed hispanic name” so I was letting him know that was the name given to me by my parents aka “Gov’t name” so do me a favor julio statist and go harass someone else.


You are dead wrong Jesus. Under Fla. law the self defense situation does not start until the physical action starts. Re: TM ‘s sucker punch to GZ’s nose, the subsequent full mount by TM and repeated bashing of GZ,s head against the concrete sidewalk.

However, the use of force by the aggressor paragraph ( 776.041 ) still goes to GZ,s favor . In section 2 as stated; a person who initially provokes the use of force against himself, : ( a ) and Such force is so great that the person REASONABLY believes that he or she is in imminent danger of great bodily harm or death and that he or she has exhausted every reasonable means to escape such danger other than the use of force which is likely to cause great bodily harm to the assailant is justified in the use of deadly force on his or her assailant.

Julio DeJesus

I understand that’s Florida’s law Mr Elf. It still doesn’t make it right. GZ pursued TM knowing he had his gun and could use it if he needed to. None of us were there so we don’t know exactly what happened. Everyone is going on what GZ told us..we don’t have TM here to tell us his side of the story. How do we know GZ didn’t take the first swing when they confronted each other and TM just defended himself and when GZ saw he was losing the fight he decided to use his gun?? We don’t know that because TM is dead. Would GZ have followed a bigger person into the darkness if he was unarmed? Probably not! If TM was of age and had his own gun legally could he have “stood his ground” and killed GZ because he felt threatened by him? Probably so. Nobody knows what really happened that day so its really pointless to keep arguing about it.


The only piece of shit here is YOU, Julio. Clearly, you are of the thug persuasion. I’ll bet you don’t even know who your daddy is.


At 17 my father was on a boat headed for combat in Europe.

John Galt

This is the only comment that makes sense here. This fact is an armed man suspiciously approached an unarmed teen, obviously prepared mentally and equipment wise for confrontation. The kid tries to get away from GZ who had already believed he had a criminal in his hands. He follows this kid who naturally tries to fend off GZ and he gets killed doing just that. How much of a threat could and unarmed opened ice tea holding TM possibly be to an armed and certainly prepared GZ? Who didn’t even have to rack his gun before pulling the trigger and who blatantly lied claiming he was the one screaming for help. Who screams for help when the have gun and the “aggressor” had no weapon? I can promise U, Jason, he will need more than a handgun now, perhaps a tank too.


If you knew anything about firearms, you’d know a semi-automatic is carried with a round in the chamber and the safety on. John, you’ve got your ‘facts’ backwards here.


Let us not forget that this so called “child” labeled by that K-Mart atty. Crump had pics of child pornography, a felony, smoking pot and by the way, in his blood at the time of the event, a felony, handling a firearm by a “child”, getting expelled from school for, take a guess , fighting, then add the statement, “like to see blood, after fighting”.Now ,let me say,that this is a freakin’ damned tradety, but the negro community spews out that GZ should of stayed in his truck, so,that said, why the f did TM go right home. I am so sick of this racial BS. Has anyone seen that congress idiot from Ill. Bobby Rush, this idiot in our congress is a laughing moron, as seen on Hannity the other night. He is a bumbling racist from another freakin’ planet. I am sad for the Martin family, but as far as this being anything close to a racial event, I am LOL’ing. This coming from a “creepy ass cracker” and “nigga”, TM’s words, just down the road a bit from Sanford.

Joe in FL

I believe GZ was justified in using deadly force and that the verdict of not guilty was correct based on the facts, evidence and the law. Now convince Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the NAACP, the CBC, Black Panthers, and all the others that believe that justice was not served. Race was not a factor, something the FBI stated yet members of our Gov’t still presses to make it a racial issue. It’s almost as if they want to whip the non-believers into a feeding frenzy and create civil unrest. Possibly to distract all of us from the current scandals plaguing the Obama administration?


Only two important members of the Government are making an issue over this.
Our ‘president’ and his attorney general.(Lower case intentional). Both need to shut their mouths, resign their positions, and just go away…


I agree with 100%, they are trying to make Trayvon Martin look like “Little Bo Peep” nothing could be further from the truth. He was a thug, if you live by the sword you die by the sword.
I will be getting my CC permit soon.



This is exactly why my son and I just applied for our concealed weapons license..because if a creepy white man is following me SHOOT FIRST AND ANSWER QUESTIONS LATER .


With that attitude, your FBI Background Check will reveal your past. You do know about the FBI background check? About being ‘Fingerprinted’? Taking the full Certification Course? Of course you may live where ‘anyone’ can ‘carry’ any time they desire…like Chicago…after nightfall.

Gerald Holloway

I have read numerous statement being made but one that has never been addressed: Martin was staying with his Dad and Dad’s girlfiend. Not with his mother and stepfather(?). I really do not know if the man that was with Martins mother when the trial was going on was his father or his Step father. I wish I knew and then maybe something can be said of that, what was his fathers instructions to young Martin about being out?


I would like to know why, it’s ok for blacks to kill blacks and for blacks to kill whites but as soon as one black is killed by white person every black person has to animal and do a jungle war dance. We’ve been trying to civilize blacks for two hundred years, it isn’t working. I have been treating blacks like equals for many, many years and I have to finally admit, they are the problem, not the white people.


Zimerman is NOT “white”, despite his labelling as a “white hispanic”, a brand new term created expressly to make it easier to demonise him.


I suspect you are correct, however, George is at least as White and our president is Black, and he calls himself “Hispanic”. I suspect THEY are calling him W-H to make it sound as though the
“crime” was racial & that the Jury was unfairly stacked. Truth be
told, the county from which the jury was pulled is White (65%) and Hispanic (18%). On a 6-person jury, seeing a Black person on the jury would have been a surprise to me, especially given the undisguised animus among the Black community.

Zimmerman’s father is Caucasian and his mother was born in Peru, and I don’t know whether or not she is a mixture of European and one of the indigenous peoples the region. Don’t care, either. From his mother George has ties to Hispanic culture, language, religion, & religious holidays. He is bilingual and has a personal preference for “Salsa” music. Why not White-Hispanic?


He also apparently had a great-grandparent that was black – not sure where.

There was one black man dismissed by the prosecution, because he “watched Fox News and might be biased for Zimmerman”.


Thanks. I didn’t see any references to George’s family tree, and I recorded the trial coverage from CNN & MSNBC and all the pontificating by the talking heads so I wouldn’t miss anything. With the liberal bias of the media & the obvious animus in Black community, I wonder how they missed something like George being part White, Hispanic and Black as well???

The prosecution & defense never made race an issue.The prosecution nixed a Black jury prospect as probably being biased for acquittal because he watched Fox News? I guess they were afraid he would be a voice of reason in the jury deliberations. Better to have no Blacks on the jury than one who would require actual proof of criminal intent..

Again, thanks. I find that if I’m not r-e-a-l-l-y careful, I learn something new every day. 🙂


His father is a semetic jew….


Dang! George turns out to be just about the most D-I-V-E-R-S-E feller I know of. White, Black, Jewish, & Peruvian-Hispanic. Based on the history of his dealings in interracial situations, he almost a poster child for racial-inclusiveness. I’ve never seen the Black Panthers or Al Sharpton stand up for a white man’s rights in a confrontation with Black, but Zimmerman did it for a homeless Black man, beaten by the son of a White policeman. Still, the NAACP insists that racial hatred & racial profiling lead him to shoot a guy who was beating the crap out of him Makes me wonder who the real “Haters” are in this country.


It’s never been ok for “blacks” to kill ‘blacks” or “blacks” to kill “whites” or “blues” to kill “greens”! There are black people with issues just as in ANY other races there are PEOPLE with issues throughout ALL races.. “Jungle war dance” , dude, you are truly funny! By your comment, I can tell you treat black people as equals. My prayers goes out to the Martin family that they may find the good memories they had with their son and hold on to them forever. Also, my prayers goes out to the Zimmerman family, taking a life is never easy to deal with be it self defense or any other way.


Well said…


Except how many blatant anti white hate crimes have occured where it was obviously a black on white hate crime and the police didnt label it as such? In almost every case.


The visiting Australian baseball player should have known that “Jogging while white” was punishable by instantly administered death in certain culture parts of the country. He surely didn’t ‘Stand his ground’, he was in full retreat, as is demanded by dis-Utopian European laws. Liberal News media, with absolutely no facts yet released, instantly spewing agenda driven rhetoric, proclaimed it ‘Not a hate crime’.

Holder, Obama and the rest of the administration racists, remain silent just as they did in the incident with the little white girl, Autumn Pasquale, hacked into little pieces by ‘youth of color’. A double standard is so obvious. Horrendous violent acts, repugnant and repetitious countless times over, since the exceedingly rare Zimmerman/Martin affair. Such wild discrepancies are only seen in ‘Twistory’ spin and their drastically flawed depictions of events for political gain.


I’m for stand your ground, and I will exercise my 2nd amendment right till the day I die; However, Zimmerman did not kill a man, he killed a teenager. An untrained civilian, who was probably as scared as he (GZ) was. He was ordered to stand down and continued pursuit. Had he been a trained soldier he would have been held to the standard of a soldier, but he wasn’t he was a coward with a gun. It is these little men with big fears that will cause our right to bear arms to be infringed upon. Not Congress. Nor Trayvon Martin, and his supporters.

old man

He was not ordered to stand down. You need to get the facts.


Preciate the suggestion. I Checked the court transcripts, and also spoke with one of the investigators. He was not to pursue. I believe the dispatch even asked him not to. Indeed, I do believe we all should check our facts.


Years of military, I know the difference involved in being ‘Ordered’. GZ was Not “Ordered” to stand down. Listen to the transcripts…listen to the breathing and note the time it slowed. Lots of them on the net. The only pics agenda driven media posted, were of a cute little 12 year old boy… false depiction. Wearing a gang related attire (watch You Tube vids of armed robberies), hid from GZ the fact of his age. Posting a comment as erroneous and ill informed as that, puts everything else you comment on, questionable.


We just had an incident in north Mississippi last Sunday. A white man who was jogging was beaten by three black men carried off and dumped in another area . They had stopped him and had asked about the Martin case . It seems that whites are the only ones charged with discrimination. We must stand up and stop this.


Interesting – when O.J. was found innocent, I didn’t see any whites rioting, looting OR protesting!

And where was Al Sharpton when THAT verdict came down???


we have the TV pundits,
Hollywood celebrities, and protestors talking about how you can go
around hunting down unarmed children and murdering them
During the trial there was a case in Chicago where three black punks waylaid a white Mother with her young child in a stroller, demanding money, of which she had none. Not satisfied, they threatened her, then her child’s life. She still could not pull any money out of her empty pockets, so they shot her, wounding her, then shot her baby who was still in the stroller. Not one peep from the TV pundits, Hollywood celebrities, and protesters talking about how three BLACK PUNKS went around hunting down unarmed children and murdering them.

And they are demanding we have a “conversation”? How stupid to they think we are as a people?


The law in that state is what it is. The jury did their job hearing the evidence and basing their decision on only that. The media on the other hand continued to post, air and otherwise use an old picture of the lad when he was like 9 or 10 years old making Zimmerman look like a kid killer. Most kids at that age all look like angels. I for one hope I never have to drop the hammer on someone in a situation like that. None of us want to have experience what George has or will for the rest of his life. The media wasn’t there, you or I wern’t there and neither was our president. The outcome was determined by the evidence presented as the way it should be. The media is the blame for a lot of the hype that this tragic incident has gotten. We had a 14 year old black shoot & kill a 16 year old black last week here in Buffalo. It got about a days news coverage. But have a (new term) “white Hispanic” shoot & kill a black in self defense and the S@$t hits the fan over it. To bad the inccident happended. Getting a little tired with all the BS in our country right now.